Future Crew

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by ScourgeOfTheServer, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Nabeshin-J

    Decent is actually an insult btw, decent players get farmed by us.

    Hitbacks comment, and your response generated a fair bit of laughter on TS, so I'm afraid he wins this round good sir.
  2. Hwk

    What an exciting recruitment thread! Needs more tears!

    Even Higby hates us:
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  4. Taiga

    everybody laughs at even the stupid jokes of people in their clique. nobody cares who "wins" anyways. im stating critcism about your outfit which is perfectly fine and in accordance with the rules of the forums. theres no "never say anything bad" rule. you guys just overreact to anybody who calls you out on not being as good as you think you are. simple as that.

    edit: still haven't seen anybody deny my accusation that they abuse broken mechanics in the game.
  5. Saiph

    Which mechanics do we abuse? It's hard to defend against such a broad claim without knowing the specifics.
  6. HMR85


    This recruitment post is going places.
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  7. Quard

    Entirely untrue. Nobody in FCRW laughs at my jokes.
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  8. Shockfc

    Which broken mechanics are you talking about?

    I was wondering why he was trying to snipe the ESF during that clip.
  10. Hitback

    I was thinking "ahh, console kid" while watching that.
  11. eLLeSS

    So untrue, we usually can't even understand Hitback.
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  12. Hitback

    He clearly wants to join.
  13. Hitback

    Bumped, because Scourge told me to.

    Hmm, intriguing, bump one of my threads. MENTOK COMMANDS IT!

  15. RobotNinja

    Future Crew are good guys, they just get a bad rap sometimes because half their leadership was banned then later unbanned and a lot of haters have accused them of hacking, exploiting, lying about their taxes and worrying more about their KDR than teamwork. That's just the haterade drinkers, pure and simple. The truth is, if you can't keep up with the Future you get left in the past. :p
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  16. HMR85

    I am gonna bump this for FCRW. Good group of guys and a blast to fight against. If your VS and want to take it to the next level then these are the guys to join.
  17. eLLeSS

  18. velleity

    Sardus, your hat is fabulous and I want to buy one for Shock.
  19. Bigbauce

    That gif cracks me up.

    I hear WillJenkins will provide exclusive access to his BirdCam to anyone that applies and if you're lucky, a "private" showing as well. Mmmmmmm

    Hah, new players.

    Another video SNAFU! But this time we're a-holes.