Hacking out of control on Waterson

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  1. Nofreenames

    well soe did let you have toons on the opposing factions on same server, when I see an OBVIOUS hacker, like one who brags in yell chat about his aimbots ill make a new BR1 on his side and go kill him. sometimes thier aimbot wont auto target friendlies, so its real funny. I havent seen anyone else braggin in yell on my server after a whole bunch of us started doing that, aso btw if they are on my own faction Ill TK em. Most of them are so immature that they throw a fit and log when thier team TKs em for hacking

    do note I only do this on completly obvious ones that nobody can argue about them being a hacker, and that even admit to it, dont want any collateral dmg
  2. Neovita

    If it is possible to fly on top of a galaxy, then it might be possible to fly on top of a smaller aircraft as well and it is not a big deal to get inside a biolab using e.g. a scythe.

    We did saw such things many times, so lets discuss about more important things like aimbot, speedhack or the ability to shoot trough walls please
  3. siiix

    exactly , hackers usually have a lot of money, not ban an account because its paid its wrong for bussiness

    battlefield2 made this very apparent , there where hackers who purchased like 50 cd-keys, thats a hell of a lot of money

    hack are usually not free either they can be as much as $25 a month... so obviously most hackers dont care about losing money, they have enough of that
  4. Dhart

    Yesterday I was at Freyr Amp Station... at one of the 'flip points' outside the wall. I was trying to spawn a Sunder... this terminal has a 'garage' underneath it. My Sunder spawned inside the building behind the terminal. INSIDE THE BUILDING... At least the entrance to the Bio dome flight pad is big enough to drive a Sunder in... how big are the spawn point doors for buildings?!

    I wasn't hacking- it was bugged to hell. I had to deconstruct it and wait 12+ min for my cool-down before I could try again. I did not attempt it again at that terminal.

    I would also like to point out that there are several structures that sunders shouldn't be able to clear, but do quite easily. Couple bases on Esamir that have the 'walk-way's between buildings... were the walk-ways are clearly too low...so the Sunders armaments go 'through' them. It's not out of possibility that the same rules would apply to anything sitting on top of a vehicle going through a door elsewhere.

    Not a hack... exploit or bug.
  5. Ravijn

    They know banning most hackers = losing revenue so don't expect it to happen that often other than the major offenders and obvious people.
  6. LittleDi

    I'm not talking like this:

    That's perfectly understandable. I'm talking it being on top of the respawn building inside the biodome.

    Step 1: get into the biodome
    Step 2: get ON TOP of the respawn building inside biodome and deploy
    Step 3: ????
    Step 4: the second step is literally impossible...
  7. Neovita

    So its impossible now? Didn't you said, that you did saw that yourself? :D

    Welcome to SOE, anythings is seems to be possible here :)
  8. forddefect

    Hackers on Miller also Speed hacking liberator going super fast and firing the secondary gun at high rate of fire. Super Sycthe piloted by a guy only 2 days old and already BR 24. A single piloted liberator where the guy would jump between all 3 positions and farm infantry.

    The rarest cheats these days are those using infantry and aim bots.
  9. LittleDi

    Seriously. Can you drive enough to do this:

    I'd love to see a video proving you can.
  10. Neovita

    STOP, its going to far at this point!
    I was BR 20 after 5-6 Hours of play for example. Not playing that intensive since then. BR is not a proof of cheating in any way!

    It is possible to hower in a liberator, switch the position from pilot to a gun, fire one shoot up and change back! Your liberator will loose around 50 meters of high in this time, so it is not rly hard to compensate it. Dont believe me? Go and try it yourself! So it cant be token as proof of cheating too

    Faster Liberators? Did you ever took a closer look at the abilitys of a liberator you can learn for certs? Such things like afterburner or the "RASER" module??? Or the L105 ZEPHER secondary cannon, which is able to shoot several projectiles in a short time?

    Not everyone, who is faster than you is using hacks. And the things you just did list there has nothing to do with facts!

    There are many chaters, yes. And the bad thing is, that we see the same guys most of the times using hacks for weeks! but lets stay by facts please :)
  11. Neovita

    No, i cant drive like this, but i am able to fall trough the roof or the ground at any other place from time to time. So it still can be just a bug/exploit
  12. siiix

    well its not ... get back on subject people
  13. siiix

    but its not true, banning hackers is NOT a revenue loss, in fact they will come back and buy everything they had over and over again

    if sony thinks is is that they think wrong... there where many games before where this had been done and its been proven over and over again

    that was my point
  14. Sinist

    I was banned from PSU for naming hackers as well.

    Because the cheaters happened to be members of PSU and played the whole "poor me the mean man is picking on me" and the owner of that website is pretending he is SOE and has to be all politically correct.

    They are the type of people we need to purge from the community, not protect them just because SOE is so slow in getting a handle on it and we are supposed to give people the "benefit of the doubt". What we should do is name and shame and call them out until they leave, get banned, or cry. Preferably all three.
  15. filter

    hi all non-cheaters!
    the game should cost 40 dollars/euro...
    and you also get stationcash for it.
    if a hacker get banned, he will lose his 40 dollar account.
  16. LiquidGG

    I know that. But most hackers are 12y old childs how have no clue how to do that. Anyways many people have static IP's, those people stay banned forever. Those cant do anything about this.

    SOE even bans VPN's and proxys. Some hacker always get around those bans, I know. But many others are too stupid to do that. So we get at least rid of the 12y old childs.
  17. CrashB111

    It is not a TR thing sir, most of the hackers I run into on Matherson belong to NC which no surprise is home to goon squad.
  18. cheesefry

    everyone's first thought of how they lose to others is "hacks", when you can't explain your death. I'm here to help you self-evaluate...

    players who think they're pro, loses to someone because

    1)other player is better than them
    2)other player might know that particular area better
    2)other player has better performing pc
    3)other player has less latency/internet issues
    4)other player having a good day / you're having a bad day
    5)other player not taking the same risks / your play-style is costing you

    you simply hear it all the time, and it's becoming the wolf's cry here... I'm not saying there are NO hacks, but that one time you might have run across a hacker, all of a sudden everyone you lose to is a hacker.
  19. Admiral Ackbar

    I knew there was something to ban, just couldn't put my finger on it..
  20. H0urg1ass

    If you were watching these guys, you wouldn't come here and spout these things.

    When you enter a room from behind a max, he INSTANTLY spins 360 degrees and headshots you and just before the screen fades up you see him do the exact same thing three more times to people coming at him from all sides, then it's undeniable. No one is THAT fast and accurate. It's just not humanly possible.

    If you saw the true hackers in action, then you'd realize what's going on.

    Besides, there's plenty of videos on YouTube made by hackers, while hacking in the game that show the wire-frame wall hacks and how they can change the settings in game with the push of a button. It's definitely out there, and people are definitely using them and on the two days before Christmas it was out of control on Waterson. I guess they figured they had less chance of being caught during the holidays.