Goodbye Planetside Arena

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AlcyoneSerene, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Naskoni

    Don't worry, several months after Arena flops there will be no Arena team anyway since they will be fired. Just like DBG fired the other 70 of them 10 or so months ago.
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  2. TwwIX

    That ****'s been inevitable since they announced it.

    Even if it is a slight success like H1Z1 was. I assure you. It will be populated by the same cheating ***** currently plaguing the main title and i honestly am looking forward to it at this point. Since they clearly do not give a **** about the state of this title.

    Say what you will about that death cam but it certainly shut up all the sycophants that claim this game doesn't have a cheater problem. In fact. It has proven quite the opposite. This game's ******* infested by them.
  3. FateJH

    You can't shut up people that don't exist. It doesn't work that way.

    I'm also not certain if you're applying "sycophant" correctly in this context.
  4. Exileant

    :eek: Oh no.... I HAVE to be able to swap between the two instantly... Their are invaluable perks to both and it should be the players choice. Planetside 2 needs those graphics and the game would be revived. :confused: I am battle Royal'ed out... :( I Already have Cyber Hunter on my phone and when you are playing it (Battle Royal types) so much that it crosses over onto your phone? No..... I cannot do anymore....
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  5. Pikachu

    Does anybody else think of Battlefield Hardline when they hear about PS:A? Feels like a mod to another game that will fail hard.
  6. Naskoni

    No, I think of Battlefield V's failed Firestorm BR "mode".

    In case you have no clue what that is you're only proving my point...
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  7. Pikachu

    I'm aware of BF5 and it's issues. :D Well... not that the firestorm mode is a failure.
  8. TwwIX

    Give your mirror a gander.

    You think i was referring to you? Hah! You think too highly of yourself. No. You're just another random dip**** on a forum to me.
  9. FateJH

    No, I mean, seriously. I don't know if sycophant is valid given what your sentence intends to convey. Who's the other party?
  10. Skraggz

    Very few if any deny cheating, though I can tell you that the game is NOT infested with cheaters. Death cam hasn't resolved anything and the way they implemented it I am 100% sure they are getting a ton of false reports now. It doesn't show the kill but rather what the player does AFTER the kill for a few seconds. If anything, the precious new player experience is ruined by death cam, because they get to know bare witness to the good ol' dip dip potato chip. Or at the very least still be clueless to how they died, as the cam is showing you a guy behind a wall, not what he witnessed or a FoV of the kill.
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  11. TwwIX

    Feel free to seek out your answers at the Ignore Inn.


    Come to Connery and play an alert then. I run into no clippers on a regularly basis. They stand out like a sore thumb even without the death cam.

    Here's an example from this weekend

    There were at least three of them camping that same spot.

    Feel free to ask anyone from PIGS or Drunk Division. They have run into the same, brazen pieces of **** over the weekend.

    Whether it's an exploit or a cheat. All i know is this **** isn't being taken as seriously as it should be by this developer. Report the account? What ******* for? These are all newly created accounts.

    What has Daybreak done so far to prevent from this **** recurring?! Not a damn thing.
  12. FateJH

    A syncophant is a brown-noser, someone who excessively fawns to a superior, perceived or actual, characterized with empty expression, in pursuit of benefits or advantage. The latter part is the important part because the former may as well just be the same thing as with Skraggz - not encountering cheaters are often as you allege creating a perception of being disbelieved, and that, I don't think, is Skraggz's intent. Calling naysayers syncophants would mean either one of two parties is the other: the actual script-users in this game, though I don't see a pathway, even an artificial one, where that would lead to personal benefits by denying their entirety; or, DBG themselves, though I still don't see the pathway that would lead to any sort of personal advantage. The straightforward resolution would probably require that that "the other party" is in fact the same person as the naysayer. You would be accusing them of being a script-user themself.
  13. Trigga

    If you put your hand into a bag of balls and draw one out 3 times and they all come out red, do you assume there is a small percentage of red balls in the bag or do you assume that there must be a large percentage?
    If one answers 'small percentage' they are denying the reality of the situation or they have an agenda that requires them to hide the fact there are lots of red balls in the bag.

    You decide which one fits 'the other party' whoever that is.

    Or are you going to tell me its just 'confirmational bias' then to see 3 different cheaters within half an hour of each other, 1 VS and 2 TR, all 3 no clipping into terrain in and around Eisa tech A point?
  14. Skraggz

    Assumption is not a fact, no one is completely denying. I play on emerald, yes I have seen cheaters, but not at an alarming amount. Not at a rate where I'd label the game infested, does that mean DBF should do nothing? Absolutely not, cheaters should still be shut down every chance because 1 ruins several other people's fun.
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  15. Trigga

    Thats where we disagree.

    I died 23 times last night in just under an hour (post 11pm session), 3 of those were to confirmed no clip cheats who i watched on the death screen walk back into terrain afterwards, thats 13% of my deaths.
    I consider 13% to be an alarming amount.

    Thats not to mention this was while defending A point Eisa, its kind of an important area. If people can just walk in and out of the walls surrounding the point, and hide inside the server things so you cant re-hack whats the point in even trying to defend it?
    At one point we needed 4 people to make the point blink, thats 3 seperate cheaters....

    There 0 reason, and nothing to be gained by anyone clicking into a cheater thread and stating theyve either never seen any, or hardly ever see any, unless said gain is illegitimate.
  16. Skraggz

    This isn't a cheating thread sooooo.... assumption not fact.

    It's been derailed. OP was discussing arena.
  17. icufos

    Does Planetside Arena ONLY have a 3rd person view or is there a choice of 3rd and 1st?

    Ah, found the answer. Both in game.
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  18. Pikachu

    I like the pretty purple plants. The clouds also look a lot better than the obvious flat plane we have in PS2.
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  19. Trigga

    Wait, its an assumption that 13% of my deaths were to hackers?
    ...o ok, i thought it actually happened and i experienced it.....

    Agreed, it was derailed so i wont bother repeating the question you ignored.
  20. pnkdth

    I am completely indifferent to this game and therein lies the problem overall, I do not think anyone of us are the demographic for this game nor does it make sense for DGB to cater to any of us since it would directly compete with PS2. Whatever hopes I had for PS:A is so far down the road map it is a long time coming.

    At the end of the day, I hope for a success for PS:A or in the case of a failure that it will contribute to either PS2 or a future PS3.

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