Higby: Return of the Tankside

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  1. BlueSkies


    1) AV Turret/Raven range reduced to 200m, Fractures/Vortex range increased to 200m

    2) 20%-30% moar MBT armor, 30%-40% moar Lightning armor

    3) 2 C4 will no longer destroy an MBT

    I understand #1, but #2 and #3? Really?

    And how the hell are you supposed to get good data when you change that many things all at once?
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  2. ATRA_Wampa-One

    RIP Light Assault. 2012-2015.
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  3. braytz

    have we the new effective range for all the new AV max wep. ?
  4. WTSherman

    Those numbers straight up don't sound right. Are you sure that info is correct and not typos, like maybe 200 was supposed to be 300 or 400?

    Saying the Vortex was "increased" to 200 doesn't make any sense either, because the Vortex is already effective much further than that. Comparable to a Lancer.
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  5. BlueSkies

    Added specific links in OP, but here:

    We are making some changes to effective AV range on MANA Turrets & Ravens, they're pulled in to ~200m, Fractures/Vortex pushed out to same.

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  6. _itg

    1) These weapons should cap out at 300m. No one has even asked for harsher nerfs than that.

    2) I think this is possibly a good thing. It will make tanks do better against sunderers, which is necessary. It will also be an effective nerf to infantry AV, which is fine, but that's another reason why the 200m range cap is too extreme. The Lightning absolutely needs this buff to remain competitive with Harassers after the AV secondary buffs.

    3) This is bad. It's a huge, undeserved nerf to the light assault, while heavies and engineers will hardly notice, since they can carry more explosives. Experienced tankers almost never get c4'd, anyway.
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  7. ATRA_Wampa-One

    I noticed that the Lancer is missing from this which I hope isn't an oversight but something planned since the Magrider is the worst AV tank and the Lancer allows us to make up for that.
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  8. CursoryRaptor

    Works for me. Maybe now a tank will feel tanky.
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  9. HadesR

    1) Should be 300m .. And should include the Lancer ... If it doesn't then Higby hasn't got a grasp on his own game ..
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  10. WTSherman

    If the Magrider is the worst AV tank, why does it have so many vehicle kills? :p
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  11. AlterEgo

    Hopefully our only effective weapon that is SERIOUSLY good stays. I just hope it receives a buff, because Vanguards will DEFINITELY dominate after this. All ESRLs deserve buffs if this goes on live.
  12. AlterEgo

    I bet they were parked Flashes!:eek:

    Plus, Prowler has more.

    And also, ESRLs deserve massive buffs if every tank does get increased armor.
  13. Shatters

    Thank god, armor is actually going to have a place in this game.
    Altough the C4 nerf is a bit too much, IMO. C4 should only be nerfed on LA's.

    And MAX AV range is pretty much BS atm. I am glad to see that infantry/max is being removed as the #1 counter to enemy vehicles. AV tanks / aircraft might actually have a place in this game now!
  14. Mario900X

    So my AV mana turret will be even worse? Wasnt it enough that you had to get to a crazy position to not get sniped/ 1 shot by a tank? Now HA with G2G lockons will probably be better than that 1000 cert stationary weak turret...
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  15. eldarfalcongravtank

    i have ben asking for tank buffs for almost two years now! but HOLY SHHHH higby got crazy!!

    a longrange AV nerf, tank armor buff and C4 nerf? all at the same time?:eek: the hells happenin here... even as tanker i find this to be mucho overkill:confused:

    [:eek: intensifies]
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  16. Pootisman


    Will SOE ever stop overnerfing or overbuffing things? This is getting ridiculous.
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  17. TheMish

    Ding Dong, the witch is dead!
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  18. HadesR

    TBH it might seem more sensible if it came with a fully finished resource revamp .. So vehicles are stronger but less spammable ..

    But to do it now and make them stronger yet still spammable due to the half finished resource changes is bordering on idiotic ..
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  19. Blippy

    Right now vehicles are countered by everything. Infantry (sans Infiltrators) counters vehicles, vehicles counter vehicles, and air counters vehicles. Just about everyone has the potential to instagib a tank, whereas tanks can only one-shot kill if they hit a small, moving target with a direct hit of their main cannon.

    I'm glad that tanks are going to be actual tanks now, but not all the problems are solved. Tanks still need a purpose aside from blowing up other tanks and shelling spawns when there's nothing left to shoot at, and there needs to be some sort of limiter to prevent mindless vehicle zergs.

    Still, it's a step in the right direction.
  20. EscobarJP

    The C4 nerf is a little much. Being able to C4 an MTB is probably the only thing the light assault has going for it. If that's the case, at least allow a third C4 brick for 1000 certs.
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