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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AlcyoneSerene, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. AlcyoneSerene


    Initially I was excited for it, even considered buying the cheaper package, then 3rd person was announced which put all that out of mind.

    Then, surprise, free to play. Reinstalled to have one last peek. Playing with squad has been so far not all that bad.

    Yes, it's a 180 to the topic. Why?
    So far ignoring 3rd person and the advantages of peeking others who use it have.
    Input lag is finally gone since the 2nd mini-patch. Can properly aim again. Big win here in gameplay and desire to keep trying it.
    Teams that work together make it fun to roam, strategize, find loot, and the intense battles that take place.
    Nice sound effects. Really.
    Good graphics for those few bits that aren't cartoonish - the smoothness/antialiasing aspect of it I hope gets ported to PS2.
    Look forward to more game modes for sure.
    Also, a refreshing change of pace to PS2.

    16 hours of game time so far, maybe less if it counts closed beta tests.
  2. FateJH

    You mean I can ram another vehicle for a couple of minutes, and it won't move much in that time; but, afterwards, it flies off into the horizon like Team Rocket?

    (I know you mean "driver, main/secondary gunner(s).")
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  3. Trigga

    No you didnt answer my question.
    That was the question i was referring to, it pains me to have to repeat myself because youve not bothered to actualy read and understand the person your replying to.
    Insert childish ironic emote icon?

    I dont make personal judgements based on what people write on an internet forum, but each to their own.
  4. Trigga

    Its not 'forumsiders' its normal people.

    We've been playing an MMOFPS for (up to) ~16 years, over 2 game instalments. A unique game with not much by way of competition or choice to go somewhere else.
    The game makers release info about the third instalment in the planetside series, except its not the same game type, its a completely different genre.
    What the developers have done is basicaly say, 'F-you' to their current customer base while offering a warm handjob to new customers.
    It would be like the new Marvel film being a period drama instead of an action film, its going to annoy a lot of people who watch Marvel films.
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  5. Skraggz

    Just so that we are clear, that question wasn't directed towards me and I have answered all questions you have directed towards me. It pains me to point that out:rolleyes: ....

    That said one could assume that all the balls are red, or you have grabbed the same ball multiple times, or it's just a coincidence. At least that's how I see your totally made up scenario that doesn't involve PSA nor a cheating thread.

    Because the answer could vary you will not get the response you are digging for. Your question has multiple possible outcomes, and to say some one is a cheater because they disagree with the multiple outcomes is silly.
  6. Trigga

    But you quoted the post with that question in, so you were responding to that post were you not? It pai......on second thoughts i wont go there.

    So if you saw red more often than any other colour, you wouldnt assume there is more possiblity for there to be lots of red balls in there?
    Youd rather assume that those 3 are the only red balls in there and just by random chance you drew them all at once?
    The correlation was about probablilty, the probability of; seeing lots of something in a short amount of time meaning there is many more of them; i believe that to be the case.
    In any case, ive already explained my reasoning about this in this thread.

    It is possible for people to have different points of view, its not 'silly' and its nothing personal (despite what most people in here seem to think) its just a difference of opinion.

    Again with the de-rail nonsense, we've been over this; i was continuing an off topic convo, you are doing the same thing.
    You cant criticise me for doing it if your not willing to stop either, well you can but theres a word for that.

    Cant help but feel im going round and round in circles here though, so ill just end it with that.
  7. Blam320

    It's absolutely Forumsiders. Most of the people I know who actually play the game enjoy it, and don't endlessly complain about things on the forums or on Reddit.

    And as for "giving a warm handjob to new customers," newsflash, that's literally how business works. Businesses need new customers or they will die; they won't survive on the old customers alone. Businesses are always looking to grow and expand, and it happens that Daybreak decided that even though their original foray into Battle Royale - H1Z1 - didn't work out, they have an even more profitable IP with a lot more potential in terms of creating spin-off titles and in terms of having broad appeal.

    By the way, have you ever heard of Tanarus? It was a game developed by Sony before they developed PlanetSide, and in fact, many of the vehicles from PlanetSide are the same as the vehicles in Tanarus, including the Lightning and the Vanguard. Tanarus can be considered the "first" game in the PlanetSide franchise, and it was a completely different game from the original PlanetSide.
  8. OgreMarkX

    A company does not attract new customers by disrespecting existing customers*.

