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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by guerrillaman, Aug 17, 2016.

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  1. guerrillaman

    The VS warpgated all around the Amerish NC lattices. They weren't fighting the TR at all. The NC just started leaving and not playing. They overpopped NC at their own warpgate!

    I'm quitting until there is some way to balance these factions. The intentional mean-spirited nature of the game is too much for my brain to wrap around.

    A game like this is bound to die if this continues.

    Taking my small $$$ contribution, and I'm done.
  2. CozmicPS2

    That happened because the NC had done so to VS in a prior continent. If you're talking about the same thing I witnessed that is.
  3. guerrillaman

    Maybe. The problem is, you have players investing the majority of their time in money in a game, but when they try to play where they've spent a majority of their time, they can't even leave the warpgate. This happens quite often.

    Think of all the mean-spirited things that go on.

    Infiltrators camping terminals.
    Prowlers hunting defenseless ants.
    Liberators tank busting defenseless ants.
    Zerging underpopped factions.
    Ghost capping underpopped factions.
    TKers who don't get their way so they 4th faction.

    The list goes on and on.
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  4. guerrillaman

    Something else to think about.... The PS4 version. Its very apparent the amount of hacking that's occurring on PC is massive when you watch/play the PS4 version.

    The blink blink blink headshots, pre-aiming around corners, players appearing out of nowhere shooting you in the back.... that stuff just doesn't happen on PS4.
  5. CozmicPS2

    If your faction is pushed all the way to the warpgate then I don't know what's keeping you from dumping 6+ platoons in a single hex to push the lattice a little. Sure the construction system is fun, but this game is basically open world PK so you kinda have to earn your space

    Unfortunately there's people out there who think hacking is "legal" (I don't know why they do but they do) and even charge money to develop cheats. I feel the topic of punishment and breach of TOS is worth investigating.
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  6. Moridin6

    man i wish wed get warpgated when im on.. good times for skygiard or wraith flash, esp wraith flash + c4
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  7. FateJH

    So why don't you fight to get out of the warp gate? That too is an aspect of the game that can be enjoyable.
    Except for the last one, those are all valid things to do as a way to play the game. Those all all valid ways to play the game.
    Or maybe that just speaks to the lack of quality of PS4 players. Being able to sustain multiple headshots, preparing to round a corner by aiming where you would expect an enemy to be, ambushing and flanking: those are all natural behaviors well-established by greater first person shooter titles before our times.

    The PS4 is also a more deliberate, less twitch-driven environment due to the control scheme. I know how sharply I need to flick my mouse to turn 180° very quickly, no extra DPI binds or anything. Can you depress your thumbstick any further than other players?
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  8. guerrillaman

    Didn't have the numbers. The hex pops were like 12-24 vs 48-96. 12-24 vs 24-48, and 1-12 vs 12-24. Maybe 12-24 at the warpgate. All the NC just logged off. They probably logged onto their other factions alts! LOL

    Yes. Its pathetic the things people do to win a game that earns them nothing.
  9. guerrillaman

    Oh I tried a few things. Numbers were just too high.
  10. guerrillaman

    Plainly mega outpopped. TR mossies were even enjoying the farm.

    Yes. Valid, and easy. Not worth my time nor investment. Hence the quit. I too could've just as easily changed factions and farmed.

    Regardless the playing field is more even. Your ps4 limits your abilities and the abilities to hack.
  11. GuhMaster2512

    A mouse and keyboard just allows for much more accurate fire than a PS4 controller. Pre-aiming is not that hard to do, especially when you can q-spot your enemy through walls by spamming q enough. All that doesn't happen on PS4 because the PC players have thousands of hours of playtime.
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  12. Devilllike

    "Balance the factions?" you do realize leaving the battle is a players choice right?and the game cant do anything about it?
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  13. guerrillaman

    I failed to mention the fights were pop balanced until the VS steamroller right through to the warpgate. They took a 4 point base with even pop from the NC. It was sad. 50/50 at 48to96
  14. guerrillaman

    Yes. That's why I quit. I looked for good fair play. BF4, COD, even other mmos excel in this area. It's just my opinion. That's it.
  15. guerrillaman

    Some advice for newbs.

