How to fix mine dumping and vehicles instant kills?

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  1. Wrel Developer

    Quick, everyone jump on the bandwagon and hate on the OP because you're insecure and need build up your forum cred.

    OP. I don't agree with the changes you suggested, but agree that some need to be made.


    Mines of all types should have:
    1. An Activation Timer of at least a few seconds.
    2. Enemies should be able to defuse AT Mines (obviously won't work for anti-personnel mines.)
    3. AT Mines shouldn't work on stationary targets (something that is actually being implemented in the future.)

    They should still be as powerful, you should still have the carry limit, but they should be able to be "dealt with", instead of being treated like short range rockets.
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  2. Bambolero

    Awww the ez-mode children brigade is out in full force to defend their 'precious'..
    I have mine certed on my engy and destroy vehicles from time to time but I can see how silly the mechanics are.
    I win tank fights with a lightning against any MBT.
    You pick any full decked MBT in game and I will destroy you with a noob char that only has 100 certs invested and a stock lightning.
    And it's not even a challenge.
    Think about how 'balanced' that is before you start defending your noob toys...
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  3. Otulien

    Did people seriously run out of things to ***** about? Seriously?

    So now we're moving onto the innocent tank mines. OK. Fine.

    1. As stated in many posts abouve, buy mineguard.

    2. Perhaps we should work on including a bit more teamwork in the game, instead of nerfing everything you don't like. Have a guard patrol the sunderer, so nobody gets close to it.

  4. sigur

    Repetita iuvant:

    1. Buy (that cheap cheap) Mineguard and troll that poor engi who ran till your sundy (not an easy thing to do, if you follow point 2) just to waste his infantry resources
    2. Protect your sunderer.
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  5. JudgeDeath

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  6. 13lackCats

    Have you thought about protecting your sundy?

    If you're dieing to point blank weapons, then its YOUR, I REPEAT YOUR FAULT.

    Own it.

    btw, your idea would also take away a lot of the drama that occurs at sundy close assaults. It would water down the game, and take away an exciting and dynamic tactic.
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  7. The King

    wow, another one of these threads..
    There are counters and mines and C4 and all that silly stuff is of NO ISSUE.
    The same people from this thread already commented on the same type of thread 2+ times already.
    I know I did at least 6x in the last month...
  8. Whatsit

    I play as engineer a lot. For every time I'm able to run up to a sundy and drop a couple of mines to kill it, there are probably 10 times that I try to run up and fail to place my mine because someone is guarding the sundy, or fail to kill the sundy because it has mineguard equipped. I consider these runs basically along the lines of suicide runs and am always surprised when I manage to get in and out unharmed - it means that someone has left their sunderer completely unprotected and unguarded. If you do that, don't be surprised if someone manages to take it out with mines. (Or rockets, for that matter.)
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  9. Fox234

    Denied. Its not abuse, its a legit mechanic. Buy Mineguard.
  10. TrenchDigger

    be aware of your surroundings. problem solved
  11. Aragato

    Personally, AV mines and C4 work well and as intended. My engineer commonly runs around with AV mines. If I run into a Sunderer with mineguard, I switch the load out to C4 and go back to finish it off. Since they cannot be immune to both, usually I find myself defending these bases, I usually switch out.

    I like my Sunderer to have blockade armor, it is just too useful against everything else other than tank mines. Since I do not drive on the roads or take the most direct off road path to wherever I go, mine guard is not useful to me for travel. I do not park my sunderer close to major facilities to worry about being hunted with mines either. Just tailor your style to make you the smallest target possible.
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  12. 13lackCats

    That's the thing.

    They'll repeat it again and again and again, until they get their way.

    Populism will be the downfall of humanity, because it caters to the whiners instead of the producers.
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  13. Cougarbrit


    Buy it. I did, guess how many times my sundy has died to mines now?