    The very people who created a "toxic" customer base by ignoring feedback, by failing to deliver, by leaving obvious bugs in the game for complain that their existing customers are toxic.

    Here's a simple example:

    Man treats wife poorly for years.
    Wife finally complains.
    Man says wife is toxic.
    Man gets ride of old wife and gets new wife.
    Man repeats process of treating wife poorly.
    New wife finally complains.
    Man concludes wives are toxic.

    *I could give many examples of this as seen from a specific PS2 team member...but let's use an obvious executive level decision related to PS:A...i.e. not allowing Day Break Cash to be used in PS:A (after also selling "life long membership" with one perk of membership being earning....dun dun duuuuun...DAYBREAK CASH.
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  9. Scatterblak

    What's the problem?? It's basically a killcam, and everyone loves that....

    Everyone who needs a CQC crutch anyway...
  10. adamts01

    That's not really fair or accurate. I could go to a big eating festival and everyone there might love bug dishes. You can't take a review from that very biased minority and proclaim to the world that bugs are delicious. The numbers show that anyone interested in PS:A is part of an extreme minority. It just doesn't matter how good they say the game is when relitively no one has the slightest interest in it.
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  11. OgreMarkX

    Excuse making becomes a habit.
  12. TRspy007

    So I play on all servers, including...Connery. Let me just say that the total amount of cheaters I've encountered on all my servers in all my 7 years of play is about a dozen. Nothing over 20. Most the cheaters actually were during the beginning of the game, when there were people playing.

    Makes sense, who's really gonna cheat in a dying game? They gonna brag "Yeah my KDR on planetside 2 is 69!!" - "Huh, planet-what?"

    It's definitely not a "cHeAtEr InFeStEd GaMe" as you say, and things the devs do to reduce the amount of cheaters is battleeye, DX11 and in game report (customer service). Now yes, the battleeye isn't as tight as when it was implemented. Why? Well a bunch of people complained that if they made new characters and farm noobs to much, they would be considered hackers. The result - it takes longer for hackers to get removed since it has to be done manually (usually). We kind of asked for it.

    However, the encounter with a hacker isn't your average scenario, whether you like it or not. If it was normal for you to encounter hackers, you wouldn't be out here on the forums complaining making an abnormality of what you describe to be your daily scenario. you'd just accept the fact there's no room for normal players and move on. The fact you're here complaining about an event just outlines how it's really not part of your common experience.

    Next time you die to a "hacker" ask yourself
    - What did I do wrong?
    - Is he a skilled player, what did he do right?
    - What's my ping/server lat?
    - Was I lagging?
    - Was he lagging/had faster response time than me?
    - What's his br? Higher br are usually just skilled players, lower could be an alt or the first red flag for hacking if it's a weird name
    - Are other people suspicious of this guy?
    - Is there a bug?

    Yeah basically you'll find that 99% of the time it's either internet or skilled play.
  13. TwwIX

    Mhmm. Tell that to my canceled subscription.

    All that wall of patronizing drivel. For what? Absolutely nothing.
  14. TRspy007


    Your cancelled subscription is supposed to validate there being an abundance of cheaters in planetside 2?

    Out of all the reasons to cancel a membership, the game is dying, DBG threw our investments away with psa; you basically managed to chose the most invalid one there is lol.

    You expect me to believe that suddenly a herd of cheaters appeared and that lead you to cancel your membership that you had for so long. If there was such an influx of new players, it would be know lol. The game wouldn't be dying if it still interested tons of cheaters. Who actually cheats for a game that's dead, and that they can't go around bragging to their friends or whatever? Sure, there might be the occasional cheat or two, since they are idiots after all, but nothing game breaking. Planetside 2 handles cheating exceptionally well for a game of such scale, and would've handled it even better had the playerbase allowed them to.

    The "wall of text" is based on personal/friend's experiences, facts and inferential reasoning. Whether you chose to accept the fact that you suck, or that you(or others) may not have a suitable rig/internet connection to play the game that has multiple latency bugs/issues is your choice. But you can't go on here claiming there's a cheater apocalypse, because that's simply untrue.

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