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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by guerrillaman, Aug 17, 2016.

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  1. guerrillaman

    A lot people really don't get it. The purpose was to explain what I as a paying player was wanting and what ps2 needs to do to cater to someone like me. I'm not interested in farming kills.
  2. KniferX

    Taemien, I should have clarified, by "skill" I meant basically everything that helps you win in the game, including the right gear and the right people. I don't think on an individual level you can "suceed" without being good, well, if your success is victory in alerts and continent locks, I guess you can piggyback on a good squad. Or play one of the lower skill roles in the game, like a dedicated field medic or engi MAX hugger. But in that case an argument can be made that you still have to be "good" at those roles again.
  3. guerrillaman

    The fact that RadarX replied really went a long way for me. I appreciate being heard. That's why I've quit paying but didn't quit playing.

    A little respect for your customers goes a long way in my opinion.
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  4. zaspacer

    PvP is technically anything Player vs. Player. And PvE is technically anything Player vs. Environment. And the 2 can overlap.

    Now terms like PVP and MMO can develop into a uniform type of game experience within the current crop of MMO games, where we see current "MMO" games all have the same types of traits (grinds, treadmill unlocks, etc.), but that does not then re-define MMO to mean only games with those traits. MMO still remains any Massively Multiplayer Online.

    I don't know the other games well enough to comment on them, but EQ (on PvE server) and Vanguard were both mostly PvE, with some PvP elements, and some overlap (elements that were both PvE and PvP). Vangurd was the same. EQ on the PVP server had high elements of PvE and PvP. And in all these systems, players could choose to do actions that were more PvE or more PvP.

    Planetside is mostly PvP with some PvE elements, and some overlap. It also had Seasonal special events that were largely PvE, with some PVP overlap.

    It's when you can engage another player and affect the outcome of their game in an arguably negative way.

    Buffing a fellow player would be "engaging them", but it (unless there is also has some negative element with the buff) it's not regarded as PvP. I suppose it would be something like Player-helping-Player or Player-supporting-Player if you wanted to coin a term for it.

    Just the ability for one player to engage another could be coined as Player-engaging-Player. Which could even be sending them a message, running on their screen, showing up as a blip on their radar, etc.

    That's just your personal read into it. Likewise, a hunter could be angry at the ducks that landed in his hunting pond and with hatred say the ducks declared mortal combat... or the hunter could be happy the ducks landed in his pond and smile and thank the ducks for giving him something to shoot.

    A number of players do feel that you have to trigger strong negative emotions toward your foes in order to drive yourself to higher performance against them. So getting angry at or hateful toward a foe is not an uncommon practice in competition. Likewise, some people genuinely get angry at or hate their opponents. Others don't care, or others want to develop good relations with their opponents. And some are hateful during play, but friendly outside of it. It all depends.

    That is just your personal version of PvP. And one version that is definitely shared by others.

    PvP is just "Player vs. Player", and it denotes any encounter where one player can negatively affect another player. Generally with an emphasis on intentional impact by the acting player, but it covers unintentional too. Also, PvP can be slapped on as a label for a game with overt "player affecting player negatively" gameplay is being claimed to be in the game, and spotlighted and promoted.

    In many "PvP" and "PvE" games, there are areas (like the deploy screen in PS2) and actions (like walking in an area with no content or other players) that are neither PvP or PvE.

    Lotta online behavior is sociopath and psychopath. I recognize it's a type of user, and I'm (generally) all for providing some gameplay for them (you), but I rarely ever listen to them (you) on how they want gameplay tuned uniquely toward them and I definitely wouldn't design a game targeted for them: they have a drive to cannibalize a game until it's dead, strip mine it (which is generally at odds with the goals of the Dev/Publisher/Shareholders/etc.). And typically view that in itself as some kind of win.
  5. ReptilePete

    Yeah I (me) am a psychopath(them). We (us) are also sociapths(I). You (you) unlike me (us) are not.
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  6. wolf113

    I quit today, because I will not fight from the spawn room and on the edges warpgate.
    In the last few days playing as NC is not possible.
    I love this game and I'll definitely be back but only when things are better.
  7. Taemien

    You have a very cynical and almost toxic view on that.

    My goal is driven. And yes if the game were to die tomorrow, I wouldn't sweat it (in that regard, if the game can't hold up to me, it wasn't designed properly to begin with). But I don't believe for a moment that I can actually kill the game. Its like working a job we like. Sure we say we'll work till the day we die. But realistically we'll eventually retire.

    As for being a Sociopath or Pyschopath you need to look up the definitions of those terms. At no point did I say I was going at this game alone, without regard to my allies and friends. Hell reread my last post and it indicates that you need a team to succeed. So no anti-social business here. If you're on my team, there's not much I won't do for you (as long as you're a team player). If you're an opponent.. well sucks to be you. That's being competitive, not sociopathic.

    Now lets look at the other definition. Amoral tendancies. Unlike the guy (and it was probably one guy) that killed off PS1. I don't cheat. I play fairly, by the rules. I've been very careful with my examples and I did NOT bring up Planetside 1 for that reason. Its demise was poor coding, poor enforcement, and one derp's POS behavior.

