How to fix mine dumping and vehicles instant kills?

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  1. Kumaro

    Proximity radar
    Play dumb
    Turn around and shoot the moron in the face laughing.
    What's the problem? Never played an open world game before?
    Well this discovery is going to give you an new angle on things :)
  2. Daedrick

    Bunch of trolls, so many of you should just be banned. Keep your head in the sand idiots.
  3. Compass

    Doesn't that take the AMS role? So can't be deployed ;-;
  4. Tasogie

    So because people have disagreed with you, an told you how bad your ideas are, you resort to silly childish name calling. Thank you, you have proven everything said here against your silly ideas.
  5. Armchair

    For the an AMS sundie, radar can be provided by flashes or infiltrator motion dart spam. Flash is prefered if you have anyone in your outfit who can pull one. Flashes are dime a dozen. Motion dart is nice because it can be done with an uncerted player and a stock AMS sundie.

    Just dart, resupply, dart, resupply. Spam the whole mini-map, and then either use your SMG, pistol, or sundie turrets to kill anyone you see approaching on the map. Get out to refresh the darts as needed.

    Depending on the level or organization in your squad/platoon/outift, all the tools are available to create incredibly strong defenses around a sunderer.

    But all too often the only defense is "Lets just park it behind this rock. There we go, nice and hidden. Come on guys, lets all get on the point!!!!. *BOOM* OMG mines OP, I'm gonna go cry for nerfs on the forums"
  6. Zer0range

    Yeah, that's fun. I'm glad they implemented it, but I think it should take only one mine to instakill a parked vehicle of any kind, including the Sunderer. As it is now, you need two mines to destroy a Sunderer without mineguard, and at least three if it has mineguard. This's way, way, waaay too much.
  7. The_Shruberer

    You're title supposed that it's broken. I don't think many people think it is. Mine vs vehicle system is pretty darn good if you ask me.
  8. GhostAvatar

    My solution is;

    Mineguard. Use it or get blown up by mines.

    All these threads crying about mines, yet not a single person has even attempted to counter the mineguard suggestion, let alone with a valid argument.
  9. GhostAvatar

    You forgot the last step

    Step 4: Get free XP from repairing the marginal damage caused by the mines, then carry on with your business.
  10. Compass

  11. Xandus

    Use mine guard you twit.