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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BlueSkies, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. TriumphantJelly

    Yes, but 4 Prowler shots and 4 seconds of the Vulcan (Guesswork) will kill a mag from thr front, so... 4 seconds to kill a vehicle THAT'S FLANKING YOU. Proverbial smiley --> o_O
  2. Longasc

    I remind myself every time not to post about anything balance or weapon related anymore.


    Devs rather posting on Twitter and Reddit fishing for compliments and affirmation than daring to say anything on the forum of the game they are working on. Apparently it's dangerous here because it's "official".

    I am surprised the SPIKER is working very well now!

    -> for some reason the norm is rather IMBA or CRAP and BALANCED the exception.

    Endless tirade of overbuffing and overnerfing.
    Let's see how the Vulcan will end up. When it is on the test server already it will more or less go live as it is.

    That's a weird balance. Nerf the overpowered PPA to hell and then overbuff the super weak Vulcan.
    Waiting for the AGE OF THE CANISTER to come next when the Vulcan gets nerfed back to crap in a year or so. XD
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  3. doombro

    You should see what a Saron+FPC does then. It might surprise you.
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  4. Flag

    To the front of a Prowler: About 7-8 seconds.
  5. WaaWaa

    This thing gonna be hilarious on a harasser. ECUS and TR Harasser crews rejoice!

    Screw balance NERF/BUFF/NERF/BUFF haha!
  6. Sossen

    2-year player here. This forum has some of the most entitled douchebags in gaming. Their whining helps no one, is never constructive no matter what they may think and has turned this entire forum into a toxic ****post dump. You can try to talk to these people sensibly, but apparently unbalanced weapons in a free to play game is cause for endless wall of text-threads about incompetent staff members and endless destructive complaints on all social media channels available to them. I don't expect that many of those who see this comment will actually have the mental faculties to understand this, but just in case: DONT POST IN THESE KINDS OF THREADS, STOP GIVING THESE ******** ATTENTION.
  7. Shockwave44

    I have to do everything, don't I?

    This is what you said:
    And then I said:
    I can't make it any easier than that.
  8. I play by many names

    It isn't so much 'fixing' it as they completely lack any creative direction. Hence why NC are stuck with shotgun everything, VS has charge up everything and TR gets fast shooting everything. There is ZERO creativity and it really, really hurts the game. No one wants more boring and poorly implemented charge up weapons. No one wants more shotguns. No one wants more garbage 'sniper rifles' that completely fail at sniping. It cripples balance and fun that they can't come up with any worthwhile mechanics for literally any aspect of the game.
  9. Alarox

    Except I never said it was supposed to be an effective anti-infantry weapon, so I still don't see why you brought it up.

    I'm not sure why you're so reluctant to directly say it.

    This was a very simple question that I didn't think would become a whole conversation.
  10. Shockwave44

    You're killing me. Then what did you mean when you said that? You thought the vulcan was great at killing infantry?
  11. Alarox

    WTSherman: The Vulcan is actually good at killing infantry.

    Me: No it's not.

    You: It's not supposed to be.
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  12. TriumphantJelly

    I know what it does, I've used it. This makes up for many of the Magrider's faults. The Prowler already being the best tank (in many ways) does not ned to be the best in YET ANOTHER field. The Prowler main guins re also the best, so an extremely good AV secondary like the Saron would be ridiculously OP on the Prowler.
  13. doombro

    The vulcan is bad for TR. They should give the vulcan to NC, give us the enforcer. Just swap the names and we'll call it even. The vulcan would suit the vanguard way more, the enforcer would suit the prowler way more.
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  14. TriumphantJelly

    And the faction trait is dead!

    Also, just because x weapon fits your playstyle, doesn't mean that x weapon hould be yours: For instance, I'd love the Railjack or the Canister/Marauder, but I can't have them for clear reasons.

    You might have a point, but I don't care for it. Sorry.
  15. CMDante

    Worth pointing out that there was no damage adjustment made at all, it shoots just as fast, just as hard. All they did was give it some much-needed longevity and accuracy. A good change, far as I can tell.
  16. asmodraxus

    Faction traits died the day after NS weapons were more effective I.e. the commissioners high alpha damage compared to the smurfs starter pistol,or cobalt vs marauder fire rate, or the halberd's damage compared to the enforcer.
  17. Nody

    Well seeing how the PPA is performing at 50% or less of the other two AI weapons I think we can leave the Vulcan as is and call it a day. After all if the PPA performing at 50% (at best!) of the other two empires is ok then the Vulcan is perfectly fine.
  18. Champagon

    the worst part is when my mag is snuck up on by a vulcan harasser I am pretty much dead, unless the driver/gunner are bad

    +1 for giving Higby a vacation (a paid vacation)

    Frustration Edit: Guess I won't be driving my mag anymore after this. I really don't wanna go back to harasser farms simply because some people can't deal with a weapon having downsides. Screw cyclical balance. moar 420 no scope dorrito yolo swag
  19. doombro

    It's a matter of roles and faction traits, not playstyle. Using the vulcan on the prowler is like using the basilisk on the harasser. It makes no sense. Vulnerability plus sustained fire is not a balanced system.

    Imagine if the Saron required you to turn around and sit still to be used effectively. That's the kind of crap the prowler has been putting up with.
  20. TriumphantJelly

    Faction traits eh?
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