FPS drop after GU4

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Matcap86, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Dan1192

    Also try :

    1) Loading up Nvidia settings

    2) Navigate to Set PhysX Configurations

    3) Force the processor as your GPU.

    Improved my performance some what (GTX 570). The juttering seems to appear after a while flying arround which could indicate a rather ugly memory leak? Restarting the client removes my jutters.

    Also, has anyone got a new overlay in game showing "PhysX -> CPU"?? It poped up after I restarted my client??
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  2. Pat Cleburne

    The game has a memory leak or something. It is unplayable when the battles get large. In GU3 the game ran great. Now it's a stuttering mess. I am getting crazy lag spikes, missing items, fps issues, I have problems repairing, shooting, killing, flying. The list goes on and on.
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  3. Zagan88

    Since the latest update (GU4) the games performance has been horrible. I could play on ULTRA around 25-35fps 1920x1080 @ 85% res now my FPS is extremely low around 8-15fps, and I now have black colored rocks what happened? Also, after the recent update (GU4) I've been experiencing severe stuttering usually resulting in "Planetside2.exe has stopped responding." this really needs some input from someone working at SOE.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that the animations are bugged after GU4, most players are holding their weapons above their heads.

    System Specs:
    Windows:            Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (64-bit) Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)
    Memory (RAM):              5996 MB
    CPU Info:                      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
    CPU Speed:                  2195.3 MHz
    Display Adapters:          AMD Radeon HD 7670M
    Manufacturer *:              Acer
    Product Make *:            Aspire 7750G
    Motherboard *:              Acer JE70_HR
  4. Evileet

    Worked for me as well, as far as i can see.
    Medium sized battle = 30-40 fps. :)
  5. Papio

    I'm getting similar results, server restarts did nothing, patch did nothing.

    I start out great then *BAMB* FPS gets lower and lower, I had this is GU3 but not even remotely to this extent
    GU3: 4 hours of play = unplayable/restart game GU4: 30-45min of play = unplayable/restart.

    I've tried everything from updating my bios, lowering settings in game, running a game optimizer. I'm also seeing the black patches in the distance, lag spikes and the most recent patch came with some respawn screen crash when I die.
  6. willowstyle

    low config
    ATI 4890
    1080p all setting at 0 in useroption.ini

    before patch
    fps:100-20 (WG-Heavy battle)

    after patch
    fps:60-5 (WG-Heavy battle)

    the fps drop occure randomly, must relaunch the game.
  7. NoctD

    Bumping this so SOE knows its still totally broken post the hotfix!
  8. Goden

    They know it's broken.

    They just don't know how to fix it.
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  9. NoctD

    One would hope they have everyone back in the office this weekend trying to fix that and only that, and not bother with anything else, but it seems they've gone AFK while trying to scam people into buying heroic boosters... what we really need a heroic FPS booster!
  10. NoctD

    And if they can't fix it - you know, just roll back, let's just go back to GU3. We don't need a GU that neuters the game.
  11. Evileet

    And you know that from where? I didn't see any post about this since the hotfix, which made it just slightly better.
    As i said, dear Devs, let us know you are working on it and the people wouldn't whine so much. It feels like you don't care about this big issue.
  12. Reloaded

    Stopping by the thread to also voice my drop in FPS since the update, and since the hot fix as well. I have also noticed a lot of rather odd and random "bugs" since the update.

    I am rather frustrated, especially considering the bonus xp weekend, but instead of griping about it, I'll do my best to post useful info.
    Computer specs on in my sig. CPU is currently OC'd to 4.4, and one of my 560 Tis is OC'd to match the other (835-950, slight voltage boost). When I played the first night of the update, I do remember getting a lower FPS in large battles particularly than I had previous to the update. Now since this latest hot fix, I feel like my FPS has dropped even lower. I play using vsync, and I am always at 60 steady in the warpgate. Since the update and the hot fix, this hasn't changed. I still shows 60. What is very different are large numbers of people.

