I think This Is A Game First Not sure.

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  1. ThundaHawkPS

    You know, I actually don't think the JH is that terrible.

    The tighter choke lets you aim higher without risking as many misses due to recoil, etc. and it can still hang with automatic weapons up to 20+m. Obviously it gets crushed up close by other shotguns, but the quick recoil and range aren't nothing. If JH in its current form got +4-6 shells per magazine, it would be a very respectable weapon.

    Compare my JH stats to those of the gen1 pump action and the formidable NS LMG. It ain't that bad.
  2. Torok

    Munroe, my hero, every time i take out my Jackhammer lately i pray to you to give me strenght, and it works, i LOVE IT
  3. MuNrOe

    Just going to leave this here


    "Out of the 24,115 players that have used the weapon Munroe's kill count accounts for 3.78% of all kills with the Jackhammer across all servers, INSANE! compare that to the avg 22.98 kills accounting for only .004% of total kills. In fact, his single user data has such an inflation on the total statistics that if you remove Munroe's data from the total kill count the remaining 24,114 players' average kills actually decreases by roughly 1 kill to 22.11 kills per player (think about it, he has almost as many kills with the gun as the number of people who have even used it).

    This **** just boggles my mind and I think it's safe to guarantee that no other player in planetside can even come close to having 1% of a weapons total kill count and yet Munroe has close to 4%!!"
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  4. PhiladelphiaCollins

    It's a shame the NC on Connery are still a bunch of re-tarded ******* children who make me waste 2 hours in every Alert while they try and cut the map in half between VS and TR and make their borders so tiny.

    It's bad enough the VS/TR hardly fight each other...we don't need to help them do it.

    I mean grats, I guess (shotguns lol).
    Connery NC is still full of re-tarded chimps.

    Dashes added for emphasis.
  5. Chunkhotep

    Congrats Munroe from one of your many Jackhammer victims. I don't remember many opponent's names, but i remembered yours as soon as I saw this thread.
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  6. Obscura

    Grats to you man, glad I don't have you on my server lol
  7. WalrusJones

    Three shots to kill on average, and low ROF, I think.
  8. DashRendar

    Nahh the RoF is fine, no moving accuracy penalty and fast reloads with bullets left in mag. Jackhammer is beast if you learn that it's not a "typical" shotgun weapon. Its sustained damage is great even if its blast damage is not as high as a pump action or something, the accuracy really rewards people who can aim and track while moving. But I do agree that it should have both a larger mag and more reserve ammo to be more of a shotgun LMG deal. It's a Heavy-only weapon for godssakes.
  9. SolLeks

  10. RasFW

    Don't you dare complain about my Lasher! The gun is an absolute monster.
  11. Cab00se187

    The unemployment office has cancelled your cheques
  12. Edmon

    Why are we were celebrating a guy who clearly has a complusive disorder and is in desperately in need of some urgent help?

    This guy needs a shrink, not a medal.
  13. Liquid23

  14. Bape

    O_O **** just got real
  15. Zar

    good god you sir..... not sure if we need to commit you, or throw a party, nurses either way tho.
  16. Nocturnal7x

    Its still a piece of ****.
  17. Leo Di Caprio

    Jesus... 24 days on that weapon for that?

    Buff the jackhammer already.
  18. HazyW

    Ahem, normalizing for the time actually used by clicking the button on the right...


    Oh look! The JH is on top of the list. Guys, don't look at the first two pictures and argue about balancing. This poster used that data to show just how much of an effect monroe had.
  19. Bape

    "OVERALL" stats compared to "AVERAGE" stats I wonder which one is more important? No one is talking about balance here all 3 of them suck but the JH sucks compared to the other shotguns. While the chaingun and lasher are 2 different guns which you can't compare it to anything.
  20. Liquid23

    STOP.. you are talking about balance and whatnot which isn't what this thread is about and never leads anywhere good... lol

    this thread is about "HOLY **** THAT KID SPENT 24 DAYS WITH THE JACKAHMMER"

    now someone get the OP a hooker and a bottle of whiskey... he NEEDS it!
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