FPS drop after GU4

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Matcap86, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Xikuner

    MMMMmMM Nothing better than playing an FPS at 5.... 5 FPS!! I better go buy an Extreme edition i7 and SLI GTX titans to make the game run at 10FPS... Because I feel I'm made of money.

    I hope the make the game graphics better than sponge bob cartoon's animations.. Then it'd actually feel worth it.
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  2. jm20

    The game is unplayable in an ESF due to frame hitching when loading resources as you fly over them.
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  3. wyld

    game is completely unplayable. glitches, repair tools bugging, ammo not giving out. I have never got hit by the fps hitches that pooped on people in other updates. but GU04 is by far the worse. went from steady 50 fps to 7-12 fps. COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE
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  4. OldMaster80

    Those who cannot see the difference between 30fps and 70-80fps have no idea what the hell they're talking about or should seriously consider to ask their medic: I have two pc one is AMD only (FX-8120 and HD7970 3 gb) the other Intel/Nvidia
    ( i5 3750 and GTX 660) and the difference is HUGE. Not only the second looks better because of PhysX, but the game runs overall smoother.

    Even after this tremendous update the second pc is still able to run the game a 35-40 fps while the first is stuck at 20 and if one must be blind not to see the difference. o_O
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  5. RunsFast1

    CPU- i73820 Lga2011
    GPU- ATI 7950 latest drivers
    HDD- Samsung 840 SSD
    MB- Asus X79 pro motherboard

    I spent Real money on this game, I just want it to work! After the latest game update my FPS are at a crawl in a fight of any size, on my Reaper DMR which I spent real money on I cannot equip my compensator which i also acquired with real money with "boosts". I submitted a ticket and there response shows there mind set "Your upgrades will be usable as soon as our Development Team is ready" Are you kidding me why did you take my money if the development team is not ready? On top of that I have a computer that should be able to play any game on the market, but not yours, I am supposedly CPU bottle necked with only 25 Percent cpu usage and not any single core above 20percent usage my GPU is not even breaking a sweat most of the time. You guys at SOE need to put BETA title before plantetside 2 again until this game is Ready for market performance wise, "meta game" wise, and bug wise. People are spending hard earned money to beta test this game for you, this needs to stop!
  6. waiora

    You must be ****** with 0.1 KD, **** off and go play hello kitty online, no first person shooter is playable on 30fps
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  7. talmaru

    Except every console shooter is bound @ 30fps
    Call of Duty
    <feel free to insert appropriate meme here>
  8. Bobdar

    i run this game on a i7 920 at 3.1ghz, 12gb ram, and a gtx 660 and i havent had any fps issues, so maybe its some hardware issue that you are all having. i get 60 fps outside of fights and 35-45 in biolabs and around the crown
  9. GravitySmacked

    Yes it's a hardware issue we've all had, at the same time, after the last update, thanks for your input.
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  10. Blackout1050

    Games unplayable at the moment for me, massive fps spikes with plenty of stuttering and a much lower fps in general. Game was completely fine during GU3. Whenever i'm in VR everything seems to run smoothly, but anywhere else and all hell breaks loose.

    Intel i5 3570k
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 670
    8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM Corsair Vengance
    WD Caviar Black
    Intel 330 SSD - 120GB
  11. Dragam

    Which is why no one with a working brain playes shooters on consoles.
  12. OldMaster80

    Erm... do you realize with that machine you should have more fps than 35-45 in biolabs? :D
    Then would you really call 33 pages of complaints just "a hardware issue we're all having"? This time the update screwed performance too much ;)

    In the last 6 months on my pc PS2 used to run at 70pfs, then 40, then 60 and now it dropped down to 20 again. The truth is this issue must be at the very 1st point in devs priority list.
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  13. talmaru

    The point was millions of people play console shooters @ 30fps.
    Admit it you have to and had fun.
    Anything over about 14fps is enough to trigger the "after image" effect that is perceived as motion by the human eye.
    The issue with this game <for me> is that my frame will spike up to 60 and then down to 20 even as low as 5 depending on the combat situation.
    This wildly fluctuating frame rate causes my mouse movements to stutter which affects my aim adversely.
    The same goes for piloting @ extreme velocities when your controls lock up for 100ms and that causes you to crash.
    I have noticed that when first logging in the game runs better.
    Then after you die and re-spawn a few times in a heavily populated are the worse it gets over time
    Assuming the client does not crash like it is wont to do since the last patch I find myself re-logging about every 30-45 minutes to refresh the client's memory.
  14. GuraKKa

    My framerate dropped significantly too, I usually had 45-65 DPS before last patch.
    I'm not having big issues playing as infantry (didn't check the FPS) BUT when I get on my Scythe it drops to 10FPS and there are a lot of frame skipped.

    Being a Scythe pilot, I don't appreciate this at all.
  15. MisterBond

    "After Image" Which is known as shutter image is because of how film works

    1. Film when a scene is recorded, just like in real life with a camera if somebody takes a picture while moving, the image blurs.

    2. Projectors work not by displaying a constant image on screen but by shuttering the camera lens 23.97 times per second, you see the image, then a black image, then a image, then a black image etc etc etc.

    3. When we see images put up on screen like this in the on/off/on/off fashion, the blurry film pictures our brain since our brain works on processing what we saw 80ms ago, vs what we are seeing ATM, is able to combine the flow of the last two pictures as not two individual pictures, but as a moving picture, in this case, we see a flowing image of 60FPSish video out of 23.97FPS video.

    4. We are quite capable of seeing more then this, some shows like mythbusters are filmed and shown at 60FPS shutter, which results in our brains seeing a image that resembles more 100-150FPS moving footage. The thing though is in theaters, like the new hobbit film in 48FPS, results in people getting sick staring at the screen cause the "Flicker" of the image, even though we can't see it unless we look very closely, now becomes a strobe light effect and makes people sick.

    Why does this not happen in home with say, the show Mythbusters filmed at 60FPS? Because your TV does not shutter images per say. CRT's refresh at 120 times per second, first horizontal, then vertical 60x per second, since its both horizontal, then vertical refreshed, its refreshed at 120 times per second, which is so fast that while there is still "stobeing" its so fast you can't see it, also because in between frames the phosphorus of your TV continues to glow, so even though there it is refreshing 60x per second, because of its constant glowing, you further do not see the flicker (To see what I mean about the glow, turn off a CRT monitor/TV in a dark room, the monitor will glow and slowly dim over 5-300 seconds, this is much easier to see on much older TV's cause of poorer quality phosphorus, and low res phosphorus of a 640x480 tv causes a long afterglow)

    LCD's work in a similar fashion, but are much, MUCH easier on the eyes because the light source of a LCD TV is not pulsed, its consistent, instead the LCD image is changed infront of your eyes, but due to the "Delay" of the crystals turning on/off/on/off again, it resembles the same afterglow of phosphorus TV's, but because of the constant light source, is much, much easier on the eyes.

    Anyways, that concludes yet ANOTHER lesson on how eyes work and how we view movies and TV ;D
  16. XRIST0

    The thing is 30fps on consoles feel much smoother than what it does on a pc .. for whatever reason
  17. oLd.Sneakers

    Game is barely playable atm.

    Pre this update and hotfix I had 55-85 fps constantly except in the crown fights which gave me around 45-50 previously.

    Now I have 65ish at warpgate and as soon as you get into a fight FPS goes from 85 to 55 then to 25 then to 5 and goes up and down between 5 and 45ish making it impossible to play and especially fly.

    When on the ground as infantry fps can hover around 25 fps now and stay there and that is workable but the fluctuations are insane.

    I even decreased graphics from all maxed ( ultra textures ) to all low and lowered rendering distance from 1700 to 1300 but it is still the same, slightly better but after a while it starts dropping to 5-15 fps again.

    580 GTX @ 1ghz core

    I7 Xeon W3520 @ 4.5 ghz

    6 gb ram @ 1600 stock

    Both watercooler by a 480 surface rad.
  18. Suroped

    Fps drops to 30 in any battles 25-45 minutes of gameplay no matter what setting i'm playing on. On low settings you can clearly see some ******* black tank debris in the distance and they disappear when you come closer.
  19. I Have Cookies

    My fps is around 30-50 wich is just fine for me. But every 30 seconds or so it drops to 0-5, it lasts for 2-3 seconds and then it goes back to normal. This annoying as hell, especially when I'm facing an enemy. This happens all the time and I can't get any kills by this. I have this from the beginning I played PS2 long before the updates and it doesn't matter I'm in a huge fight or I'm alone, it always happens. I know it's not my pc. I have a gaming pc and it runs my other games perfectly. I checked my CPU usage when I had one of my lag moments again and it was just fine, it had no peaks at all. A friend of mine confirmed it's not my PC but the game. I already tried to lower the graphics and reinstall the game but that doesn"t work. Is there any way to solve this? Because it looks like I'm the only one who has this problem :(
    Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8150 Eight core processor 3.60 GHz
    RAM: 8GB
    System: 64bit

  20. Suroped

    I might be wrong but people tend to think this game doesn't like AMD processors.
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