From Higbyplz stream - Cross Faction Prox Voice

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jeslis, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Saool

    It will degenerate into a torrent of abuse within minuets of going live. Bad idea.
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  2. Elrobochanco

    I think it's a great idea. People are still reportable for voip harassement so no change there. But it means I can whisper sweet nothings to unaware infiltrators. Or get a laugh off as I throw ammo at the guy wasting me.

    Even if it was a super short range compared to current prox chat, say friends heard you to 20m and enemies only to 5 or 10.
  3. Sunflash

    I don't know how many times I've been saved by the harasser barreling around the corner screaming on Prox chat "TAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNKKKKKKS" and going "Hey ya know I bet there's tanks around there lets go somewhere else".

    To think that I'll be forced to not use prox-chat and only do /say(which will never work) to warn comrades nearby about a plan(or "REZ GRENADE OUT HOLD STILL YOU DONKEYS") will be horrible.

    Please, SOE, think of us scrubs: Make it a separate channel.
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  4. oberchingus

    Alternatively, you can call in the harasser outfit to kill all those tanks.
  5. Koldorn

    Oh good lord...

    Hundreds of vanu faces pressed up against the spawn shields 9 seconds before a base flips; all blaring...

    _Ginyu Force Rules_
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  6. WarmasterRaptor

    Well, here's an update that will forever make me mute the voice prox chat volume. For. EVER.

    I don't want to hear all the ****** spam the enemy will bring to annoy me AND th ****** spam MY guys will bring to annoy them.

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  7. Lamat

    So teamspeak for private channels.
  8. Linedan

    HELL no.
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  9. Lamat

    The most heard things:
    -your (insert weapon) is OP
    -your mom
    -your gay
    -that's what she said
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  10. Jaedrik



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  11. Ceiu

    Wait... prox chat isn't cross-faction? I got called a "jackhammer newb" by someone over prox and I just assumed it was the TR guy I had just mowed down (with the claw, fwiw).

    That also means all those times I snuck up on an enemy infiltrator and gave them a warning message over prox were for naught!
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  12. GhostAvatar

    What is this? Facebook? Yeah, lets stops a direct, quick, and easy way to communicate with your allies without giving away vital information to the enemy. All just so people can socialise.

    I think forumside already shows that factions don't get along too well already. Lets make the game more vile for the new players. I really dont want to hear a load of pre-pubescent kids shouting 'you got rekt' (and other such things) over proxy when steamrolling in a 60%+ pop zerg.
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  13. Shadowomega

    Even more people spamming music in proxy chat? No thanks, its one of the reason I turned off in game voip. If they finally get around to put in vehicle/fire team chat and cut down on the bandwidth their voip uses then I might turn it back on.
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  14. gibstorm

    As long as it launches with GOKU premuted. I don't want to have to manual mute that whole clan
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  15. Smokki

    Yes please! I love to flank behind enemy infiltrators and just sit there for a moment and V-6 them until they turn around to be blown up by C4. Proxy voice would open up so much possibilities :D
  16. Vanir

    Can you please post a link to the stream that Hiby talked about this on? :)
  17. TheReaperKing82

    I like this idea. They had the same thing in MAG for the PS3 and it was fun. You could hear anybody within a certain radius of you. What made it really interesting was all the voice chat between your team was through the headset but the stuff coming through proximity came through the regular TV speakers. It allowed for some smack talking but also you were able to tell the direction of people who were talking.
  18. Arsonix

    Except a player who had a PS3 mic in MAG was a rarity while people who use mics in PS2 are a large majority.
  19. Latrodectus

    I can't wait to sneak up on enemy Infiltrators to coach them while they're looking down scope.

    "Don't miss, don't miss, be the bullet, be as the stone, you are one with the mountain, calm and precise."

    This is going to be waaay better than sneaking up on them and spamming "I need a ride!"
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  20. Archiadus

    There's players using the proximity voice-chat in this game?! The first and last time that I heard that voice-chat being used was when some random player was broadcasting music at the warpgate. :eek: