Hacking out of control on Waterson

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  1. H0urg1ass

    Seriously, the hacking is completely out of control on Waterson today. I realize that it's most of the worlds pagan-sun-god-worshipping holiday, but do you simply not have anyone at the controls looking for exploiters and hackers?

    There are three guys that dozens of us have been reporting for two days straight. One of them even has the words "You can't stop me" included in his name, and so far he's been totally right. You can't seem to stop him. or at least you simply don't care because you'd think that three people who have been reported this extensively would have someone at least take a glance at them.

    Great quality control guys!
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  2. Wizardo

    The thing is how do you stop a hacker on a Free to Play game?
    Won't they just make a new account and hop right back on?
  3. H0urg1ass

    At least it will take some time for them to make a new account. If they ban them often enough, then they'll get bored and quit. SOE just needs to stay on top of it.
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  4. Aghar30

    for the thousandth time, banning the indivual hacker does nothing till they figure out what the hack does. this is why bans come in waves., Also many times people who are accused of hacking are not hacking (sans obvious stuff). Give them time they have teams dedicated to beating hackers and hack coders that work on this constantly, however they can never get ahead of these guys.
  5. 4set

    Yea.. I can only get aimbotted so many times before I just give up and go find something else todo with my time..

    I will call at least half of the questionable deaths I have had actuall player skill out playing me.. But there are things that are just too questionable to be anything else other than hacks..
  6. NBA JAM

    Hacking isn't just out of control on Waterson, its out of control on every server. I have 3 characters on 3 diff servers/factions and I see it just about as much on all 3. Granted most of them are TR players (go figure).

    It's not: "hmmm, that guy shot me in the head awfully fast or seemed to know where I was". It's: "That guy's name is TrollsBeThar or Ill00oiilliiio00illil and he's jumping in circles while mowing down 20 people."

    There ARE hacks for this game and they are OBVIOUS. There are no clip hacks, invis hacks, speed hacks, wall hacks, and yes of course, aim bots. They are real, they do exist, and they are on every server. SOE still has nothing to counteract this except to log on once a month to pretend like they're going to fix the problem. Reporting the player doesn't seem to do much and is impossible when they have all i's and l's in their name.

    So please, fan boys, tell us what we're supposed to do? You can't counter the hackers with skill because they're inside the ******* geometry. Do the math.
  7. H0urg1ass

    Since SOE seems to let hackers get all the way to BR 60+ without doing anything to them (yes, we have two extremely obvious aimbotters on our server in their BR 60's) then I guess the only counter is for all of us to go get our own hacks. I mean, why bother playing normal when they won't police the game.

    We can all just hack together and see which aimbot kills faster. That sounds like fun.
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  8. Dasmasterneko

    Why do you even bother? Its not like they matter in the grand scheme of things. "You can't stop me" Well you can't stop me either from capturing your base and send you out on your ***. After all Planetside 2 is not about heroes but the Macro picture. They are completely irrelevant and that is probably what hurts them the most.
  9. H0urg1ass

    But they aren't irrelevant at all. On Waterson we have teams of hackers that will start capping a point. You'll run out there with a couple of dudes to stop the cap, and seconds after you arrive you and everyone you came with has been headshot from 200m away. It's absurd. You spawn and try to sneak around behind them. Headshot. You spawn LA and try to come in from above them. Headshot. Then they cap the point completely illegitimately and now the entire faction has to spend resources to take down a few hackers slowing down our progress.
  10. Snarkyfoo

    While I'd love to agree, I have a scenario for you. It actually involves that particular player.

    My squad and I were flying a galaxy to clean up some territory that was being capped behind the frontlines, due to a recent vanu push. As we approach the base and drop, we are suddenly attacked by two players, one named above and another whom I can't remember. They both appear to have modified damage, speedhacks, and teleport hacks. they were also light assault, with the fast-firing solstice on hand. They managed to kill my entire squad of twelve right after we dropped. Luckily, he was too stupid to notice that I had a spawn beacon. After my entire team dropped but one member, we had killed his friend, but had yet to kill him. The only way he was killed was by that last member slamming him with a drop pod. Then, as we were all reviving, he magically appears to start shooting at us again. We had claymores on the point, and that was all that stopped him.
    Now, think about it. What if he had an aimbot? what if he was a bit smarter? What if we weren't lucky enough to kill him? He would have re-capped that base, and gone on to the next one, and done it again.
    We had similar problems when that llllllll guy was on waterson. He would single-handedly cap tech plants, and played a large role in getting VS all three continents. (note that it hasn't happened as extensively since that banning wave, hmmm?)
    One normal player mean nothing, you're right. But one player that can't be hit, and hits everything that he sees....well, that's a different picture. That's Diablo ex machina.
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  11. Uben Qui

    It's the Dunning/Krueger Effect.

