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  1. Luperza Community Manager

    This week on FNO:
    We're doing something a little different this week to show some love for the EU crowd as requested. <3 Streaming will start at 8AM! O___O

    8AM to 11AM PST - The Art of Warfare [TAW] Outfit Spotlight.
    4PM to 6PM PST - Super Troopers Outfit Spotlight
    6PM to 9PM PST - We will be doing the long awaited 12v12 grudge match

    Here's the information I received on each squad so far. Take your bets! ;)

    TRay's Squad
    Tramell Isaac [SOE Employee]
    • Developing games for 18.5 years.
    • The original Art Director on Planetside.
    • Flies Scythe and plays HA and Medic.
    rivaL Mercenary [rivaL Gaming]
    • One of the top infantry grunts for rival Gaming. Mercenary has won over 10+ competitive Battlefield e-sport titles and is a founding member of rivaL.
    • Most original Planetside vets will know him as SGmercenary - sick pilot with deadly ground and pound.
    • Former Planetside outfits - Serious Gamers
    rivaL Cartel [rivaL Gaming]
    • Strategy and shot-caller for rivaL Gaming.
    • Cartel's quick adjustments and calls for his team helped lead rivaL to a world championship in BFBC2.
    • In Planetside 2 he has been running amok in a double Quasar MAX for the VS.
    • His competitive experience of over 150+ e-sport matches will bolster the VS's cause.
    • Former Planetside outfits - Liberty (weasal), Serious Gamers
    rival Xfactor [rivaL Gaming]
    • YouTube sensation and BF3 guru
    • A former leaderboard top killer in the original Planetside, Xfactor returns to reclaim his title 50,000+ people tune in to watch him stream and hand out tips on his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/rivaLxfactor
    • Look for him to rack up big numbers for the Vanu. He can do it all - air/armor/small arms.
    • Former Planetside outfits - Liberty
    Matt Broome [SOE Employee]
    • Art Director in charge of characters on Planetside 2.
    • Comic book artist.
    • BF3 gamer.
    • Runs HA mostly.
    Basti [Vanu Corp]
    • Longtime Planetside vet
    • Longtime CS 1.6 and CSS e-sport player
    • Usually in a leading position in whatever game he plays, leading on the scoreboards as well.
    • You can find Basti01 on West01, playing MAX, HA, and piloting a Galaxy, Scythe or Magrider.
    • Former Planetside outfits - Vanu Corp, also sometimes rolls with AT or GOTR
    Ripper X [Vanu Corp]
    • Playing mostly MMOs since mid/late 90's - UO, AC, AO, DAOC.
    • Loves FPS games just as much having played with the Infamous Mercs Guild since 1996.
    • Works for mmorpg.com and Machinma, also has his own YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/TMRipper
    • For Planetside 2, he is 97.2% Infiltrator and also enjoys the Magrider.
    • He's a very competitive player, maybe not as sexy as the rivaL lads, but he claims his balls still hang low...
    Hellspawn [Covetous Crew]
    • Been gaming for about 15 years, mostly laying MMOs - UO, EQ, DAOC, AC, SB, WoW, etc.
    • He's played a ton of FPS games on a semi-competitive level between a mix of PC and console games - Quake, Unreal Tournament, CoD, Tribes, Planetside, Halo, GoW, MW, etc.
    • As for Planetside, he plays all classes, but primarily plays Infiltrator.
    MoushN [Vindicators]
    Cry0sin [Azure Twilight]
    • Longtime Planetside vet and semi-pro gamer
    • CS:S Cal-m, WoW gladiator, Diamond League SC2
    • Favorite classes/vehicles: Scyethe, Magrider, Engineer, Dual Comet MAX
    • You can find more information about him here: http://www.youtube.com/cryosintv
    • Planetside vet
    • Played every Battlefield title and SOCOM 2.
    • Mainly playing Infiltrator
    • Longtime Planetside vet, semi-noob gamer
    • Played in CS1.5 Cal, 02jame 2002 Winner SKr
    • Music gamer pro in games like 02jam, 02mania, Dj MAX, Mstar
    • Prefers to play as a Scythe pilot, LA and Engineer
    • Knifing is his hobby, but he'll play any class.
    Higby's Squad
    Matt Higby [SOE Employee]
    666th Evilpig [666th Devil Dogs]
    Dzuari [666th Devil Dogs]
    IronfistLMS [LMS]
    ExtenzeLMS [LMS]
    rivaL Wolfy [rivaL Gaming]
    rivaL Ace [rivaL Gaming]
    rivaL Darkcell [rivaL Gaming]
    Kevmo [SOE Employee]
    Jimmy [SOE Employee]

