FNO: October 12th, 2012

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Natir

    I would encourage you to visit our Twitch stream when we run our operations from 5pm-11pm Mon-Fri EST (www.twitch.tv/buzzcutpsycho). You seem to have some facts wrong.
  2. The BadgeR

    I think some TR folk feel the faction is "neglected", for lack of a better word, more so than the other two. Most of the PR seems to be about NC and VS - Especially when it comes to Dev's preferences. While I know you guys have Dev's that like to play TR, they are not in the spotlight. I mean at least one Dev putting the TR name out there how Higby does NC, and how Maggie and TRay do for VS would be nice. It can seem bias from an outside perspective, that's for sure.

    Anyway, I just watched a lot of the VOD from last night and it was exciting. I enjoyed it as always. Thanks Luperza for doing FNO every week!
  3. Sardus

    Lots of fun, sorry for crashing the party :) Just wanted to make things interesting ;)
  4. johdex

    My opinion about the show:
    1. Overall, I enjoyed it very much
    2. It was really cool having EU-friendly times. I couldn't join and play this time but I hope there will be a next time.
    3. I'm getting a little bit tired of galaxy drops. Nothing wrong with them as a tactic, but I'd like to see other tactics, even if they fail :)
    4. The grudge match was enjoyable, but chaotic. I was wondering how you would pull it off on an open server with lots of people on it, and I'm not surprised it kind of turned into something else. It's OK though, I understand devs are busy doing dev stuff at this stage.
    A suggestion: I would like to see two outfits challenge each other and see them meet on the battlefield from a bird's view. Many of the galaxy drops I've seen give the impression there wasn't much resistance.
  5. Deathcapt

    Hey, I was in Alpha squad for SuperTroopers on FNO, (CaptainMittens).

    Our Motto isn't "we make it look easy" for nothing. While it may look like "there isn't much resistance" It's because we drop into a tactically advantageous spot (usually roofs of 2 story builds). We put an entire platoon in the middle/ behind the enemy in a span of 2 or 3 seconds. We're co-ordinated, and know exactly, who's going to generators, who's going to bases, Who's hacking the vehicle term and pulling an AMS. Which squads are going to start camping the spawn/ take out the spawn gen. We have dedicated medics and engineers keeping everyone in top shape.
    There were some drops where our galaxies barely made it to the drop there was so much armor shooting at us.

    I assure you, we were not picking off low-hanging fruit. We took Ti- Alloys, Cross Roads, Skydock Messa. and other heavily defended/contested points. It might look like we're punching blind kids, but it's a mix of perfect co-ordination, and individual skill, most of our troopers are sitting near 3.0 k/d. Not that it's the most important stat, but it's a fair representation of how our guys do in gun fights. Even our dedicated medic (myself for example) sit at 1.5 -2 K:D.

    I'm not saying every drop goes flawlessly, (we have dropped into a vehicle bay full of tanks, and gotten massacred) but we pick targets that are within our means, a failed drop is a huge loss, so we give ourselves some room usually, but it's not unusual for us to send 20 guys up against 30 and take the base.

    Additionally, in terms of tactics, we are a Galaxy Drop outfit, it's what we do. You'll see this from many of the PS1 outfits as it was the mainstay of PS1 tactics. On Esamire for example, we'll usually roll tank columns though, as the terrain favors armor or galaxy. Indar has a lot of rough terrain that the galaxies circumvent allowing us to flank, or out maneuver slower armored columns. it also limits the amount of armor we encounter, so it's easier for infantry to dominate a base.
  6. Deathcapt

    Just teasing, I see you guys pushing around everywhere. We're always excited when we start seeing [TE] tags, usually means we'll have a decent fight. Although we've been seeing TRG more often now.
  7. Natir

    Yeah, we only do our official ops Mon-Fri 5pm-11pm est... The rest is just us randomly doing stuff... sometimes there is organization sometimes not...
  8. Sardus

    I think Enclave has been on indar and TRG on esamir mostly.
  9. johdex

    First, I hope I'm not scaring away outfits who wanted to be featured and were planning to do galaxy drops. Galaxy drops are OK, don't let me stop you.

    Second, I understand you were doing well and I'm not blaming you for it, but did you actually fight any other outfit, or was it just random semi-organized people?
    In the first case, then it just means attack has a definite advantage when well performed, and there's nothing to do about that. You are just too good to be interesting to watch, as far as I'm concerned. In the second case, it means a more interesting show may be achieved by having two organized outfits fight each other.
  10. Deathcapt

    While I agree, we pretty much steam rolled a bunch of bases, last week the outfit caught flak for defending the crown. We thought that seeing a group take over a couple of bases, would give people who are used to zerging see how the galaxy can still be useful. I've read a lot of posts in the forums saying "it's impossible to get into fights" or "I spend more time running/ driving than actually fighting." these people tend to gravitate to the crown or other meat grinders because there's lots of spawns and people to kill.

    Our outfit's primary focus is speed, and agility. We attack bases, and quickly attack the next before enemies can regroup, or prepare. We don't have a ton of guys, so we can't really hold back the entire zerg, and we end up sacrificing our strengths if we're staying on defense. Additionally as an infantry outfit, we're not pulling armor, and most of the bases we attack don't have vehicle spawns, so we're sitting ducks against armored columns. We figure the zerg loves to defend towers and bases, so we'll let them do that, it's where they're the best. They have a safe spawn, and just need to kill. We'll handle the attacking which requires a little more co-ordination, and logistical support. Sometimes we'll drop into raging warzones, if we see that the greenies need an extra little push. (East / west canyon checkpoints), Scared Mesa Skydock, the tough cookies.

    That being said, we're not going to drop in on suicide missions, Loosing 3 galaxies and 30 guys (some MAXs), and having to regroup at warp gate is a huge loss of resources and time. While we can usually be taking off in less than a minutes from WG it's still a blow to our momentum, so we try not to drop into places like Bio-Labs where it's a huge meat grind either way, and we're just going to spin our wheels against the enemy.

    Personally I would have liked to include some of the "fun stuff" our outfit does during breaks or after ops, but the officers felt we should just focus on steam rolling bases. Additionally, we sort of lost track of time, and just did the crown assault as the finale (I think we got obliterated, I'm not sure). We definitely do all the fun stuff, like Vanguard stacking, Flash Death-Race, Sunder-Durbies, and all kinds of other mini-games once we finish official ops.

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