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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BlueSkies, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. Kunavi

    Did the Mods remove a post of mine from here, a lengthy one in fact, or is my browser crapping out? Or is my memory completely failing me...?
  2. Bortasz

    All MAX abilities gone,
    All ESRL gone.
    Harrasser gone
    All ES tanks abilities gone
    All ES AI nose gun, gone.
    All ES AI tank secondaries gone.
    Because they cannot just remove ZOE, and PPA, they must remove all there counterparts also. And refund the money for people who buy removed stuff... They bankrupt them self if they do so.

    Prove. Because what I see is that from time to time, what they want to change collide with what community want.
  3. doombro

    The old one could do that as well, I'm pretty sure. The magrider's rear isn't exactly tough.
  4. Alarox

    I'm sitting here trying to figure out what leads you to believe that:

    1.) The Vulcan's anti-infantry capabilities are even comparable to the Canister.
    2.) The Vulcan's anti-infantry capabilities are superior to the Enforcer/Saron.

    The Vulcan in the same tier against infantry as the Basilisk. Extremely limited range and inaccuracy resulting in unreliability. What you don't seem to be taking into account is how firing a single shot at a time with a large CoF neuters its ability to kill infantry. This is opposed to how the Canister is able to cover the entire cone with bullets, and how the Enforcer/Saron have precision, high damage/shot, and splash damage.
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  5. RykerStruvian

    exactly, just remove it.
  6. Bortasz

    What part of "They go bankrupt if they do so." You do not understand?
  7. RykerStruvian

    You don't make sense. I refuse to see any other alternatives. Don't bother trying to argue.

    Did you know John Goodman is in the movie Arachnophobia?
  8. WTSherman

    The current one on the live server does not approach the Canister's capability, because by the time you've achieved the full rate of fire it has a larger cone than the Canister. Even so, I have killed quite a few infantry with the current Vulcan already, and it is much more reliable than the Basilisk in its current state. It burns through more bullets to do it, but it has bullets to spare.

    The PTS version, with its fixed cone of fire, will not have this problem. The cone of fire will now be fixed to be slightly smaller than the Canister (unless of course the Canister's numbers are out of date, SOE is really bad about that), and when you hit 800 RPM you're going to be saturating that cone pretty decently. The Basilisk, for comparison, fires at 350 RPM.

    It may not be particularly ammo efficient, but it will kill them. At close ranges, such as against C4 fairies, it will kill them in a reasonable amount of time with a high degree of reliability. Not quite as good as the Canister, but comparable enough when you consider that it's an AV weapon.
  9. Alarox

    I spent 2 hours with a bunch of people testing the Vulcan on PTS and it isn't even close to being an effective AI weapon.
  10. Shockwave44

    I play NC and the range is so short there is no comparison.

    It's not supposed to be.
  11. Alarox

    Who said it was supposed to be?
  12. Flag

    Well it's supposed to accelerate. It's one of the (valid) complaints about the thing and probably why so many prefer the Halberd on NC.
  13. Shockwave44

    That's what I just said.

    Where does it says this?

    People complain because of the slow velocity. I've never heard of this acceleration or experienced it. Not sure why SOE would make only one gun in the entire game work like this.
  14. Alarox

    Why did you feel the need to say "it isn't supposed to be an effective anti-infantry weapon" if nobody said it was supposed to be?
  15. Shockwave44

    SOE has always said that. Look at their patch notes. They nerfed the saron and enforcer splash damage because it was too good at AI. If there is a weapon that is both good at AI and AV, why would anyone ever equip and AI only gun?
  16. Alarox

    All I wanted to know was why you brought up the question of whether or not the Vulcan should be good against infantry.
  17. WTSherman

    That's why accuracy improvements to the Vulcan are a delicate subject at best. Any time you combine 800 RPM with anything approaching reasonable accuracy, the result starts to strongly resemble an anti-infantry weapon.
  18. Shockwave44

    Go back and look at what I quoted.
  19. Tommyp2006

    Because he misread your post thinking that's what you were saying.
  20. Alarox

    You're difficult. Let's just forget it.
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