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  1. snu

    Go to your certifications RIGHT NOW.

    Look at the burster for the MAX.

    Tooltip says: "Doubles the amount of ammunition in each magazine".

    what i got?

    +5 rounds for burster.

    can i please have my 500 certs back?
  2. Binkus

    feel for you bro, think i wont try my luck on my ai gun now
  3. BadLlama

    That sucks, at least the extended mag on the scattermax specifically says it increases it by 5 rounds. Take some screen shots and open a ticket. I think you have valid ground to request a cert rollback as the tooltip was completely incorrect and that is no ones fault but SOE.
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  4. Village

    Yeah it would be pretty ridiculous if if they didn't give you your certs back.
  5. Deschain

    There is alot wrong with max units as a whole, its an epic failure on SOE's part.
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  6. Duckforceone

    wow.. that's what mine is saying too, and i have been wanting to buy it.. i thought, if i could double the ammo per mag for 500 certs it would be worth it, i might even get to kill mosquitoes before they run away...

    but for 5 extra? not worth it in any kind of reality....
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  7. DJSEAN00

    I got the extended Mag for the EM6 for my heavy and it didn't work - logged ticket and they said they won't return my certs and will look into it.

  8. AxelDi

    I got the extended magazine for my left arm burster and the clip size increased from 28 to 42. The tool tip that I saw advertised a +50% magazine capacity, which is what I got.

    And it's made that burster noticeably more deadly. I'm saving up for the right armor burster extended magazine this week.

    When they eventually let me go into "Lock-down mode" with the TR MAX, plus dual extended magazines, those damned ESF's are gonna BURN!
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  9. snu

    whelp, the developement team has been made aware of the misleading tooltip, however they still cant give me a refund for the 500 certs -.- lame, they messed up and STILL wont repay it back.
  10. snu


    "Doubles ammo for each magazine"

    Only provided +5 rounds to a 28 rounds mag.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^NO REFUNDS OF CERTS ARE GIVEN^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  11. Skythor

    I have fallen for this "incorrect tooltip as well", they refused to refund me 500 certs.
  12. kukuman

    well , tooltip is often wrong , look at max clumsyness in tank matters
  13. RobotNinja

    I've got just the thing: genuine miracle cream I bought from a travelling salesman. "Come one, come all", he said, "Step right up". "This deal sounds too good to be true", I thought. He said I looked like a smart, young man. "So, is it a deal?", I enquired. Two hours later he was gone, with sixty of my dollars. But I have the miracle cream!
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  14. Dhabu

    Wait...am I reading this correctly? TR Burster extended mag ups from 28 to 42, but NC Burster extended mag ups from 28 to 33?
  15. AxelDi

    I cert'ed into my second extended magazine last night and it once again raised the maximum capacity from 28 to 42. With both guns having a 42 round magazine I can light up the skies if I stand on an ammo pack :)
  16. snu

    that is EXACTLY what i am saying.

    NC appearantly has a nerfed version of AA
  17. Goldy

    Mhm, balancing won't happen (and bug fixing natch) until they finish with optimisation of the server loads. I'd say to you snu that you'll probably get those double mags at some point, just not right now. Think of it as an investment to something greater I guess.
  18. BadLlama

    At least he got 5 more rounds and it wasn't just completely broken :p
  19. AxelDi

    I wonder if there are plans to change the extended magazine cert to be more alike to vehicle magazines that increase ammo capacity by a few rounds per cert upgrade.

    I.E. first is 5, second is 4, third is 5 = total of +14 rounds (+50%). 100 certs for step one, 150 for step two, and 250 for step three

    Just a theory.
  20. Eric Smith

    I always knew the Devs hated NC :)

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