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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BlueSkies, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. doombro

    Yes. The vulcan completely conflicts with the prowler's traits. It's incompatible. However, it would be right at home on the vanguard. Which is why I suggest switching them. While the rate of fire/mag size trait is off, that's infantry balance, not vehicle balance.
  2. Nody

    Yes you know NC hits hard; TR shots a lot of bullets, VS use NS only because our ES stuff performs the worst of every faction.
  3. sL360

    Always did wonder why we never got anything like the Enforcer. It's a long range weapon. Prowler is a long range tank.

    Vehicle 'balance' is over my head at this point. May as well just stick to footing it out like a pleb for the rest of my days.
  4. TriumphantJelly

    I know what they are, I was just remarking subtly on how swapping the Vulcan and the Enforcer is a violation of them.
  5. CMDante

    Maybe you should stick to the topic of anti-armor guns and leave the PPA alone, because it means nothing when talking about the Vulcan.

    Vulcan was the worst ES AA by a wide margin. This change of theirs was a good way to give it some power without jacking the DPS through the roof, which would only have made the VS and NC cry. So they gave it more ammo so it can actually fire for more than 2 seconds and locked the CoF, again I want to point out that they locked it at just barely less than the previous MAXIMUM bloom.
  6. asmodraxus

    The problem isn't with the Vulcan but the main gun as well. As the main gun puts out so much more damage than the others (in terms of dips its locked down prowler, prowler, lightning, vanguard, magrider for the main guns) until the main guns dips is lowered any gun will just be a joke. As either not enough dps to get a gunner or too much and make the other tanks seem unless by comparison. If you want a gun that puts out more dps like the main gun I.e.the Halberd, the Saron etc. Then the main gun will need fixing.
  7. Tuco

    You guys ragging on him all the time don't help.

  8. Xasapis

    So what do you want me to do? Hug him? He's too hairy for my taste.
  9. TheKhopesh

    One year?

    It took nearly 2 to balance the Canister, and even still it's not as great against crowds as the PPA or Marauder thanks to it's lack of AOE capabilities.
  10. Xasapis

    Right now the Canister is twice as good as PPA. You missed one major balance update.
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  11. TheKhopesh

    Oh, they added splash to the canister?

    Because there's a vastly higher maximum kill per minute potential on the Canister for crowded areas if it has no form of splash damage AoE.

    Here's what I mean:
    Imagine you have a cluster of enemy players all piled together taking shelter on the front lines of a heavily fired on area.
    This pile has about 100 enemies in it.

    One harasser with max vehicle stealth manages to sneak in right up to within 20m of that pile.

    If that Harasser is a PPA harasser, 5 shots and all 100 enemies in that 1m diameter alcove of protection are dead.
    If that Harasser is a Marauder harasser, 3 shots and all 100 enemies in that 1m diameter alcove of protection are dead.

    But, if that Harasser is a Canister harasser, a full 10 round mag can kill at most 25ish of those 100 enemies.
    That leaves about 75 players who can blast into you with rockets and small arms, which means it would only take about 3-4 bullets from each of the remaining players to kill you.
    That's the difference in a weapon for splash damage versus pellets.
    Pellets are a range limiting factor, where as splash is a number of targets limiting factor.

    While this is a situational disadvantage, it's also a situation that comes up very frequently in all fights but very small ones.
  12. RadarX Moderator

    We're going to go ahead and close this up as it's had a number of different topics (most of which were not the Vulcan). If you want to discuss the Vulcan I strongly encourage you to watch PTS and toss your thoughts in when changes go in.
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