Hidden Ridge Mining Revamp: Walls on Amerish

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  1. Shadowyc

    I think that's where Sunderers and other such vehicles roll in at, judging from that road. :p
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  2. SnuggX

    this is a major point imo

    i can´t understand this "copy & paste" developement in PS2
    i miss some creativity!!!

    why is there no variation?
    why is there no depth?

    there are so many possibilitys to give that game a bit more volume

    there could be ship wrecks in the desert on indar
    or ruins from ancient auraxians everywhere on the planet
    amerish could have some ancient castles (refurbished by nanites) on some of the mountains 4 example

    we have 3 (atm) continents and all bases look the same

    i think the only continent where the current textures fit is esamir
    indar and amerish should have some variations in textures
  3. Kanil

    Anyone else find it odd that this base is even going to exist in a latticed Amerish? It's wedged behind the NE warpgate and I'm surprised it wasn't just removed like the similar ones on Indar (did Esamir have them? I don't remember.)
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  4. Nintyuk

    To all who dislike the 'New Easimir' the base Rime Analytics's my current favourite base in the game and it follows the same mould as I can see for this base. The only thing that should be kept in mind for all bases is that their should be more exits then entrances at all times.
  5. Being@RT

    Agreed with the questions/comments on post otherwise, but wanted to comment this one specifically.

    If what I'm seeing is right, the amount of running can be disastrously massive. Check the wall to the left of the spawnroom in first picture.. it appears that an extra bit of wall is jutting out from the base and into the unclimbable rock formation in order to make the players run around even more?
  6. UberBonisseur

    Putting aside the overly dramatic tone of the thread, the main points were:

    -Amerish is already hostile to ground vehicles, and the various roads and paths can be ambushed
    -Tank spamming is a root of the problem, and it'd be better if we could avoid walls and have less vehicles overall
    -The size of bases is downplayed due to walls, smaller than a CoD map

    The opinion about walls are very mixed to say the least, and we'd rather have a first Amerish lattice prototype WITHOUT remaking bases and see how it plays out, otherwise time might be "wasted" in redesigning a continent that is already the best out of the 3, but sadly underplayed due to Indarside.

    Walls act as a "hard shell", an abrupt separation of the battlezone, rather than soft and a gradual increase of cover "size" over distance; which the Crown is for example. There is no reason for defenders to leave the base; as in advancing on the battlefield to set up a preemptive defense, as they will only meet death on a flat ground.

    That being said, the final design is pretty nice (unless you hid a jump pad somewhere).
    Also, how's that Biolab revamp going ?
  7. maxkeiser

    Not happy with the walls. Also not convinced there was anything wrong with the bases on Amerish to warrant changes - most of the best fights I've had in the game have happened on Amerish.
  8. Giggily

    This is pretty awesome. I'm really looking forward to the Amerish revamp.
  9. Ash87

    Honestly love it. The platform means that people have the ability to defend the base, so the base has some kind of use. The mine is a good fallback to help suppress larger forces. The watch tower going out of the base looks over a field that needs to be watched... Hell, you even use Stairs!

    10/10 I would actually want to live in this base. :)
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  10. libbmaster


  11. Aegie

    Much better, thanks for listening to the feedback- probably not so easy to do but hopefully you can understand where a lot of us were coming from when we saw when we saw the first draft. This is exactly how you should be developing PS2- release a draft, listen to feedback, make edits.

    I hope you can get other PS2 developers to learn from your experience.

    I also hope that the praise you get for the final product outweighs the grief you received from the draft.

    Keep up the good work- the other staff need to take notice.
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  12. Copasetic

    It's simple really. Every object has to be loaded into memory, then sent to the graphics card. There's only so much room in both places, and sending them back and forth takes time too. Not to mention the time it takes for the engine to draw them. Drawing 100 copies of one object is much faster than drawing 100 unique objects.

    I'm sure the level designers would love to fill every base with unique objects, have all kinds of cool stuff strewn all over the place, but that would totally kill the performance. When you're throwing hundreds of players, projectiles, effects and whatnot on the screen then every single object counts.
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  13. RHINO_Mk.II

    So uh, who's ready for the Marauder Harassers to drive up that ramp and into the mine to camp the control point...
  14. Ash87

    Dude, he used actual stairs...

    Like... the things you walk up. I also saw these... flat... walkway things? I don't understand.... do these serve a similar function as the person throwing blue circles?

    These new... 'manual altitude changing devices' measures are scary and confusing...
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  15. Arclegger Level Designer

    This base was actually moved from that location to this new one which is now north of Sungrey. It will definitely be a hot contention point. One of the last lines of defense before the team gets warpgated. The defenders should be able to hold in the mines and keep the point secure while reinforcements grab MBTs and ESFs from the warpgate close by.
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  16. gigastar

    Or farm kills endlessly, but it sounds good otherwise.
  17. IamDH

    Is it possible that we will see underground facilities in the future?

    Breaking news: Amerish just got cleggified.
  18. Kanil

    Awesome. Base looks great, glad to see it's getting placed somewhere where it'll see some action.