    Higby's squad is fancy and has subs:
    Monster [666th Devil Dogs]
    DeckinLMS [LMS]

    Let us know you'll be there!
    >>> RSVP here <<<


    When: 10/12/2012 8AM-11AM and 4PM - 9PM PST
    Server: To be announced before each segment on the live show

    Don't forget to use our hashtag #ps2fno @planetside2!
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  2. PapaSmurf

    Smurf Assault Squad - The Rematch lol

    Could almost be a movie title.

  3. Basti

    RipperX isnt Vanu Corp, i believe he is Rival as well. ;)

    edit: actually he isnt Rival. No idea what outfit he is, if any. :>
  4. Luperza Community Manager

    He sent his bio and that was the outfit he said he rolls with, so... :p
  5. 1cep1ck

    This sounds incredibly awesome, haha.
  6. GaryTube

    sounds like fun - unfortunately the 12th is my birthday and i will probably miss it :(
  7. Luperza Community Manager

    It'll be recorded and posted as a recap! :)
  8. D0n

    Haha, covetous crew and mercs, this will be fun to watch.
  9. Luperza Community Manager

    Sure if you're interested. I still need an EU outfit. :) Let me know if you want to do a rematch or if you know another EU outfit that is interested, send them my way!
  10. MedicineBaLL_EZ

    I have come from Battlefield 3 on PS3, If it wasnt for rivaLxfactor i would not know about this game (edit: alot of my computer parts were suggested by him, its all about the frames!!!). His videos are really good, when he does his HTBABN series for planetside it will help alot of the newer players learn to adjust and PTFO, which is beneficial for the game as a whole. Ive also been watching ripper X's vids over the last few weeks, good to see some infiltrator gameplay as i dont play that class at all really. VANUUUUUUUUUUUUU :p
  11. 19laxxus56

    hey everybody,been trying to get my hands on a key for quite a while now If anyone is generous enough to give me one, plz pm me. i searched in twiter in fb in youtube even in planetside 2 forums now i foundthis topic i used it to search fo a key too i hope that i found one and ty i usually surfing with the other account "laxxus" but now i can't use it only after 24 hours
    please PM useing this account ty ^^
  12. Duke

    Haha. Looks like Higby's team is down a couple players. I talked smack to T-ray on PSU about the match and how the NC were going to dominate and now it looks like that might bite me in the ***.
  13. PapaSmurf

    I've tweeted out to drum up some EU interest for you. Hopefully it'll get some EU outfits to take note and showcase their group.

    Currently I sound and feel like a dog puking (horrible cold) so probably not the best option or this week :(
  14. Deathcapt

    Super Troopers are usually doing Operations during that time, We'd be happy to do some "meet the outfit" type stuff. We basically do Galaxy drops, but will diversify if need be, just make sure that when the light turns green, you jump out of the Galaxy.
  15. Luperza Community Manager

    I got your PM. :) Please respond! Thanks.
  16. Luperza Community Manager

    :: Incoming Message :: Message Translation Received ::

    Super Troopers will be showcased on this week's Friday Night Ops.

    :: Message Received :: Message End ::
  17. Armored Gorilla

    No they have the players, he just isn't telling yet.
  18. Tian

  19. Luperza Community Manager

  20. Luperza Community Manager

    :: Incoming Message :: Message Translation Received ::

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] will be our EU outfit showcased on this week's Friday Night Ops.

    :: Message Received :: Message End ::
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