    0. A big fat stonking zero amount of deaths to AT mines since I certed into mineguard.
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  14. Ancalagon

    Problem with mines:
    • They function like delayed C4 charges, without any activation to detonate.
    If you want to blow up vehicles by jumping on top of them, or sticking explosives to stationary ones, then you use C4. At least, that is what you SHOULD be using. However, due to fairly broken mechanic (and yes I used word broken) with the mines you can simply drop them near enemy vehicles and they detonate due to proximity without any other requirements needed.
    So what should be done with the mines:
    • When placed on top of a vehicle, i.e. when someone jumps down from a balcony and places them on roof.. they do not work.
      • Change: A vehicle needs to pass ABOVE the mine for it to detonate. It does not react if a vehicle is underneath it.
    • When placed next to a stationary vehicle, i.e. next to a parked tank or deployed AMS.. they do not work.
      • For the mine to detonate a vehicle must be in motion above the mine for either:
        1. A specific amount of time
        2. A certain driven length
        3. A combination of both the above
    • Engineers, using the repair tool or similar, should be able to disable / remove mines placed next to stationary vehicles.
      • This to prevent a vehicle being "primed" with multiple mines without any way of removing them IF you detect/spot them.
        • Only way to currently disable explosives is to set them off, which is counter productive if you want to save your stationary vehicle.
    Fixing the mines is pretty simple. Most of us all agree on the principles for how it should work. It's just a matter of SOE putting in the work to make the changes.
    Bottom line is... Mines should not function as delayed, non-trigger C4 charges.
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  15. Joe-H2O

    Despite his faction, this TR grunt speaks the truth. It is with regret that we realise that the enemy has discovered the magical properties of mineguard!
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  16. Ancalagon

    Yes, I agree with you when it comes to avoiding your sundy blowing up while driving around.

    However, this issue is about mines being used as C4, and not only on Sunderers (though they are easiest and most high value targets if deployed), but also on any other parked vehicle around bases.

    Also, you have mineguard so it does less from mines.. but you had to give up your blockade armor... so how many times have you died to heavy assaults, liberators and enemy tanks instead?

    Sure, you can say pick your lesser evil... death due to lack of blockade armor or death due to lack of mineguard.

    I picked my evil when I chose blockade armor... and if I drive over a mine and blow up.. then tough ****... I can deal with that.

    But when I am deployed in a base, and defending my sunderer by shooting enemies that try to approach with C4 or rocket launchers... it's extremely frustrating when your blockade armor counts for nothing because someone threw mines around it before they died to my shotgun.

    Once they throw those mines out.. that's it.. sundy is gone. At least when they throw C4 I can shoot them before they pull the detonator and save my sunderer by moving it away. There is no way to do that against mines once they are dropped.

    It's a broken mechanic (the mines, read previous post I made) and it needs to be sorted.
  17. Compass

    How to fix getting blown up by explosives. Flak armor.
    How to fix getting blown up by flak. Composite armor.
    How to fix getting shot from the front. Front armor.
    How to fix getting shot from the side. Side armor.
    How to fix getting blown up by mines. Demand nerfs.

    You're playing against some dumb people with C4 if they're putting it on the ground.

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  18. Joe-H2O

    Err, why?

    Why would it not work if placed next to an enemy vehicle? It's smart enough to have IFF systems, so it's smart enough to blow up when next to a stationary vehicle.

    Also, why are you trying to introduce a "fix" for mines planted on the roof of a bus? Surely the solution to that "problem" is DON'T PARK YOUR BUS UNDERNEATH A WALL WHERE AN ENGINEER CAN EASILY JUMP ON TOP OF IT. Engineers cannot fly. If they are getting mines on top of your bus then you are parking your bus in the wring place.

    What's broken about dropping mines on stationary vehicles? That's been the SOP for offensive mining for years in all wars involving vehicles. Teams of special ops troops would sneak up and mine enemy vehicles while they were stationary, or they'd simply be ambushed by troops with mines when they were in close quarters. This is not new.

    Your argument boils down to "it's too easy for a single engineer to kill my vehicle, but I don't want to use the mine guard because I have to give up something else to use it and I don't want to defend it myself because that's boring".

    Working as intended.

    Mines have a 3 second fuse. If you're really fast you can undeploy and drive off if you know exactly what the engineer is going to do and you feel like shooting him in the face is too much work or a waste of ammo.
  19. Cougarbrit

    Ok then, I'll just place down my mines and then shoot them, it'll probably be a 100% suicide rate now unless I get lucky but I'll still gib your sundy. At far more risk than the LA with his jetpack and remote detonation C4.
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  20. ChironV

    There was a simple solution to the mine problem in PS1. Mines had a deploy range. Engineers couldn't deploy them one on top another. There was a 3 meter range. This prevented mine stacking. The problem we have now.

    Amazing that the old game has solutions that the Dev's seem to have forgotten.
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