Hidden Ridge Mining Revamp: Walls on Amerish

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by UberBonisseur, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. LT_Latency

    I don't mind walls BUT they must let you refund you vehicle cost.

    If a battle goes inside a walled off area and I need to get out of my tank I am ok with that but I should not lose 500 tank resourses every single time it happens.

    This is the problem with esamir, Every time you attack a base, You have to waste 500 tank points if you want to keep playing inside the base,

    If your tank is at full health you should be able to set a 20 second timer, then it despawns and you get your points back if it's doesn't take damage.
  2. Eugenitor

    "Roles" do not mean "absolute exclusion zones".
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  3. Dingus148

    But that's the thing. Giving power back to the vehicles will make that area very much the tank's realm, unless they're in a choke point and there are infantry in ambush...as it should be. They've painted themselves into a stupid and impossible corner with the tanks, and they've got noone but themselves to blame. Yes, infantry AV is a little too available, but G2G lockons should be a deterrent, MANA AV a threat (albeit one that becomes a dynamic objective) and dumbfires the prime tool for actually killing tanks, provided you can get superior positioning (thereby necessitating infantry screening...oh look, combined arms!). The problem is with tanks, not infantry AV. In my opinion, we should fix the tanks and then talk about how AV should be changed lol...to do otherwise would just land us in the same situation we're in now, with SOE trying everything EXCEPT what needs to be done.
  4. Axehilt

    It's not the availability of infantry AV which is the problem (although HAs having the best AV and the best AI weapons on the same class is pretty dumb, yeah.)

    Infantry AV's power at range is the issue. If I organize a squad of 5 AV Engineer turrets on a ridge, the current level design in a lot of places will absolutely shut down all vehicle traffic for a massive radius. Far more than is reasonable.

    Look, I get that you're an infantry player, and I actually wouldn't mind bases being larger sections of the map where infantry are dominant. But the spaces between bases need to remain vehicle-dominated or vehicles will lack any real viable role and we'll have a game where the developers put all this time into vehicles only to have them be inconsequential.

    The frustrating part is that the vehicle vs. infantry flow was so much better in planetside 1, with massive tank battles helping to either eliminate or defend your sunderer (AMS) followed by a brutal indoor battle where tanks can't come (but where you still had to worry about defenders potentially spawning at a rear base to bring a big wave of vehicles and wipe out your soft spawn.)
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  5. Dingus148

    I'm a pilot, for the record.

    You're missing the damn point. Let me break it down. You make tanks STRONGER, and AV becomes WEAKER, which means that its power at range is (again) WEAKER. You can't make tanks STRONGER like you could in Planetside 1 because they're not restricted in number. You restrict their number (by adding multi-crew MBTs and whatnot) and tanks, on a player-per-vehicle basis, must become STRONGER. Therefore, infantry AV isn't the problem, the problem is with tanks. Fix tanks. Fix the cause, not the symptom.
  6. Axehilt

    Right, they don't.

    PS2's Amp Stations are a good example of base designs which don't totally shut out vehicles, but where vehicles have a very limited role once the fighting gets indoors. It works great!

    PS1's continents are a good example of level design which is largely rolling hills with sparse to moderate cover, where vehicles were quite dominant although a clever infantryman could either sneak by a vehicle, or ambush it in a small group (PS2's AV options are actually even better balanced for these sorts of ambushes; apart from long-ranged AV in PS2, the shorter ranged stuff is way more fun and interesting, and balanced in terms of skill vs. reward.)
  7. Axehilt

    If AV was universally overpowered, sure.

    But it's not.

    Long-ranged AV is too good.
    Short-ranged AV is fine.

    So it would be a mistake to increase tank HP until long-ranged AV was fine, because it would make short-ranged AV underpowered.

    Fix the broken things, but avoid breaking things which are currently fine.
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  8. Grognard

    Really unhappy with these "walls"... no more than metalic crackers standing on edge. For the reasons mentioned by others, the walls need to be FUNCTIONAL. The stronghold is a good example, and I believe mentioned already. These excessively tall non-functional super crackers need some effort put into them to make them something to be fought over, literally... As they are now, they just look absurdly out of place to me, like a poorly thought out prison. Please put more thought into these game changing barriers, they may serve only to bar us from having fun, and destroy immersion.

    SOE: With these current videos, we can see your expressions and body language... The new "Queen of Vanu" doesnt seem to in to the whole thing, like she is forced to be there. Contrast her... with Maggie, she seems all over this game, and I like that. Even Higby seems irritated everytime I see him, and all of that enthusiasm seems forced, etc., etc. My point is, that there seems to be a loss of interest, and it manifests itself with clarity to us end users of this product/game.

