Hacking out of control on Waterson

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  1. XRaDiiX

    yehbudii, kotaki, IIIIIIIiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIiiiiiii (or something like that) all 100% hackers.

    2 players who use suttle aim bot hacks and wall hacks are beirno on VS

    Sulphur on the NC uses an aim bot but its suttle i know he does though that's why he got banned from DVS.

    All of these hackers play on Waterson
  2. XRaDiiX

    Yep pretty much exactly what i wanted to say wish the stat padders had their chars wiped at-least.
  3. LiquidGG

    I went through a famous Private-Hack site (one of the best out there) and most of the hackers there are getting IP-banned / HWID-banned after a while.

    So I guess SOE at least does sth against hackers. You cant expect that they will hunt down Cheaters on X-mas due to holidays, but after the holidays i guess they will wipe more hackers than now.
  4. Sinist

    Just be careful I have been banned twice on these forums for naming people.

    I was banned for naming the same people you are naming now. Plus a few more.
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  5. Phrygen

    not from my experience.... but i haven't been active recently. Basically... on hacker can ruin a battle, but seeing hackings is like... once every few days when i played alot. Whats frustrating is know its the same hacker you saw last week, and hes now bragging how he is on his 8th account.
  6. LiquidGG

    Well just counter him and brag about him never being able to have fully certed out units and vehicles then^^ i guess he will get mad about that fact. :D
  7. Spookydodger

    Most of the hacking involves the client-prediction side of the game. That isn't something you just fix. Short of putting monitoring programs that run concurrently or adjusting a lot more to be done server-side or verified server-side, there's not much to do.

    So all that can be done for the moment is detect and ban. Hopefully enough times of being a basic player again will make it boring.

    I haven't seen many hackers, and most of the ones I notice are within my own faction when they start running at warp speed. I just keep reporting and moving on.
  8. siiix

    so far i know you can name cheaters on priveta forums , like ps universe, you can also look up they stats to confirm its not just paranoia

    then come back here and report them properly ... but it takes time for SOE to ban every day 100's of players, or maybe 1000's once a week... they have to verify the stats as well on each and every one, and that takes time

    it would not be fair to just ban every one who is reported with out verification... very often people are reported just out of paranoia
  9. Phrygen

    dude.... hackers can get to BR 20 in like... 10 minutes
  10. UnreaIEck

    Relax, it's still in beta. Maybe when the game is released they will put in a half decent anti-cheat system and make an attempt at banning cheaters.
  11. KoooZ

    You answered your own question. You just have to do the math and you'll find them in the geometry problem.
  12. Stormlight666

    Isn't that a better reason to ban him?!? So he rejoins and pays them more money to buy stuff.
  13. Neovita

    Once again, it takes around 5-10 seconds to change the IP and only one doubleclick on a predefined batch-file (around 1 second?) to change the Hardware ID. You not even need to restart your computer. So stop this stupid discussion about hardware and ip bans please, because they bring NOTHING since umh 10 years if not longer!!! Wake up, the wold got some changes since Windows 98 (and even there it was not hard to change the hardware id)
  14. HadesR

    Swap team's and TK them repeatably ..

    If everyone TK'd the hacker's on sight they would soon Rage Quit after 50th death in 4 mins

    But hacking only seem's to be a problem if someone on the opposite team is doing it .. right ?


    Merry Christmas :)
  15. LittleDi

    I've seen a deployed sunderer INSIDE a biodome video once. And a magrider on top of it as well.
  16. Neovita

    Because it is possible to bring any vehicle on top of a Galaxy and fly around the map like this. Saw such things many times while my dogfights in the air and EVERY side is doing that
  17. Dhart

    I don't think they care that much. As it is to most of us... it's annoying but hasn't completely ruined the game. Problem is if you give the hackers a little breather... they end up taking over. It's the F2P model with a 'new' engine that's not performing like it's supposed too. Wouldn't surprise me a bit to learn they're outsourcing to get things done and who-ever they've contracted with is at the heart of the code leaks.

    I've had fun playing the game so far, but the hacks are on the rise and that's impacting my ability to enjoy the game. It'll be Aion all over again... another game I'll never go back too after leaving.
  18. Dhart

    That's not a hack... exploit maybe. It is possible to drive a tank or Sunder onto the 'top' of a Galaxy... and transport it short distances (as you can't bank much without it sliding off). Not too hard to do if you are a good pilot.
  19. Neovita

    Well, i did not saw any written down words about to use vehicles only on ground. And as we can jump from bridges and clifs, why not to jump from Galaxys? o_0 In my eyes it is not even an exploit, just the purest physics i even saw in the world of games. Or what physics at all in first place, did not saw any in this game xD
  20. LittleDi

    It was on top of the respawn point inside the biodome deployed... You'd need to be an obscene pilot to get it onto a galaxy and moreso to get it INTO the biodome while still on top as a galaxy can't fit inside the door.