Higby: Return of the Tankside

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BlueSkies, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. FateJH

    Eventually they'll realize the PS1 kitchenette again.[IMG]

    When they say "more armor," he means Reinforced [Directional] Armor, right?
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  2. BlueSkies


    Ravens are also getting reduced to 200m (it was in the OP)
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  3. HadesR

    Raven's are being reduced to 200m ... It;s the 750m range Lancer that's not being touched ... The one thing that maybe needs it most

    Just in a touch of common sense ..

    Going to hold off on any major changes to MBT/Lightning HP pools until we can get a couple good PTS playtests w/ the new weapon tunings.
  4. Crator

    I'm not a tank driver and I approve these changes. Tanks should be tanks. And, no, Light Assaults are not useless because 2 C-4 bricks are unable to kill them now. Just means they can't solo a tank anymore.
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  5. FnkyTwn

    Come on guys, as already covered in other threads, Higby has decided to try out some helpful new buffs, so to balance that out he's gotta put a bunch of terrible stuff that nobody wants in the game too. That's just how PS2 works guys. If you don't like it go play another game with only appropriate and needed fixes.
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  6. Hoki

    Would love to know what traumatic event happened to Higby or Smedley that caused such an emotional knee-jerk reaction.

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  7. Blippy

    All I hear is a bunch of salt because force multipliers are being made so that they can't be killed by a single infantryman anymore.
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  8. Rovertoo

    Ooh! This sounds awesome! I've always felt tanks weren't tanky enough. I am saddened by the C4 change though, since it will make LA's even more underpowered. But the upside to that is that maybe, just maybe, they'll finally add something to the class!
  9. The Funk

    I'm fine with these changes as long as they coincide them with the introduction of a resource system.
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  10. MrNature72

    Like better Jetpacks! Remember the Jetpack in the live-action looking trailer, where he was practically flying? That would be rad!
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  11. belthazor3457

    Putting aside any feelings on 2 C4 v tank, there's something in particular I'm uncomfortable with that no one else has mentioned yet:

    Delivering 3 C4 to a tank will still be possible via cloaked flash, but made substantially more viable if you purchase the 700SC/1000 cert flash grenade launcher to detonate them with more reliable accuracy.

    Killing a tank alone as a light assault will probably still be possible / relatively easy, if you purchase the explosive-tip crossbow for 700SC/1000 certs.

    Specific mechanical enhancements being relocated in this manner makes me uncomfortable. Does anyone else take issue with this?
  12. FrozenCustard

    Oh boy, I just got the AV turret like a week ago thinking I could use it at long range after my tank gets dead, but nope, now I'll have to get closer than 200m and be a MUCH easier target for snipers/tank shells -_-
    P.S. rip light assault 2012-2015
  13. Leftconsin

    With the way all new bases seem to totally exclude tanks from being a factor on capturing a bases, coupled with the fact that infantry get to instagib tanks, coupled with the fact that splash damage is now so low in order for tanks to instagib infantry they need direct hits with a slow reloading one shot per magazine weapon... Im glad tanks are getting a buff.

    Honestly, right now, tanks are terrible. I go infantry when I want to pad my KDR.
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  14. MarvinGardens

    Damn, decreasing the range of the AV turret even more? That's going to suck.
  15. task_master

    200m is a bit low, don't give infantry av the ppa treatment

    more armor is welcome, but prowler needs some serious rebalancing if it's more armor against ap rounds. rip deci av flash rofl

    higby, we asked for 51% damage per brick, not 34%
  16. Freedom Fries

    I'd be happier with a secondary gun for my lightning. Something to fend off bunny hopping infantry.
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  17. JudgeNu

    I wasn't aware tanks needed a huge buff like this.
    I don't use my launchers anyway.
    It possibly might reduce the VS-HA-RL-Spam.

    I like that LA's cant solo tanks even though it is glorious.

    So i suppose this is a Battle Bus Nerf too.
    Landmine nerf?
    Def a crossbow nerf lulz.
    A nerf to Debris by reducing its frequency!!!
    Base Turret Nerf. (as if)

    Engie Repair buff?!!
  18. ColonelChingles

    I'd rather have frontal/side armor buffs rather than just a flat-out HP increase.

    Things hitting the front of a tank (except other AP tank shells or Hornet ATGMs or heavy Halberds) should do next to no damage. More of a tickling than anything else.

    Things hitting the sides of a tank (except the above weapons) should do less than what they do now.

    But the rear and tops of a tank should continue to be about as vulnerable as they are now. This means that infantry can still take down tanks, just they have to do so in an environment where they can flank the tank or gain elevation over the tank.

    This would mean that infantry would be kings of urban environments or inside bases, but in the open or at range tanks ought to slaughter infantry (including infantry inside a base).

    The counter to tanks would remain air or other tanks.

    A flat-out HP increase is just kinda meh.
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  19. Iridar51

    It takes just one guy to pull a tank and effectively use it in combat. Needing more than one infantryman to blow up that tank is unfair, and so is expecting me to pull a tank every time an enemy farm team happens to waltz nearby.

    Maybe 2x C4 should still instagib a tank, as long as it's placed on rear armor, making "C4 fairing" much harder, but still being able to punish bad awareness. Probably can't be implemented seeing all the C4 bugs.

    I don't see it as "RIP LA" nerf, myself I can really enjoy this game only when there are no tanks around, and LA with C4 rarely was the best way to get rid of them anyway. A dedicated AV tank crew makes a much better job sweeping those **** off the floor. Having to bother with it is what I don't like.
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  20. Konstantinn

    Bad idea nerfing infantry AV like that....