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    Earth's Special Forces [GOKU] is a group of super elite and powerful warriors. They are called upon by Grandpa Vanu to assist in the farming of Certifications and obtainment of the Smedbux on Planet Auraxis during the course of the Indar Saga and Captain Ginyu Saga in an attempt to regroup from Fabulous and Disco's previous failure, which caused their deaths. Though physically some of the strongest in the universe, the Ginyu Force's arrogant members delight in coming up with strange poses, betting candy on fights, and playing Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide the order they should fight in.

    Currently GOKU is the #1 VS outfit on Mattherson with over 192 players when it comes to XP per minute, and is tied for second place for kill/death ratio. Truly GOKU is a powerful outfit consisting of the most elite Planetside 2 players of all time.




    The EXCELLENT SUCCESS of GOKU is all in our communications system. GOKU prides itself on having the most advanced communications system of ANY Planetside 2 outfit, making use of over a half dozen different Mumble, Ventrilo, and Teamspeak servers simultaneously, and several external programs.

    An abstraction of GOKU's communication system.

    This allows us to perform coordinated feats unimaginable to any other outfit, and is a LARGE part of GOKU's success.



    The ULTRAGLORIOUS Earth's Special Forces specializes specifically in RAPID RESPONSE to emerging combat battlescapes. This allows GOKU forces to respond to any crises at any time, far superior to other imperialistic outfits. Our elite trailblazing division specializes in uncovering new avenues from which to approach the enemy.


    As the #1 Vanu outfit on Mattherson, GOKU troops takes it upon themselves to assist those less fortunate. These completely selfless acts have definitely earned Saiyan warriors a reputation for teamwork.


    Continued in Part 2.
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    Continuing in the tradition of famous generals such as SUN TZU, ALEXANDER THE GREAT, JULIUS CEASER, and KIM JONG-IL, Earth's Special Forces revolutionized warfare within Planetside 2 by inventing new techniques through which to DOMINATE the battlefield.


    Earth's Special Forces is currently only accepting applications from APPROVED Dragon Ball Z Theologians. If you think you're up to life in GOKU then there are several ways to become approved.

    1) Write a 1,000 word essay on the topic of a Dragon Ball Z episode of your choosing. Kai and GT are NOT allowed.

    2) Record yourself consuming a 15oz or LARGER jar of mayonnaise within 10 minutes. Our team of cyber analysts will catch any video editing, so don't even TRY.

    3) WHILE cosplaying as your favorite Dragon Ball Z character, record yourself performing the fusion dance ACCURATELY and WITH musical accompaniment.

    If you perform any of these tasks successfully, and post the results in this thread, then you will move on to the next stage, a 1 on 1 Lasher duel with an ELITE Goku operative. If you prevail, you will achieve official Ginyu recognition and your application will be considered by our elite leadership.

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  3. Epic High Five

    When they found out that I only do my Lasher training in 3x gravity I was booted out and laughed at.

    As they walked away, I could barely make out the distant thumps of Euro club remixes and expensive colognes stored in fluorescent orange fanny packs over the presence of my own overpowering shame. These fleeting, pathetic scraps of glory are all I have anymore. I'm a broken man, all because I brought great shame to the House of Goku with the laxness of my training.

    Don't be like me - eat the mayonnaise.
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  4. BaronVonVirtu

    As a non-member of GOKU, you may ask yourself. What makes our outfit so great?

    Answer: Upon joining GOKU, you will immediately be thrown into a GOKU-approved training sphere where you will begin preparing your body at 150x Earth's Auraxium's gravity. Fed only by pocky and cheap rebottled tap water, you will spend months learning about our extensive command and control structure from which we base our strategies. Survival of the training sphere will allow you entry into one of many outfit squads to provide Krillian levels of support for other proven warriors on the battlefield. Through months of dedication, soldiers such as you may rise up to a high enough ranking to earn the right to act as squad lasher.
  5. BaronVonVirtu

    Failure to meet recruitment standards will earn you the rank of Raditz, do you want to be the Raditz in your life?.
  6. Sardaukar

    GOKU held their semiweekly field discotheque to celebrate another record-setting session of power meditations. Attendance was approximately forty elite and super-powerful warriors. Drinks and music were provided through funds gathered by the local TAS youth community service chapter. The area will not support life for another six centuries.

