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    No you have to write a DBZ essay, do a dance, or eat mayonnaise.
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    GOKU on the runway! Fabulous!!

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    Don't call it a comeback, it's just mayo.
  4. Gbank

    Dont join this outfit. Seriously. Pick one of the Vs outfit's people actually respect.
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  5. individual

    Excellent work on saving Allatum last night during the biolab alert. I guess that is what happens to those who underestimate GOKU. If you are a new player I would suggest giving these guys a shot. They bring small squad tactics to a large platoon scale for scary quick response times. Komradevirtunov is also a sexy mofo on coms, and that is all you really need in an outfit right?
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    People Pubbies of Mattherson, you are one 16oz. jar of mayonaisse away from joining the outfit with the highest powerlevel. Now do you guys want to Slam With the Best or Jam With the Rest?
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    What counter-measures have you employed in your recruitment process to weed out the people who replace the mayonnaise in the jar with vanilla pudding, and try to pass off the 16oz of pudding chugging as mayonnaise?
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    Mayonnaise has a much higher energy level than pudding. We can pick it up on our Scouters.
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    Guys, what happens when someone puts pudding in the mayonaise jar?

    EDIT: lol never mind, has been addressed XD
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    Our brand-new recruitment video, courtesy of GlennBeckistan, that was featured on FNO last night.

    Awesome fights and turnout last night guys, it was certainly an experience.
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    I'm here for Erotic DBZ Fan fiction...and to ride in your Sunderer
  12. Tkapp

    Dragonball Z, the action anime by Akira Toriyama, is often considered "childish", categorized along other "repetitive" Japanimations (or anime, if you're an obsessive otaku) as Digimon, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. Many even summarize the series by claiming that each saga is simply fighting the universes strongest, even though they supposedly did that in the previous saga. These people get away with it because die-hard fans, the only ones who would actually get into a fight over a stupid television show, don't offer much in retaliation to these insults, because they're too in love to see that the show has its flaws.
    Now I am somewhere in between. I like the show Dragonball Z, but not enough to call in sick to see the battle between Goku and Vegeta for the 27th time (or even the 1st time) or get into a week long argument about whether or not Vegeta or Goku is stronger than the other, as a few of my acquaintances have done. But I do like the show enough to get a little rattled when somebody starts counting off the flaws without even considering the good side of the anime.
    Yes, because the anime adding non-canonical "filler" story material, there are contradictions in the series. However, there is no change in the theme that you should give a second chance. Some people, like Raditz, will take that chance to try and kill you, but others, like Vegeta, will change in time and come to be your well-trusted ally. Some, like Android #16, were misunderstood to begin with.
    I could go on forever with listing what's bad and what's good, but to end this short little essay I'm going to handle what really bugs me: calling DBZ repetitive.
    Repetitive #1: Always has to beat the Universes Strongest
    First of all, the idea of the "Power Levels" as often mentioned in the series is merely to give people an idea of the potential of said being. So even though each villain they fight has the most credit power points in the universe at the time, they might not be able to tap into those power points and their techniques may be faulty. One can also increase this said potential by concentrating it into one focused attack.
    No better example would be Piccolo (408) creaming both Raditz (1,200) and Goku (416) with the Demon Ray (or Special Beam Cannon). When fully charged, the attack surpassed Raditz's highest level by 130 points (which is 1,330 if you don't care to do the math).
    Furthermore, Raditz was merely one step before Nappa (unknown power level), whom Goku beat easily by the time he came back. The only threat was Vegeta who, at 18,000, was the strongest of the Saga but not the strongest of the universe.
    In the following Freeza (or Freiza) Series, Freeza was considered the Universes strongest at the time, yes, but the other bosses, Cell and Buu, were not even close to Goku's full power. In fact, Cell wasn't even as good as Freeza until he fully powered up. The only reason Cell got as far as he did was with trickery, and Goku actually allowed Buu to continue so that every last one of the Z Fighters got a chance to fight against him.
    So, even though each Villain eventually got to be a problem for the Z Fighters, there is only one established saga in the DBZ series that has them fighting the Universes Strongest.
    Repetitive #2: The Plot is Always the Same

