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  1. Stigma

    The first thing I think is .... oh wow, a feature like that is going to result in epic.... EPIC hate callouts and an absolutely toxic environment. Can you just imagine the trashtalk that is going to occur? Hate tells is one thing, but everything is a little more sober in text-format at least. The same people who rage from/into hate tells currently will go ******* atomic when their nemesis taunts them vocally.

    However, as long as they give us control over turning it off and on + set up 2 types of proxy chat (proxy_faction) and (proxy_all) so we can control everything just as we want and ignore proxy_all if we so desire - then essentially for my part I don't see any logical downside to it as we should only be left with more options and functionality than we had before.

    I just fear the general population of planetside isn't responsible and adult enough to handle the responsibility of using proxy_all chat as a force for good. If the feature is going to be used 90% of the time to troll and ragebait people then I'm not sure that this ends up being good for the game as a whole. Some people might even leave as a result just because they feel that the game makes them frustrated and mad.

    I think that the feature would be cool, but it's like giving a classroom full of 15 year olds access to a stash of free medical weed and expecting them to self-medicate responsibly...

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  2. Cest7

    I thought this was already the case?

    Prox chat should be proximity chat.... not faction only cans and string.
  3. TheAweDude2

    rather than proximity chat being cross faction i think there should be an additional yell voice chat that is cross faction.
  4. TheAweDude2

    well they should make a new channel that is a yell voice chat that can be turned off entirely.
  5. Rellenar

    Does out of game voice chat really need more buffs?
  6. stalkish

    So now your using the unsubstantiated claim that ''alot of people have it turned off'', im sory but that doesnt shine as a reason to me.

    Aside from the obvious - that you could not possibly know the %age of proxy users, its still no reason to allow cross faction chat, im still yet to see a valid reason from anyone as to why it should be made cross faction. Other than of course, i want to troll the enemy faction, which again isnt the sort of behaviour SOE should be condoning and encouraging IMO, there is even a forum rule for no trolling so im assuming they agree with me.
  7. BarxBaron

    Oh........why would you even consider this as a possibility, SOE.

    No. Just no.


    /Y chat is enough. Please don't do this.
  8. Comi Tsutai

    And this is why I do not support this idea. The last thing I want in my game is someone being TOXIC and harassing me.
    Female gamers have it worse, most don't even USE the Voice Chat System for fear of being harrassed and picked By Our Own Factions!

    Think that garbage will improve by having Cross-Faction Chat? I don't think so

    I Vote No!
  9. Raap

    I might actually turn on proximity voice chat if they added this. I currently have it off because I play solo, or rather use TeamSpeak when I don't play solo. But I'd probably turn it on just to listen to the tears, entertainment value +50%.

    Edit: Disclaimer: I'm not someone that rages at my opponent, I only engage in a friendly conversation with my killers if they did something impressive or funny.
  10. Taemien

    As long as Prox chat doesn't work when someone is dead, we're fine. Should work like that now.

    Next up, now Stalker cloaks have an interesting utility:

    Sneak up into a base. Announce an attack from a direction, while the squad comes from the opposite. Will only work once or twice with the same group of enemy, but may be worth it.
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  11. OldMaster80

    Are you kidding me? Playing a Stalker Infiltrator, sneaking behind an enemy and whispering him in Proximity chat "Pssst... Sir... look here please..." then shooting him with the Commissioner? This is PRICELESS!
  12. MrSilk

    Yes they are, I hear them every day! The V+(1-9) options are also heard.
  13. TheXenonCodex

    it's an abysmal idea. the two most used words will be to do with homosexuals and the word "****ter". zero interest in listening to that.