Hidden Ridge Mining Revamp: Walls on Amerish

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  1. HerpTheDerp

    Amerish ruined

    Back to Indar
  2. DeadliestMoon

    You say that like people actually leave Indar...

    True, they made infantry combat boring and predictable. Easmir is my least favorite continent to fight on due to mostly horrid design ideas. Not to say all of it is bad, just 90%. The right hand side of Esamir is probably one of the best lanes to fight over in the game, just enough space to push from multiple angles with just enough railroading to ensure a good fight is had.

    We do not need more walls, we need more good base design for all players to have fun.
  4. DeadliestMoon

    Really now? All players huh? Well some player's fun takes away the fun of some other players, for example tanks farming infantry. Fun for the tank driver, not so much for the infantry. Think whatever base design you can come up with can solve that problem?
  5. AnotherNoob

    Wait, anyone still goes to amerish?
  6. HerpTheDerp


    I was talking about myself :(
  7. HMR85

    Yep :D
  8. Cougarbrit

    The walls are the foundations. Allatum outpost sytle probably.
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    Somewhat. The only problem is can the engine handle my ideas?

    One base I had an idea for is 4 Towers in a Diamond shape. It is a central base to four Latice lines with a road running through the center. It is walled off except for the four vehicle bays at the bottom. The defenders spawn in one of the 4 towers, with the other three being control points. The defenders move about the base via under ground tunnels, Empire only jump pads and Teleporters between towers.

    Or possible 4 capture points, I dunno how many would be best for a base of that size. But the thing is that base would be fun to fight over because it offers strong defense without requiring massive walls.
  10. Cougarbrit

    Dude, broken arch road is death valley for vehicles. It's a natural killbox, any decent squad can completely annihilate a vehicle column with half a squad of AV.

    The certs my guys have farmed on that road are truly bountiful.
  11. DeadliestMoon

    So your idea is to have infantry either be in a tower or underground, but never in the field? Well now you have INFs complaining that they can't snipe people at your base, what about them? Or LAs, they have jump jets, which are for getting the high ground, can't really do that if they're underground. Oh and lets not forget MAXs, because you'll have infantry underground in your tunnels TR will have a field day with Lockdown, while NC will instantly take out people who round a corner before they even know what happen to them.
  12. Ghosty11

    Don't worry they will just put the bases in depressions with hills that vehicles can climb on all sides so they can sit on the hills and spam the now boxed in defenders. Kinda like the Octagon on Esamir.:eek:
  13. Ghosty11

    It works both ways though, going up toward Crossroads is the same armor death trap which is actually kind of fun since he who holds the high ground is the one that wins.
  14. Cougarbrit

    Going up to Crossroads is still going through Broken arch road, the entire area is surrounded by high ground. High ground that is mostly accessible to vehicles, but that just means those AV infantry are gonna have a sundy with them, making them harder to push out. The Crossroads in general is an AV infantryman/sniper/AV MAX's heaven. Cliffs looking down on the Crown/Ti/Zurvan, nearby mesa to shoot down on Xenotech, nearby mountains to shoot down on Broken Arch Road, good access to the cliffs overlooking the Tawrich outpost next to Broken Arch, etc.

    The only problem is encouraging people to go down to cap the points instead of just camping on the cliffs.
  15. maxkeiser

    Quartz ridge is another example of a naturally defendable base, in which vehicles don't play that much of a role. And no (artificial) walls.
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  16. CptFirelord

    Multi-facet game. Including these walls negates tanks from being a part of any fight, now you want to remove ESFs / Gals / Liberators from fights too? Wow, can you infantry spamming lockons and rockets do NOTHING for yourself? Why not climb into a MAX with bursters? Everything runs from flak.
    The road to disaster is a short one, the only thing to do now is to decide if you turn left, or go straight and ride the bumpy road.
    With the insane damage you can do as infantry to vehicles, it doesn't take much brains to figure out missile spam from protection > shell spam from tanks. People like you sitting in the spawn room refusing to fight the vehicles because you're too busy cheesing kills on the few infantry protecting the point.
  17. Ghosty11

    Yep. A few days ago on Waterson the VS and NC were fighting between Broken Arch and Crossroads, while a bunch of TR were using the rocks to farm both sides. Although I had the last laugh on them as I just farmed the farmers. A repair Sundy parked behind the ammo tower at Broken Arch out of LOS with my Magrider popping in and out of LOS plinking the striker squad. Needless to say they could not kill my Mag no matter how hard they tried. I finally abandoned it to pod up to the cliffs NE of Broken Arch to continue farming them from above. As I said, you have to control the heights in the area and farm the farmers.
  18. Giggily

  19. Konfuzfanten

    Its a combined arms game, not a vehicle sim. You fight your to the base with your vehicle, then exit and fight on foot...You know like a proper FPS player, so leave your carebear in the vehicle and come join us grunts on the ground.

    But with your aim and reactions i fully understand why you perfer your vehicle crutch.

    Dont make me laugh, any decent player in a combat vehicle will win any 1vs1 against an infantry guy. If you are getting killed by ppl spamming rockets from the spawn, its not the vehicle thats the problem.
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  20. Ghosty11

    Amerish is full of bases where vehicles have limited use. I'm not sure why SOE needs to add moar walls that only box in the defenders. Especially the large walls that cordon off the spawn area that only funnel defenders through choke points that are easily covered from the base interior.