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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jeslis, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. MrJengles

    "...You're getting warmer."
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  2. stalkish

    Dont understand what your trying to say tbh.

    Pretty sure i said hate tells are bad enough - as in they already exist and are pretty bad, bad as in it creates hostility in the gaming environment we are all a part of. Id much rather have some1 say ''nice shot'' than ''reported, lame hacker, go kill youself'' or some other **** like that. I dont know what it is about games (and the internet as a whole) that causes humans to regress into, abusive, non civilised and immature people, id guess its the lack of accountability for their actions. If you experienced the same in your work place from fellow employees i dont think youd have such an easy going attitude about it.

    I agree TS, mumble, vent, or any other voice program is clearer and more reliable, thats why ive been using it since the rainbow six days, but i struggle to get that random gunner who has just hopped into my tank on TS with me tbh. Also alot of outfit comms are exactly that, outfit comms, they dont want 100s of randoms having access to their voice servers.

    Your post doesnt give a reason as to why the proxy should be cross faction, i gave 2 why i feel it shouldnt, all youve said is 'in-game comms are not reliable' but tbh i think they are pretty good compared to what we had in PS1 for in game comms. Ive also not seen another game (probs is one, i dont play every game on the market) that has such a reliable voice system built in to it. I dont mean to sound rude here but your post basicaly says ''i dont use in game voice seriously, so no 1 should, if they disagree with me they are delusional'' please correct me if im wrong.
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  3. Kociboss

    If (and only if) it's going to be OPTIONAL then I don't see why anyone would argue against it.
  4. Champagon

    Two words

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  5. Whatupwidat

    Oh god it's bad enough not being able to turn the global chat off, let alone /hearing/ you ugly basement dwellers. Ewwwww.... ;P
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  6. Schwak

    Let the trash talking commence. '_> '
  7. Morti

    Just hop on over to miller, where nobody uses prox chat, ever.

  8. PraetorGavorn

    I don't know about you guys but I think I've already been hearing enemy prox chat, but only after I've died.

    Yesterday I was out in Esamir's snowy fields and got ganked by a scout rifling infiltrator and I SWEAR I heard him say "Lights out dude" right afterwards. My nearby outfit mates wouldn't taunt me like that, so what the hell?
  9. Ronin Oni

    All channels have their own sliders in the voice comms menu
  10. Ronin Oni

    I'd be pretty annoyed by voice callouts I have no control over being heard.

    Bugs the piss outta me in Battlefield (they're changing that though, woohoo!)
  11. Ronin Oni

    Or would they lol
  12. Nepau

    Personally I think that if they did put in Cross faction Prox chat, I would set it up so that it would have a larger range for friendlies to hear it, while having a shorter range for the Enemy (they are close enough to "Overhear" the conversation). It could add some interesting dynamics for things like Infiltrators in stalker cloak gathering information.
  13. Paragon Exile



    /yell is dead, long live /yell!
  14. iller

    That's a much larger culture issue neither SOE nor myself can really do or say anything about... It predates the internet.

    b/c it was only my second post in response to a post that also failed to highlight why Prox chat is even a better faction-specific means to coordinate than Squad chat is... Meanwhile tells are a lot more convenient for trashtalkers b/c they don't have to actually risk being near you or to switch characters to keep arguing through it. But pls, keep arguing and giving me more ammunition for why things were already as bad as they could ever get and how all these protests are just more kneejerking.
  15. stalkish

    So YOU dont use proxy chat with your empire so YOU dont think its effective.
    Like i said before ive had many many many many discussions with friendly troops while guarding a point, attacking a point, defending from a base wall, in a tower, with gunners in my vehicles.
    Its a valuable resource for people who use it, sory if you feel its not good FOR YOU PERSONALLY but many other players use it for the reason its intended.

    Ill ask you again tho, since you still havent answered.
    Why should it, or for what legitimate reason should cross faction proxy chat be allowed? Because the only reason i can even remotely comprehend is for trolling your opponent, abusing some1 youve just killed, or abusing some1 who has just killed you.
    There is no other reason youd want to speak to an enemy in war, unless you are surrendering, and thats not a option in PS2.

    Also stating that its a much larger culture issue is avoiding responsiblity. And funnily enough SOE does actively do something about it, they ban people for harassment. Allowing this would also encourage this sort of behaviour, thats exactly the opposite of ''doing nothing'' and exactly the opposite of what they should be doing.
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  16. MrJengles

    Except that the most useful conversations to overhear would be in squad, platoon and command channels. Proxy is useful, but only occasionally, in circumstances that enemies would have a hard time predicting. It would be an interesting mechanic if there were ways to overhear detailed orders instead of "hey you, jump in my tank" or "enemies around the corner", but if we could almost all outfits would migrate to exclusively third party VOIP (many already do).

    It's an excellent idea, but I don't see any way to actually do it thoroughly and make it part of the game experience. Instead, this will only result in people no longer using proxy for ~5% of coordination, that can't be replaced because these players aren't in your platoon or TS, and instead used for trolling.

    Yeah, I sometimes switch tab to get away from that chat but then I have to choose whether I see squad chat or outfit :(

    Customizable chat tabs would be better than this. Not that either is pressing.

    There have been a few times I've wondered the same thing. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed... but maybe we're both going crazy?
  17. z1967


    On a side note, my tf2 taunt soundboard will suddenly become far more useful. Also throw some Payday 2 (IZZHA MOTHA****ING BULLDOZER tossed at MAXes) and my fun will never end.
  18. Valok

    Sure, why not?
    I already got the music set up for when holding a point.

    Sneaking on a infiltrator.

    Harassing with the harasser.

    The trolling possibilities will be endless.
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  19. tf2hero

    [IMG]my roflcopter goes soisoioisoisoisoisoi sorry had to do that
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  20. iller

    I do use it. Great examples: dieing right next to a sundy in a Max suit, there's 5 medics at it too. I'm SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS BEGGING AND PLEADING FOR A ******* REZ and they just run off to shoot stuff.

    Prox chat only exists to vent in. A lot of people turned it off anyway a while ago. And the ones who still hear it, don't ever listen to it for advice or to coordinate. They just want to hear the World Burning.