    Spend your money wisely.
    Don't invest in one faction and get a few months in and realize you don't enjoy it.
    Pay attention to the fact that not all purchases transfer to all factions, such as the construction aspect.
    Expect to be killed a lot by uber players with all the perks you'd have to work hours and hours to achieve.
    People use hacks. Accept it.
    Your computer might be missing packets during large exchanges. Check your firewall.
    Lag can be a good thing or a bad thing.
    Run solo and die alone.
    Don't expect balance. The lemmings all jump on the weaker faction.
    Git gud means they have a large ego and feel better about themselves.
    If you ask questions expect ridicule.
    Good luck.
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  16. UberNoob1337101

    It's more to do with experience than with hacks. The game has been out on the PC for almost 4 years, while on the PS4 it was only for about a year (more or less). People have during that time practiced and played for a long time and they have gotten to a level of proficiency (due to the sheer amount of experience and better hardware, M+K > Controller any day) that a PS4 player with a controller can only dream about.

    Though, you do have a point that there's much more uniformity on the PS4 than on PC. No graphics differences, same hardware and FPS.
    I have a sincere question for you.

    If you allow the enemy faction to defeat you in a 4 point base with equal pop, then go straight for the warpgate unchallenged and camp there as you said, isn't it less about balance, and much more about your server's NC and your team's incompetence?

    If anything, there are anti zerg tools in the game already (Liberators w/ Tank-buster+Zepher/Duster, C4ing sunderers with suicide flashes, sniping suderers with MAX AV, pulling tanks, there's a lot of stuff).

    Hey, just to clarify, this is war and a competitive game. People kill each other for XP and to win. It's basically pseudo natural selection, strong and prepared conquer and kill, the unaware and weak die. If you don't put up a fight, you're going to get wrecked. Why don't you try to avoid and out-smart the people who do the "mean-spirited" stuff?

    Or better yet, take the fight to them and fight them back? That's what I do all the time when I notice what's my opponent doing, super fun and rewarding.

    If you're allowing yourself or if others are allowing themselves to be put into such a position, then they're getting punished for their lack of awareness/skill. It's rough, but it's competitive play. Hell, I remember Taemien posting something about how the devs didn't want to casualise Everquest raids, and that's a PvE MMORPG. I bet that they won't even consider giving incompetent people a hand in a PvP MMOFPS about conquering other factions in any way possible.

    Sorry man, but it's just not your type of game. There isn't a lot of fairness in this game probably because it's in it's design, brutal to the core and an never-ending fight that requires a lot to just stand a chance, more like an E-sport type of thing than most other games more suited for relaxed, casual enjoyment.
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  17. customer548

    Log out, come back later. Each server has hiw own "life"-pop cycles. You're warpagated now, but maybe your faction will rule the map 4 hours later. Stay with us !
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  18. guerrillaman

    Sometimes it is my type of game. Sometimes it isn't. If it isn't most of the time, its not worth my time and money. Thats the whole point of the discussion. Its not about being salty, or angry or whatever. Its just the facts. A lot of people won't know this until they spend some money and time to "git gud".

    I had no idea that so many people would go out of there way to stealth all the way to the warpgate to take out my ant while I go take a leak.
  19. guerrillaman

    The faction I spent my money on is crap. Either because of overall leadership or balance. There are some excellent players but those are rare. But I can't go back now. I'm sure as hell not spending any more of my money.

    The thread about NC losing the most is quite telling though. Something is wrong. IDGAF why.
  20. zaspacer

    SOE/DBG has never addressed this issue. Many player have expressed frustration over it. SOE/DBG either:
    1) doesn't care and doesn't consider it a problem
    2) doesn't have the competence to fix it

    I agree with FateJH on this one. All of those are viable strategies.

    The first 3 I think are solid at disrupting opponents: killing Ants, camping Terminals.

    Zergs I think are the lifeline for Non-Hardcore Organized players. Without them, these players would struggle to join and stay in battles. Zerging underpop happens because there is nothing to stop the snowball effect of the Zerg: Zergs don't tend to steer themselves, they just flow and grow until something stops them or they dilute.

    Yes, SOE/DBG should incentivize and support players to get into big battles with each other... but they don't. They are not interested in the average player's experience: some don't play the game and have no clue about it, others only really care about the hardcore player experience.

    I *highly* recommend that you make characters on all Factions. Then you pick the ones that have the best battles going on. It's much more fun to play the way you want, than to fight SOE/DBG bad design when it goes against you.

    He said they were grossly overpoped. For the average player, there is nothing they can do in that situation other than choose how they want to lose.
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