    And from what I've seen in this thread, everyone has the same outlook.

    I'll make a deal with you. If I kill the game. I'll shake your hand and buy you a beer. You don't get anymore sportsmanlike than that.
  8. CaptCran

    What faction is your main??? Maybe we can piss around sometime and shoot the sh!z.

    I think it was 2013 when I rage quit and deleted my two(2) characters b/c my computer couldn't handle it after GU 13. I felt that my stats during that time were not a true representation of my performance. Now with the new computer purchased last year it feels a lot better.

    Still haven't spent a dime on this game. I'm still in the phase of give me a product that's worth my money. Came really close to spending the "purchase price" of a game ($60) one day but was slapped with performance issues with my new computer and there was a squad of hacker/cheaters in the area. Hopefully they earn before mentioned money with the anti cheat patch.

    It stinks too.......I tell people at work about PS2 and they think it sounds awesome and they want to play but it almost takes a certain something to play it with all the problems. Then it turns them off to it. I still love the game but it does take some discipline and tolerance. It's like that "one *******" at work you have to deal with.:rolleyes:
  9. CaptCran

    That's why it's still listed as beta in the players section. We are still and will always be guinea pigs for the PS4 version for PS2. I'm surprised they haven't shut the computer version down to force everyone to the console.
  10. Taemien

    I doubt they will shut down the PC version. It has way more players than the PS4 version.
  11. zaspacer

    I don't doubt your sincerity or integrity... or conviction or intensity. I just find your "win con" (and those who share your win con) to be macabre and more wantonly destructive than I'm into or I think is healthy for the long term health and growth and sustainability of the game.

    I appreciate your mindset, I recognize that it is shared by quite a few people, and I would love to support it in those ways that are not mutually exclusive with the mindsets of others (notaby the average player masses and DBG mangement). Maybe we could establish a Chaos World Continent, where Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Tzeentch, Chaos Undivided, etc. can brawl it out in winner takes all, last beastly tenacious, super man standing fashion. And the heads on pikes of the vanquished can decorate the charred and desolate walls of the conquered.

    By "psychopath" I simply meant obsessively destructive. By "sociopath" I simply meant doesn't care about the consequences of their actions (or the outcome of events) on others (not caring that killing the Server would affect others, and in a very massively negative way).

    As I said, it's an online thing. Or in-game, or in-car, or drinking, or in-mob, etc. I am not saying these people are that way in person normally, but that the internet brings out some strong behavior conflict elements in people. And even that online behavior (and the many flavors of it) I am not really bashing as a thing, cause it's really, really widespread and as long as people at large understand that the internet is this way, it's typically kinda just a "wild west"/mob/anonymous style vibe unless someone takes it "too far" (and I don't think you are taking it too far or in some overly bad direction by any means, and I think your general mindset is shared by a sizeable number of others).

    Some of the people in your "let it burn" camp do not share your concern for rules. And you yourself seem to say you would push the "blow up the world and end the game" button if you found it technically legally in-game. I appreciate your sense of accountability and honor of rules, but the bleak potential outcome of rampant or total destruction and player abandonment is not something I like or embrace.

    Well, lotta trolls on the net. Social Arsonists who will show up and eat popcorn or toss some Molotov cocktails regardless of their feelings on the issue. As I've said, I think you have lots of likeminded people, probably proportionately much more now that PS2 is such a death tank and courting the death spiral. But I still think the average player prefer that the game grow and get bigger, and just wants some fun FPS or Team FPS play to kick back and enjoy for a few hours here and there.

    hehe, I am sure we would be totally cool with each other in person. I get along with almost everyone. But I'd prefer a beer to celebrate the nostalgia and good of the game, and not to roast marshmellows in the flames of its corpse.
  12. Exitus Acta Probat

    I honestly doubt you ever payed to play, with the way you complain about spending money on one factions weapons.

    Life goes on, huh... bro.
  13. guerrillaman

    Doubt then. Honestly doesn't matter to me.

    Werdz r hard.

    And yes. Yes it does.
  14. Moridin6

    illl be on around noon EST, if anyone is struggling with this game, please get on and add me, if youve got a mic say so ill get you on ts.
  15. Devilllike

    its a player driven combat,your allies could walk in and do the same thing but they didnt,dont blame the game
  16. guerrillaman

    It could... it just does not happen when I play. Make sense?

    It could just be the quality of players and leaders when I play, but that's completely irrelevant. I'm not a one man army.
  17. Moridin6

    ended the day 207 to 95 or somethn, where were you?
  18. guerrillaman

    I played NC emerald on Indar with my fresh alt today. I killed you once. Finished 110 to 60 or so. The fighting was fairly balanced until we went to Amerish. Days like today are fine. They just rarely happen.

    I really do not like VS weapons. I think it's the sounds they make.
  19. Moridin6

    lol i was working a bunch of dudes with my flash and sunderer then joined a platoon on esamir and did a bunch of jumping around. good times
  20. Devilllike

    if you are not one man army then stop going rambo and start following the army
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