    Just killed by a hacker which bypass our shield and shoot us at the back on Mattherson server:mad:There is just 1 small entrance at the side and how did that guy came from behindo_O
  13. medbot544

    Kinda like this guy we keep reporting on our server who, out of 9k kills has done 7k+ headshots. And this is not padding, that particular dude can obviously see all tags and has aimbot accuracy. When i get killed by this guy, I make sure to log off for a while.

    edit. logged off a hour ago or so due to some dude who could shoot through walls, right into the spawn room. Not much fun to play against stuff like that imo.
  14. H0urg1ass

    Just happened again the the Crown. Two hackers magically appeared in the top of the tower in MAX suits and they're camping our spawn point. They have headshot me every time I try to go in to do anything. The Crown is our last hold out on the continent currently, and we're about to lose it due to hackers.

    This is the kind of **** that makes me want to go spend all my money on World of Tanks where I have never seen even one single solitarty god damned hacker in over two years.

    SOE doesn't get another dime.
  15. Fear The Amish

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  16. Dovahkiin

    The devs don't disclose methods.

    However, after analysing info tweeted by them, I can tell you that they block IP's, block certain VPN's and create something in your PC registry that disables you from accessing PS2 (and other SOE games?) on that PC.

    This can easily be countered through a registry clean and and usage of a VPN they have't blocked.

    The important thing is, not that it's a f2p game, but that having an account is free. Unlike something like Xbox live, creating SOE accounts is completely free, so there is nothing to stop people from doing so.
  17. CrushBoss

    MAX's capping points, interesting to say the least.
  18. wolfva

    You're supposed to report them. D'uh. "But that doesn't do annyyyyyyyytheeeeeenggggggggg!" you wail. And? What else are WE, the players, supposed to do? Hunt them down and kill them? Stick their heads on pikes as a warning to other hackers? What have YOU done to stop them? Anything? Or are you just going to sit back on your well larded backside and demand WE do something? We're players like you. We can't do any more then YOU can do.

    As far as what SOE is doing, they've told us. Is it enough? Of course not. It never is. Jesus H. Christ! Look around you at the world we live in! We have a drug war that isn't stopping ANYONE from doing drugs if they want to. We have laws against murder that aren't stopping murderers. Billions of dollars have been spent trying to get people to simply NOT KILL their fellow man, and yet it still happens. Yet you think someone can stop hacking? And that the ONLY reason hacking is going on is because a game company, ANY game company, just doesn't care?

    Yeah, right. Companies don't care if their games get hacked causing people...and their MONEY...to leave. Uh huh. Granted companies exist for only ONE reason...to make a profit. But no, you're probably right. Why, SOE is in business to LOSE money. I guess they're like a Uwe Bolle movie, designed to fail to reap the benefits of a strange tax code or something.

    I understand peoples need to vent. But there comes a time when venting turns to petulant whining. Either SOE is doing what they can to stop hacking, like they've said they are, or they are lying and don't care.
  19. H0urg1ass

    You're not making one ounce of sense.

    You're telling us that they're doing everything that they can to prevent hackers, except we've been reporting some of the same guys for WEEKS, and they do NOTHING to them.

    It's not even fathomable. They give us a tool to say "Hey, we think so and so is suspicious could you check him out please?". You'd think they'd sort these things out by taking the players with the highest number of reports and taking a look at them first. But they don't look at them at all! If they watched these guys for more than five minutes it would be more obvious than avoiding paying to watch an uwe boll movie!

    I've spent well over 200 dollars on this game. During my two years playing World of Tanks I spent well over two grand. SOE is about to lose out on another 1800 bucks over the course two more years if they don't get their **** together. I'll go back to playing tanks again.
  20. Sinist

    I think it's pretty obvious what they need to do.


    Their handling of cheating has been a joke. I am at the point where I am so fed up that I think they should just give hack's to everyone. Build aimbot's and ESP in the game options so whenever we feel like we need it, we can turn it on.

    Why else would you play a game, a competitive game mind you, if we have to deal with it everyday? That's not fun it annoys the hell out of me.

    I am sick and tired of seeing the same people who are blatant hackers that even outrank me and I am BR58. Complete morons who should of been banned in the first two days of launch if they even had one half awake person watching the servers.

    SOE does not care about my gameplay experience obviously. They just want to make this game as open and conveinant to play, even for the hackers. The game is only secondary and me as an individual doesn't even register.

    How are we supposed to ever have Esports if they are showing such incompetance in their admin staff.

    They banned some of the most prolific cheating outfits and then unbanned them? WTF.
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