Goodbye Planetside Arena

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AlcyoneSerene, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. AlcyoneSerene

    Just discovered from reddit PSA now has 3rd person player camera, along with all the view advantages that brings over 1st person.

    I actually had hope for this game helping Planetside2 and for being something fun on the side.

    Now I do not.

    It bleeds away PS2's resources as others have always cautioned.


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  2. Campagne

    Well, at least PS:A is soaking up the terrible ideas on behalf of PS2. :p
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  3. karlooo

    Oh I really hate third person peeking.
    I'm prob not going to try Arena if they do that but whatever don't know.
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  4. Pikachu

    Cyrious' video on the topic. Showing recent gameplay.

    Notice that the vanguard has separate driver and gunner.
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  5. karlooo

    Wow, that looks amazing.
    The third person is not bad, it's not too zoomed out.

    Btw what the hell are the Planetside 2 devs doing every day at work lol? Nothing?
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  6. Liewec123

    i'd like to say that they'll revert it because it is obviously a bad idea,
    but then i laughed, and remembered that we're talking about DBG,
    making bad moves and absolutely refusing to revert them is kinda a hallmark of theirs!
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  7. karlooo

    Actually I saw the full footage. The game looks boring as hell, worse than Planetside 2. I almost fell asleep while watching the video, even when they cut out the boring parts.

    In my opinion it will be a lot of effort for nothing. It will lose players very quickly. I don't know why is DBG so obsessed with battle royal, are they Satanists? I know that's their wet dream.
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  8. OgreMarkX

    3rd person perspective is to encourage more micro transactions for cosmetics.

    It's fun watching Youtubers dance around that fact.

    People are more likely to buy cosmetics that they can SEE, hence 3rd person.

    The whole game is designed around microtransactions. DBG is trying to keep that off the radar until after launch.

    Many developers today (including the big guys like EA and Bethesda) now design games around monetization, not around gameplay. Elder Scrolls VI is already a failure and it hasn't even been armor for $100!

    I have no interest in PS:A.

    I have discretionary income. I would like to help good game companies make a profit by buying...something OF VALUE.
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  9. Kristan

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  10. TomoB

    But you can see over obstacles without the need to stand up and reveal your head for headshots when peeking. If they add this to PS2 then I'm finished, enough of these modern and trendy kiddie features.
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  11. Naskoni

    Don't worry, after Arena flops they will decide "Hey, lets at least bring all of the good ideas we had in Arena over to Planetside to make it more popular!" :)
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  12. JibbaJabba

    Yeah, 3rd person is a no-deal for me. But... there might be 10 other gamers from other genres out there that would find it appealing. If that seems the commercially viable option I understand why they are going there.

    Do note though: Having a 1st person option in a 3rd person game doesn't count. I'm still out.
  13. TwwIX

    Along with the resources that could have been invested into the main product. This, just like the PS4 version of the game, is a ******* waste of time and money.
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  14. TRspy007

    Fortniteside arena. This game is nothing like the franchise. I like the some of the effects, the storm in the background, it feels like it got more artwork then Planetside 2, but then the cartoon-y characters just kill the vibes. If people wanted to play fortnite, they'd play fortnite. This doesn't really provide anything new and the genre is just something that I wonder how people can even call it a game, much less a fun one. Good luck getting people to pay for a poorly advertised version of the same thing they can find everywhere.

    I think that they could transfer the more polished looking aspects of Planetside arena to Planetside 2, but apart from that, don't see much use for this game. Weapons seem to have no more work regarding the mechanics, decimator now fires perfectly straight. You can tell that this game doesn't require much thinking, then again that's what the majority of people prefer, so good job there...I guess????

    I expected the game to be a disappointment there though, and a waste of funds taken from Planetside 2. Not surprised
  15. Pikachu

    Another video by Cyrious.
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  16. StormyFacade

    It's kinda funny. Alot of game devs do so little, and yet you can look at any one-man developer and they create a game and add features far faster to a degree that it makes multiple-person teams look like sad, gibbled children.

    Look at Unturned. Yeah, it's Zombie Roblocks, but the Dev literally posted patches every day at one point. Bugfixes, some wierd balancing issues, new content, etc. each patch picked one of those options and added it in.

    It's almost like developers should be sorting out where their wasting time, and optimize their development time? Oh man, it's almost like that'd save them money if not make more, because then the game will become far better, since the Devs are actually active.
    hoo boy!