    It doesn't seem to matter friendly or enemy; any time I get into a large battle, my fps drops much further than it did previous to GU04. In large battles previously I noted that I was in the 40s for the most part, dropping to 30 very rarely, always showing CPU in the fps monitor. It felt quite smooth and very playable. Now since the update and hot fix, I noticed this dropping to the 20s and even high teens at times in fights that are a fair bit smaller than the ones I mention above previous to the patch. Even just a decent friendly force at a base causes much larger frame drops than I've ever experienced. It's to the point that it is very difficult to fly a vehicle around a densely populated area.

    I've also noticed that there seems to be a delay from the time you press e to enter a vehicle to the time you actually get into it. I didn't pay close enough attention to whether this affects getting out as well, but I know it was probably about a 1 second delay to getting into the vehicle after pressing "e". At first I almost thought I hadn't been pressing e. Once I tested it, I realized it's some sort of time delay it seems. It also seemed to affect my ability to pick up ammo from a pack, and after throwing a pack down, and pressing 1 to switch to the primary, it would show my pistol for a split second as though I swapped to it, then would finally bring up my rifle.

    Basically it feels like there is a noticeable lag that has been introduced to many things. As far as I know, nothing has changed with my connection and I still show to be getting the same speeds as usual.

    Below are my settings. The only thing I have edited in the .ini file is the FOV which is at 90. Other than that, nothing has been added or changed via that file.


    If you have something specific you'd like me to do or try, just let me know and I'll post back results.
  13. NoctD

    There's a lag when you re-spawn in a new location even, like in the spawn tube, you'd be in some weird state before you spawn and the screen would be stuck for a second or two.

    And bad lag follows you - fly into a bad area, frame rates drop, fly away, you're still short of frames after that.
  14. srolf

    Stuttering is still horrible. It starts about an hour into playing and the hotfix didn't really fix it. It's the worst in airplanes. About every 200ms the game freezes for 200ms, it's unplayable. RAM and video RAM aren't full, so it is a mystery what's causing it.

    Core i5-2500k @ 4.4 GHz
    Geforce 560Ti (Driver 306.97)
    8GB RAM
    Game is installed on a Samsung 830 256GB SSD
    Windows 7
    Running the game with everything set to low detail.
  15. Satanam

    Same. I'm running an i5-3570k with GTX 690 and it's dropping to 20~30 while in huge battles, and no more than 60 FPS in small battles. That's really weird, I used to have always over 40 or 50 on huge battles. I can compare it to GU02.
  16. XRIST0

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  17. Lucius Trio

    Same proportional drop in frame-rates for me, roughly. I'd say since this de-optimization patch I've been playing only 10% of what I used to be -- just getting really frustrated with the FPS drop making the game so unplayable.
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  18. Vanu Superiority

    For those of you who say you can't notice above 30FPS...you are wrong. You can notice up to whatever your monitor's refresh rate is. For most people, this is 60, so 60+ is ideal. For some people with high end monitors, like, say, 3d monitors, you may have 120 hz monitors, meaning you'll notice differences up to 120 FPS.

    At a constant 30 FPS...the game feels somewhat smooth. Not as smooth as 60, but smooth enough where some people won't know better unless they know what to look for. However, at an unstable 30, the game feels laggy. You may drop to 20, and then go up to 40, and that's not good. If you're a relatively hardcore PC gamer with a good rig, you should notice lag below 60. Even hitting 50 you should see a difference. I know with planetside 2 most people need to settle for 30, given how 60 is totally unrealistic for most players, but while 30 is good, and you can very well play decently at 30 FPS, it's not ideal, and you're still at a disadvantage against someone with 60. If this game is still active 5 years from now (and it very well might be), and we're running i7 8870k's or whatever, you running this game at 60 FPS is gonna give you an advantage over someone with an older rig based on today's hardware.

    30 FPS might be playable, and smooth enough to get a decent experience out of, but it's not ideal, especially for the more hardcore PC gaming crowd.
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  19. Pat Cleburne

    3 times tonight the game got worse and worse until it froze up and caused a BSOD on my PC. Rebooting fixed the issue for awhile. I still say memory leak.
  20. Xikuner