FNO: October 12th, 2012

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. m0nsta

    Awesome! Looking forward to see The Art of Warfare at the FNO!
  2. PapaSmurf


    I can stop spamming Twitter now for an EU outfit lol
  3. Tian

    The thumbnail of the video on their front page has beams that are gonna blind me. Additionally, they seem to favor NC, but I don't feel blue. Either way, I'll follow this episode like I always do because, yknow, somewhere in the crowd there's you. -.-

    Also, cannot be unheard.
  4. TheAltoonaWiseman

    Just Curious Smurfs,........for all the smack talkin- ya'll gonna be able to take the Crown from us this week?
  5. PapaSmurf

    Why take the Crown when you can have the whole of Esamir ;)
  6. Domnonos

    Nice to see the EU players getting some love :D

    And since I was one of the people asking for an EU friendly timeslot, I promise I'll take a break from playing Dishonered to watch FNO :)
  7. PappaBear

    ChookWantan here, one of the officers of the Super Troopers. Can't wait for tomorrow, it's gonna be a blast!
  8. Deathcapt

    CaptainMittens here!

    Been rolling with ST since the start of Beta, they're awesome group of gamers! Everyone be sure to catch the stream, get some pro-tips on how to do Galaxy Drops and how to take out entrenched enemies. We've got all kinds of awesome stuff planned for the Stream! If you're TR or VS, get inside, because it's going to be raining Super Troopers!

    Also, if Higby's still short on some Squad mates, then he can certainly pickup some of our top super troopers.
  9. Ler

    ST reporting in I am not going to try and recruit anyone outright or anything. We prefer to let our actions and code do that for us. But I am just going to encourage everyone to show up to the stream be you VS, TR or NC and at the very least show your support to the devs and SOE for making this amazing game for all of us to enjoy. And if you come to the stream we will provide the entertainment to go along with this amazing community we hope to help build.
  10. xpsyclosarinx

    How many hours till this starts? CBF converting time.
  11. IronfistNC

    I have an updated NC roster for you Maggie.

    EVILPIG - 666th DD
    Dzuari - 666th DD
    IronfistLMS - LMS
    ExtenzeLMS - LMS
    rivaLWolfy - Rival
    rivaLAce - Rival
    rivaLDarkcell - Rival
    Kevmo - SOE
    Jimmy - SOE
    Higby - SOE

    Monster - 666th DD
    DeckinLMS - LMS
  12. TrueDanny

    So can anyone else explain why there isn't a TR squad for this? I feel left out =/
  13. TrueDanny

    Esamir isn't something I'd gloat about with pop advantages.
  14. PapaSmurf

    The sarcasm obviously flew right over your head :rolleyes:
  15. Deathcapt

    Maybe if your whole factions didn't bail out when we take Jaegger's crossing, your faction might still have a foot-hold. It was pretty even until the TR and VS started jumping ship, and there's faction caps on the populations. When Esamire was released on Thebe it was 33/33/33. But once the NC start pwning it up, everyone bailed. When we WG locked you guys it was still only 40% NC. Then everyone got butt-hurt and rage quit, there aren't even many NC on Esamire now, and most of them are just clowning around in the WG.

    Or the Enclave taking 5% of your population and sitting in the Bio lab all day, if they actually tried to take bases instead of sitting in the Bio-lab or Jaegger's Crossing.
  16. Luperza Community Manager

    If you know any of the players, a lot of them are TR players. ;) It's less about NC vs TR and more about who is the better squad leader Higby or Tramell? :)
  17. Luperza Community Manager

    EU portion of the show went well. I had a lot of fun. Need more people aware of it though. =]

    Thanks again to TAW! I had a great time.
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  18. Grand Beer Llama

    This is about the most perfect history of Esamir since patch I've seen.
  19. joeHIGH

    I remember playing with and scrimming with the rivaL Gaming guys in BFBC2 - excited to see if their PS2 skills match
  20. TrueDanny

    I won't discuss this here but if I recall. NC overpopped Esamir greatly on release. Which is what the hotfix for pop caps was for. Just saying. I won't continue this.

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