Higby: Return of the Tankside

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  1. Covah

  2. Sebastien

    I'm pretty sure that was the point.
  3. Kanil

    Did Higby forget to mention that they're now going to require a dedicated driver or something?

    Seriously, tanks are already the easiest (ground-based) playstyle, and they just got made that much easier?
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  4. OldMaster80

    I'm fine with making tanks more like real tanks but again the problem is with resources: I wonder if Higby realized vehicles can be spammed at will.

    This morning vs came out of Tawrich with Magriders and farmed us. Making them explode was hard and no longer than 30 secs later the same players just spawned a new tank again... and again over and over.

    Buffing tanks again without changing resources will kill infantry fights. Then they keep buffing, nerfing, then buffing again WTF are they doing? !
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  5. Demigan

    Another LA nerf! The LA has seen more nerfs and counters against him than added weapons!

    I hope they decrease C4 cost and increase the C4 carrying capacity or something... but that would make LA more effective against infantry and MAX's with C4, which isn't needed either.
  6. Copasetic

    I think it's funny that SOE is still packaging buffs and nerfs together instead of changing things incrementally. In this one upcoming patch we've got (just for tanks):
    • A blanket health buff for tanks
    • MBT secondary buffs and changes
    • C4 nerf against tanks
    • Huge AV range nerfs against tanks
    Yeah this is going to go well. :rolleyes:

    The next few months will be a good time to work on tank directives so lets all make good use of it.
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  7. Linus

    Everything they change is always either so much over boosted or either so much over reduced...

    I would have prefered to see a new warpgate system, to let you teleport your vehicle from one continent to another and a special pad where you could change your loadout on your vehicle, without the need to spawn a new one.

    Two simple features, long awaited, but they seem to prefer to tweak constantly everything rather than to create some new useful features...
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  8. LodeTria

    I guess higby is doing tank directives now?
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  9. Dfog

    Hey guys lets not overreact about the c4. Higby said it would take 2 c4's and a rocket to take a tank out. The tank will probably be burning and will only need a little push to finish it off. Chances are, the tank will already be damaged and you can get the kill or there will be one HA nearby to finish it off, unless you are one of THOSE people who spawn as LA from a galaxy or valkyrie, float down, and drop impossible-to-see coming c4 onto vehicles.

    Like, that is actually impossible to see UNLESS you spot the the valkyrie or galaxy and even then, you don't actually see the fairy until you drive 50m away and look for it. What if the valk was running stealth? What if the gal was at ceiling height? What if I wasn't looking at the minimap the 2 seconds it takes for an aircraft to fly over me? Anytime one of those flies over me, I immediately start moving and looking at the sky because it is more dangerous than anything on the battlefield. Ask yourself, is it better or worse that a c4 Fairy can't solo a deployed shield sunderer?

    As for the proposed AV range nerf, I think it's too much. Sure foot zergs were like a river of lava approaching you that would hurl molten fireballs (AV max, RL) and then made you explode the moment it touched you, but 200m is like nothing. (if you are within 100m of the leading infantry in a foot zerg, then chances are there is already a c4 fairy near you. Get out of your tank and ready your rifle.) 450m AV mana turrets, ravens, and lancers was too much, but something more reasonable like 300 or 350m cap on all infantry AV would be good. It would make bases actually approachable by armor and make infantry less fearsome. Now, I can actually provide close infantry support without setting a 20 second timer for when I would explode like the out of bounds timer for the map edges.
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  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

    sounds like another buff to HA class
  11. Zapon

    Allright, so tanks will finally feel like thanks? Well, somehow SOE realized they were a bit to weak

    problem is' they've nerfed HE and HEAT hard, so...we'll see

    So the C4 thing might not be as effective as SOE hopes

    as for 2 C4 not killing a tank = fair enough
    i'll leave it up to SOE if they want to add a 3rd brick option.
    This lets MBT's take on everything and survive against except Sundies with armor

    The enginner AV turret- what is this? I don't understand- 200 M? Those turrets already took a massive nerf, and will be outranged by tanks who can shoot them but who they cant touch. What are they doing? Even ignoring everything else, this does not sound smart. and sounds like a overnerf HARD. .....
  12. Iridar51

    Close infantry support is why people hate you.

    Just sayin'.
  13. Alan Kalane

    Higgs got crazy, I don't like any of those ideas.
    AV manas are 100% useless at 200m, the tank can easily OHK you before you manage to shoot more than 2 rockets.
    30%-40% more health when tanks are like 100% free is an overkill.
    C4 was the best counter to tank spawncampers who got tunnel vision. It was never good against even half-decent tankers worth their name. Nerfing C4 is like nerfing sniper rifles, they can OHK but at the same time their efficiency is very low unless you are very good or your enemy is really stupid.

    R.I.P. balance, welcome zergside.
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  14. Ragnarox

    Balancing in this game is epic. R.I.P. planetside 2. Will never log on again.
  15. Juunro

    Tanks needed this buff badly; they were incapable of their primary role of supporting an infantry push before in any way other than shelling spawn rooms, which has been consistently and rightfully nerfed. What they should be doing is covering deployed ams units and acting as rolling cover for infantry. They also should be the primary way to engage and destroy enemy ams units, which they really weren't.

    Also, all forms of tanks should be able to consistently engage and destroy harassers that are not using their mobility advantage, which is not currently the case.
  16. OldMaster80

    Are you sure you're playing Planetside 2? Because I've been around since beta and this is the biggest ******** I've read so far.
    Tanks are the biggest infantry farmer you can find on this game. Period.
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  17. Shatters

    What game have you been playing? Any form of somewhat organised infantry completely anihilates armor. Furthermore tanks cant enter/shell 90% of the bases anymore. it is about time they got something to do. The only things MBT's are usefull for in their current state is shelling doorways in a fight that they got at least a ~20% pop advantage in.

    There is a reason that MBT's are pretty much never pulled in server smashes. The few roles they are decent at (sunderer hunting for example) is still being done better by infantry or air.

    Oh, and maxes are 10 times the infantry farmers that tanks are. Hell, i can get more kills/min on my SMG infiltrator/HA then i do with my MBT. MBT's in their current state are awfull versus infantry and I am glad they are being made more resilient
  18. Tiedemann

    Just buff the HP and let us have our 300m.
  19. OldMaster80

    Let me fix it:
    "Any squad that had the time to deploy landmines, placed AV turrets where they can flank the enemy, and has enough HA (the Striker does not count) can annihilate a 1-man Main Battle Tank that has no Scout Radar and EOD HUD".

    Infantry needs organization to destroy a MBT, while the tank driver just needs to spawn his death machine and charge. If he's not a complete idiot he will farm as hell before to explode.

    Please notice that I am all for buffing tanks again, but first devs must change the resources system. Spawning tanks should be much slower, like it used to be before devs messed up with the resources system.
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  20. Bonom Denej

    How is two to three more rockets any kind of buff ?
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