    Starting to wonder if my money is going to be wasted. So much potential though, hate to see this game go. Cautiously optimistic...
  9. Hibiki54

    Look. I understand your displeasure with the lattice system and the developers choice in base design. However, there just happens to be a class called "Light Assault" with the standard ability to jump jet over these walls.

    You're QQing is pointless.
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  10. MichaelS

    This is so sad. Walls everywhere. And to cross them They use elevators instead of force fields. If you want to keep tanks away place buildings and those tank blocks engineers can set in ps1.
  11. Larolyn

    Yeah. Brilliant. You wanna actually enjoy Esamir or possibly the diabolical mess that is to become Amerish? Better bring a light assault so you can get around. All other classes are no longer fun / viable / able to escape from Maze Simulator 3000.
  12. UberBonisseur


    There is no "realm of vehicles" when the area between bases is like, 400m.

    This was taken yesterday in prime time at Broken Arch.

    The solution would be to pull your own tanks ?
    I think we're just adding spam to the spam.
  13. Copasetic

    I guess it's too bad they didn't stick with 10 facilities per continent with wide swaths of vehicle territory in between. Uber has a good point, if vehicles are to be excluded from base combat then they're basically just transport. There just isn't enough room between most bases for a good armor fight to develop. Even when there is it's usually still in range of infantry that spam AV from the relative safety of the next base.

    When I'm shelling a base in a tank I'm not doing it because it's fun, I'm doing it because there's nothing else for me to do. I can either sit there and lob shells for the occasional cheap kill or I can drive around, find nothing to shoot and eventually get picked off by an ESF or something. Option 3 is to abandon my 500 resources and participate in the foot battle, and I'd be happy to do that if I had more than 3 minutes between bases to enjoy armor combat.

    If these base walls are going to separate the two play styles we're going to need more room for armor and buffs to durability against infantry AV. It's really not fair to vehicles to be locked out of bases and have to deal with AV that can hit them from 500m out, which is often close to the distance between one base and the next. If that space in between is supposed to be their playground then they better damn well own it.
  14. NinjaTurtle

    With Amerish they would be better off designing it so the mountains, hills and trees provide the walls naturally as that is how the terrain is already.

    I actually like the walls on Esamir but on Amersish I think they could so it differently
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  15. Torok

    Current Amerish Sucks hard, can't wait for it's relative Lattice, Bases layout update and Dome shields, Glad to see they are working on it along with optimization, looks like not everything was on hold heh :D

    BTW Clegg wrote specifically FRAME! Now I am not english native speaking but Frame means something along the line of foundation, scaffolding, so instead of hating on those alpha "walls" you should congratulate him for finally having someone that's working on Amerish revamp, MAYBE it'll be interesting for once.

    Jeez so much drama in vein, wait for the final product before judging, ofcourse we will have walls, and I do hope so! they have learned from Esamir, it'll be better Eventually.
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  16. Bankrotas

    In anyway, Hidden Ridge mining should not exist. Least now it's not that important, but still IT SHOULD NOT EXIST!
  17. wolfva

    Frankly, none of these bases were designed properly, with a tacticaly defensive intent. In some cases it makes sense; labs and such. But in others it doesn't.

    I'm not worried about the walls. LAs can still hop over them, the entrances can become defensive choke points, and vehicles still have a use...ie, destroying incoming reinforcements and sunderers. Of course, if they removed the spawn and drop pod abilities (or at least curtailed them) forcing us to use more ground transport to get to the battle instead of magically (nanitely?) appearing in the middle then vehicles would be more usefull.

    I just wish we had more bases like in PS1, with long corridors and rooms to fight in. But nonetheless, this is hardly the DooOOOOooommm of PS2.
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  18. Nexus2151

    So we are going further and further done the infantry only road this is a bad idea.
    I hate to be melodramatic but if these walls and dome shields go up around amerish I'm done and so is combined arms gameplay in this game.
  19. NccWarp9

    for the love of ... get rid of lettuce
  20. phreec


    As you can see, the right side will be elevated and there will be a short tunnel beneath it (follow the right curved road) to the point in the middle. I'm pretty sure the cap point in the middle will still be exposed as that's where the tunnel leads.

    What I don't get is why that huge rock pillar needs to be right next to the spawn... Looks like an ideal place for enemies to drop a beacon and cover both the elevated spawn and cap point from.
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