  7. brennon

    dO not trust GOKU. foul guild made with lies and constantly cheat. giggily not his real name, beware.
  8. munglay

    Successful initiates to [GOKU] will be required to chant KAAAAA MEEEEE HAAAAA MEEEEE while their Lancer charges. Once you fire, you must shout HAAAAA! You have to do this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Shouting FINAL FLASH or SPECIAL BEAM ATTACK is also acceptable.

    Initiates who cannot follow this rule will be exiled to Namek. Do you know how long it takes to get off of Namek? 67 episodes. Don't be that guy.
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  9. Keyframe

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  10. Satanam

    It's fake! Goku would never accept guys using spandex.
  11. HarvestCheddar

    As an elite TR player (KDR of .4, I'll have you know), I find GOKU ridiculously easy to fight. When their Liberators soar overhead, it often takes 17 episodes for them to fire, allowing me just enough time to scuttle into cover. Their heavies are worse, as when they try to deploy their damage shields, they often spend half a season in flashbacks and pose no challenge to my frag grenade- although, admittedly, their past is pretty interesting and I often find myself relating and connecting with Krillin.
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  12. LuiCypher

    When I saw their Galaxies in the sky for the first time, I was a young man in this war. Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, the whole nine yards. I just got out of boot camp with a bunch of my buds from way back when. Bonus checks in hand, we decided to take immortality in a forever war instead of being "the suits". We'd heard about the TR and the VS before - the TR from all of the old training and propaganda videos back from Old Earth, and the VS from other sorts of propaganda. The VS programs were always bright and colorful, the protagonists a bit younger than us, but there were always energy beams everywhere. We suspect this is why they favor energy based weapons to this day.

    As their Galaxies sailed overhead, I found myself in awe. Their majesty blocked out the moons and their hides absorbed ungodly amounts of punishment. Sitting there with my Gauss SAW "This Machine Kills Fascists, Too" inscribed in the side, I ran for cover. I knew the armor push full of Magriders would be coming soon, and the best defense would be the reliable New Conglomerate Vanguard. A brick on treads with an impossibly large cannon attached to it, its imposing visage and cannon would provide the best defense against their beams.

    Except that's not what happened.

    Rolling onto the battlefield at Indar Excavation (my buds had a fondness for the old artifacts that were routinely unearthed there), the Galaxies didn't drop any troops. Peering through my viewfinder I saw that, as a matter of fact, they only had one man in them apiece. And they belonged to some outfit called "GOKU". What was that? Where had I heard that name before? Was it from the training videos? The questions still bothers me even as I decant in the resurrection tubes again, again the result of a skirmish with GOKU.

    Nothing prepared me for what happened next.

    The two Galaxies overhead wheeled around and fixed their gazes upon me. Fear crept into my brain, yes, but it hardly matched the feeling of awe that kept me rooted to the spot. Twirling towards me in a violet vomit of metal and fuel, locked together in an intricate dance plummeting through the air with unearthly grace for a space whale, they crashed straight through the turret, straight through the driver's seat, straight through the entire tank and murdered my gunner and I in less time than it took to tell.

    "What... happened?"

    That was the last thought on my mind.

    When I decanted from the tubes, I saw it there in my audio log.


    I'm an old man now, fighting this war on Auraxis. And that attack still haunts me to this day.
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  13. Giggily

    In memory of the two RECENT Piccolo days (May 9th and May 13th) I would like to ask all OFFICIAL MLG status GOKU members to maintain a brief moment of silence for those thousands who were eliminated by the elite KING PICCOLO (#YOLO).
  14. BaronVonVirtu

    God bless their souls, they shall not be forgotten.
  15. Giggily

    The guns of GOKU.
  16. Sardaukar

    Don't you want to know how we keep starting fires?
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  19. PrivateDickWinters

    In commemorate of double senzu bean week end, I am happy announce excite change for prerequisite!

    Regard prerequisite #1: Essay length double to 2,000 words. Kai and GT not canon. Not allowed.
    Regard prerequisite #2: Miracle Whip emulsified mayonnaise/salad dressing substitute ALLOWED.
    Regard prerequisite #3: Cosplay can be substitute with fan art (color pencil, color wax, or color ink) but must accompany fusion dance.

    Prerequisite revert upon 26/5/2013.

    Thank you.
  20. Xlr8

    my power level is 9001 am i certified to join?