    The Saiyan series had only one saga under its belt, the Saiyan/Vegeta saga. Being the first saga in the entire series, every other saga was compared to this one, which isn't very fair because the purpose of the Saiyan Saga was to introduce the history of the Saiyans, which is continued in the Freeza Saga and the movies that followed. However, this series was the start of the transformation from the Journey Into the West based Dragonball into the Sci-Fi based Dragonball Z.
    The plot of this specific series was Goku-oriented, because it was dealing with the introduction and explanation of the Saiyans, it also introduced the After-Life concepts of the show (and even though people died in Dragonball, the showing of the After-Life was minimum), and is credited as having the most shown deaths in the entire Dragonball/Z/GT series.
    Although several of the following Sagas had similarities with this one, such as a villain and a hero being emotionally attached (Raditz wants to rule the world with his brother, Krillin falls for Android #18, Vegeta turns on Goku) and the smaller villains leading up to the bigger villains (Nappa preceding Vegeta, Ginyu Force preceding Freeza, Androids preceding Cell), there is no other Saga which deals with the raw emotion that the Saiyan Saga thrusts forward.
    Sure, there is drama and emotion in the rest of the series, but none nearly with the extremity of the Saiyan Saga. Not even when Vegeta's only child (at the time) is killed, or when Krillin falls madly in love with Android #18, or when Goku has all his friends eaten.
    Although this point is arguable, I think that the Saiyan Saga, by itself, proves the issue wrong. That DBZ's plot changes with each series, as with Harry Potter and the first season of Digimon Adventures, but it also stays enough the same so that each time you tune in you're not watching some entirely different show than the last.
    Each Series (Saiyan, Freeza, Cell and Buu) can be summarized in a large clump, but that's not very fair either. Each Saga expands one part of the story, finishes another and introduces the potential for an add-on to one of the storylines.
    The Saiyan Saga, Namek Saga, Ginyu Saga, Freeza Saga, Garlic Junior Saga, Trunks Saga, Androids Saga, Imperfect Cell Saga, Perfect Cell Saga, Cell Games Saga, Great Saiyaman Saga, World Tournament Saga, Babidi Saga, Majin Buu Saga, Fusion Saga and Kid Buu Saga all focus on a different story and plot that is mostly revealed in their titles. Such as the Namek Saga is about the planet Namek, the hunt for the Namekian dragonballs and an extension to what little knowledge we have about Namekians, and the Great Saiyaman Saga is about Gohan's development into the Great Saiyaman, to Videl's trainer, and is, what I think anyway, the first blatant sign that DBZ was originally intended to more focus on Gohan than Goku.
    Although I agree that the Cell Saga was repetitive and that the Buu saga became repetitive, I cannot agree that it was the same story over and over again and hopefully you will see the obvious change in plotlines by merely scanning over the names. For it would take far too long to go into detail on each little saga.
    In later chapters in the essay, I may explain in detail the differences in plot between sagas, but one can go to Wikipedia or and study up.

    I don't find any satisfaction in this conclusion; I feel like the essay is incomplete and doesn't actually answer any of the questions, so I open up to the readers. If you have a question you'd like addressed (especially you, Terrence the Terrible) in further detail, I will add it into an additional chapter on this essay.
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    I can't even invite players to GOKU and yet I am impressed. You sir, have GOKUMLGSWAGYO
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    Essay was plagarized. We are Anime Theologians, get out of this thread before I get piss.
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    And the moron plagiarized it. I'm not offended by the actual plagiarizing, but I am that he thought it would get past our Elite Dragonball Theologians.
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    We, the democratically elected council of 13 anime theologians, shall not stand for such blatant acts of thievery. Pretty Princess Bravo Honour Company will hear about this.

    *Edited for proper spelling of HONOUR.
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    A Shameful Display. Someone so lacking in Bushido really ought to commit Sudoku.
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    As GOKU's archbishop of anime, serving under the Lord Josip on Deck himself, I proclaim thee guilty of crimes against the 2D Realm of the highest magnitude.
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    The legendary stories have echoed so distantly that they have reached the Miller EU server. I salute you, anime overlords.

    Edit: I am somewhat tempted to write a 1000 word essay. Perhaps about the DMV episode.