    Shame that'll never happen.
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  17. Liewec123

    DBG needed a Drax to ask the question "WHY IS PLANETSIDE ARENA?"

    who really came up with the idea and why?!

    lets remake PS2, but with a twist!
    lets make PS2 with:
    less weapons,
    less vehicles,
    less maps,
    less customisation,
    less classes,
    less players,

    but the biggest plot twist!:
    once we've removed all of that content instead of it being free to play it'll also have a pricetag!
    and then we'll market it in an over-saturated genre of free to play games!

    so PS2 with vastly less content, given a pricetag and expected to compete in a genre full of well established F2P games
    (and also compete with the vastly superior original PS2, which is also F2P lol)

    but it gets EVEN BETTER!
    the people most likely to try this new game will be PS2 players!
    and since it has a pricetag we can eliminate F2P diehards from that player pool.
    so the PS2 playerbase will take a hit with paying players leaving the game to move to a doomed project.
    a double blow to PS2 which will then be bringing in less cash and also have a smaller playerbase.
    and a smaller playerbase could landslide, PS2 survives on having large battles,
    if we log in at primetime and its quite quiet, why stick around?

    so to recap!
    a doomed PS2 clone with vastly less content,
    given a pricetag and expected to compete in an over-saturated genre of well established F2P games,
    and will also damage PS2.

    why is Planetside Arena?
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  18. OgreMarkX

    Once again you are 100% correct Liewec123

    Knowing the history of DBG, and SOE before it (especially from when they started working on Everquest Next), here are the reasons WHY:

    1. Silo'd thought process. No outside info welcomed, especially NOT from existing players.
    2. Chasing the bright shiney new penny long after it was considered new. Smedley did this to EQN as he kept swinging from one "design" to another in the early years of EQN development--at one point he wanted a FACEBOOK tie in to the game...ya...mine player data and sell them crap...
    3. Arrogance over ability (the old 'we know better than our customers when it comes to what the customers want to buy).

    The sheer lack of follow through at DBG will kill PS:A even if the macrotransactions and scaled down design do not.

    Just look at many times has Wrel snidely responded to questions from customers about his promised ASP re-cert? Has he delivered? NO. Will he? 90% chance of NO. ASP was a perk for being a PAID MEMBER. And just look up how Wrel speaks to players about it (he should re-read #3 above).

    Just as many players said, you will see PS2 development dry up even more as they work on PS:A more. DBG needs you to buy repeat Battlepasses and Macrotransactions.

    The world of battle passes and macrotransactions has filled executives heads with unrealistic expectations on profits. Profits are good, unethical profits are bad.

    Just look at some major US Banks who developed ridiculous sales expectations and crashed as result of the perverse sales incentives that came home to roost (Wells Fargo--they recently lost 24 billion dollars of value).

    In the end here is how PS:A will fail (much to the chagrin of Cyrious (Youtube) who doesn't want to play it, but very much wants it to succeed to grow his channel, hence his approach...).

    1. Too many BRs already. Fully staffed and dedicated
    2. Proven lack of follow through on road maps and promises
    3. Terrible QA. PS2 QA is non existent (think: jump pads). This is likely a company issue, not a game within a company issue.
    4. Terrible community management. Salty vets? How about paying customers. Oh what? Is that offensive nowadays as well?
    5. Countries are banning macrotransactions, US will regulate or ban as well. DBG plans for MAJOR macrotransactions in PS:A.
    6. Lack of action on exploiters and cheaters. When your own devs are known to exploit the're in trouble.

    Did I want to become a naysayer? HELL NO. I love Everquest and I want DBG to make tons of money. I spend money in that game. I would have spent money on PS2 but the teams managing it have been terrible. I do not trust them enough to spend money in PS2. Just look at Wrel and how he and the team has handled the ASP re-certs. NOT GOOD.

    DBG needs a team shake-up.
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  19. TR5L4Y3R

    iirc ps1 had even worse 3rd person basicaly alloiwng you to overwatch like idk half the horizon ..
    PSA´s third person is a bit drawn in ..

    personaly i don´t have much of an issue with it ...
    MW:O offers a third personoption but at the expense of you being unable to see your hud ...
    not sure i´m gonna buy PS:A yet though .. i however have no interest in playing apex or blackops 4 ..
    ... screw fortnite for the ammount of 8 year olds ... have been in greece the last 2 weeks and at the local internetcafe there were like 4 to 8 kids per day consistently screaming and cursing (and holy crap are those kids cursing .. wth?) .. yea not having that ingame, thank you very much ..
  20. karlooo

    Well I hope the Planetside Arena team will help the Planetside 2 team to make the game better. That would be good.
    The Planetside 2 team is really weak, they need help.

    I really do not like the new Vanguard look, hope this design doesn't pass to Planetside 2.
    The lights all over the tank make it ugly.

    The lights on the turret look great, they look like some sort of peeking holes but putting them all over the hull makes the tank look silly.
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