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    First off, before i begin, i want to let it known that english is not my first language and while i have been speaking/writing it for awhile now i understand i make mistakes. Whatever right?

    I read the forums pretty regularly and one thing is pretty much brought up on a everyday basis, [GOKU] is hated by the TR, NC, and even some VS. I fought them many times on my NC character and they were good, very good, most will even agree that they are the best outfit on Matherson in terms of skill and coordination. I read a lot of things good and bad about them but i wanted to find out for myself if what i was reading was actually true or not. I went through the process of joining them and what i found out was a real eye opening experience. I understand posting this will probably get me kicked out and i will forever be dishonored but here are my experiences from the outfit to better let somebody who is thinking of joining what [GOKU] is about.

    In order to join you have to write an essay after watching an episode of Dragonball Z, or eat a jar of mayo and film yourself doing it as proof so they can see if you are committed to joining. Being as english not my first language i thought the mayo would be easier seeing as Americans love this stuff and put it on everything. I ended up only eating 200ml before throwing up so i was forced to write the essay. Ive never seen the show so i got a few seasons and sat down and watched them. My essay was about the relationship between the show and how it mirrors world war 2 with the major characters reflecting the major leaders/generals of the axis and allies. I ended up at 10,000+ words by the end! They still laugh at my attempt to eat the mayo haha. They thought it was good enough so i was offered an invite. (I wont post the essay here but im sure you can find it if your internet savy)

    [GOKU] takes this game seriously and the outfit was unlike anything ive been in before. My first week i was not allowed to join the platoons and had to go through what they called "shoshinha-geiko" or beginers practice because i was a 'deshi" or student, the lowest level of rank in the outfit. I couldnt believe i actually had to learn basic japanese words and terms to play with them but after the essay i was commited to seeing this though. I would say that 95% of everyone talking on was english but basic terms were only referred in japanesse. Some of these terms off the top of my head are: shotai = platoon, buntai = squad, kyakkan = objective, shuurai = attack, and mamoru = defend. Once you were hearing it over mumble and chat everyday for a week or two it was easy to remember. Also i can say the numbers 1 through 12 in japanese since squad numbers were called out in japanese as well!

    Each new person added to the outfit is given a mentor/teacher or as they call them, a shido-in. They help you out if you need translations and dont want to sound stupid on mumble you can /tell them in game! The first week i think i must have sent my shido-in at least 200 private tells! haha. They also will monitor your k/d ratios and score per minute so the outfits total score doesnt go down. I remember wanting to play a HA but because my k/d ratio was less than 1.5 i could only play a engineer or a medic until i got it over that thresh hold. At first i was kind of mad about it, i couldnt play what i wanted, but now i see that the greater good of the outfit is more important than the good of myself!

    On alerts we must be 100% focused to the task of winning them. Our 3 to 4 platoons are the katana of decision in the battle as they say. I find it funny that people on the forums (pat claybourne, marlbro-man, ect) seem to think we are in the 1000s but in reality we are not. When i first started i wasnt allowed to deploy with the platoon since at the time i didnt have Premium membership (bonus to exp is mandatory to stay in the outfit) and my k/d ratio wasnt over 1.0 yet. So my job was to look at the maps and keep our General ArghyVS ('Ippan-Tekina" as he was reffered to in mumble) constantly up to date to what was being attack, how long until it was converted, numbers of enemies, and deployable locations. At first i hated it since i wasnt allowed to fight but then i realized i had an important job. Maybe even more important than the actual fighters on the ground. Then it was ok with me.

    When not in an alert status i could fight (i wasnt on maps 24/7 haha!) and things were a little more relaxed. In mumble we could talk freely about things (during alerts only Generals and Squad Leaders could talk), so i learned a lot about Anime and JPop music, i started not as a fan but i now have over 60 Jpops on my ipod now at the time of this writing! They are all nice guys and even girls (not many haha) in the outfit. I never found one instance of people cheating so far while playing with them (3 months now) since any form of cheating would be dishonorable or "Fumeiyona" as they called it in mumble and chat.

    As i said before, i will probably be kicked out because talking freely about [GOKU] without permision is considered fumeiyona but to much misinformation is out their and the truth is what matters. If you want to ask questions do so and i will answer them to the best of my ability. Also sorry for grammar and spelling, as stated before, english isnt my first language
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    landingSupport you really ate the mayo?? lol dedication to join this outfit.
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    Of all the food ive tried in America, they (americans) seem to love mayo the most. After choking down 200ml of it i cant even smell the stuff without starting to gag! I wouldnt call it dedication, when i first started i thought it would taste like pudding vanilla favor. If i had dedication i would have finished it lol!

    The essay was much easier!
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    respect man respect.
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    Liveeee thread. LIVE.
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    My Essay

    Ay, yo dawg. I saw Dragonballz when I was nine and that **** was ballin. The end.

    Invite for video games plz.
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    My Essay:
    I saw part of the Dragonball movie with real actors, it was so wonderful I blotted it out of my memory.

    Invite pls :)
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    Holy ****, someone actually did the fusion dance video.

    I'll let him post it himself, but suffice to say, he is a true Saiyan Warrior.
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    Yea that dude pretty much owns.
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    GOKU is the premier Emerald zergift, bunch of trash-tier players that ghostcap a base with two platoons then brag about how great they are.

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    Video For GOKU.

    With Love from EGuardian - Am I in the outfit now?

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    Pause at 0:22/ 0:23 It's a beautiful sight
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    I would like to join this outfit but i need to know where i need to post my essay.
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    I will eat a jar of mayo if I have to, I want to join a outfit that is fun loves anime and is organized/feared.
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    GOKU still lives!