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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by PS2 MEDIC, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Cross

    So let's ask the guys getting the medical treatment shall we?

    As a front line soldier I often decline the revive unless I know it's a high level medic. Too many medics revive with only partial health and don't heal you afterward. I don't instantly get my shield, special ability, or ammo back either. There are more cons to accepting a revive most of the time.

    The original doctor's suggestion is a great one and I definitely would accept revives more if this were the case.

    I also suggest all medics wear their highest level decal at all times. I will literally pop a medkit in front of a medic because I don't trust his competence level to heal me. Knowing they are a higher level increases the odds they may heal me.

  2. RedNoak

    yeah but guess what... ure not the only one lunging for medical treatment... so if i have a small timewindow to get my *** out of cover, while being reasonably save, i have to revive as much people as i can... so yeah hit that sprint button and run to cover... i can do the cosmetics later... or have one of the hot nurses take care of ya...
  3. Eyeklops

    Sorry man, but if I am in need of serious medical attention IRL with a Doctor and a nurse in front of me, Doctor > Nurse. I would guess that most of the population sees it this way. I understand your trying to be "PC" because you work in the medical field and the "PC" view is "everybody is special and important in the world", but the bottom line is this just isn't true, or viewed that way by most people I know. It's cool that your sticking up for your underlings though.
  4. Mindark

    The experience gained from reviving people is good and the assault rifle is good. This makes combat medic perfect for new people, in particular those who aren't getting kills.
  5. Cross

    Well why wasn't this stated earlier? The new conditions for accepting a revive are now set.
  6. PS2 MEDIC

    How about a very easy solution that SONY could implement with very minimal labor:

    Show the medics applicator level next to their name tag.

    Then the person could accept or refuse as they like. Unless a Sundy is far far away, I would not take anything less than a 75% health revive.

    What I dont like is having to blow some of my own special powers the moment I revive in order to top myself off... I need those for when I want to pop them, and I want them at full charge.

    One thing that would have to be coded along with my suggestion is the inability of the frustrated medic to spam a revive after being denied so that a different medic can offer up their resume.
  7. NIL0S

    It's not about being "politically correct". It's not about politics, it's about roles; medics and nurses have distinctive applications in their fields of work. In the case of long term hospitalization or home care for example very often the doctor doesn't get to see the patient very much at all, the brunt of the care will be dispensed by the nurse, the medic won't even touch a syringe or open the medicine cabinet. Now i don't want to generalize but i'm pretty sure that when it comes to anything long-term you're in better hands with a nurse, ofcourse the doctor's expertise and legal authority will be needed, but without the nurse's day to day work, there'd be only half the picture to go on. Medics are specialists, and so are nurses. PS: There IS a doctorate of nursing practice, just saying.

    And, yes, this whole side argument pretty much sprung because of the topic title's misinformed nature ;)
  8. Sienihemmo

    I like how everyone is assuming that there's top upgraded medics everywhere. Fine, there's a medic at this building reviving and healing people. Then move to another building. It's what I do even at the present, because my heal gun wabbajack thingie is only level 2, and I know there's another spot somewhere that needs a medic or 2. From the looks of it, the people in this thread decide that "THIS is the spot I'm going to heal at, everyone else can just **** off!" And assume that every other player is identical to them.

    It's because they were just killed on that spot. If you get revived at the spot you just died at, of course you're going to assume that whatever killed you is still there and take evasive action, usually in the form of running around the nearest corner. But then again, there are also those ADD monkeys that just refuse to stand still. Or look at their health either for that matter, because they just arrived from Call of Duty, a game in which people never stand still and heal by sweating and/or growing beards. Or was that Skyrim? I forget.
  9. SuperLexatron

    First day of Medical school: Breathe in, breathe out.

    Congratulations, you are now a respiratory therapist.
  10. Vortok

    On VS Connery it is kinda like that in most of the large battles. Medics everywhere. Can still find a spot most of the time but it's not a rare situation to have three different people running to rezz someone. It's a good problem to have as I rolled TR/NC on the other West Coast servers and tried Heavy/Light Assault. I can't seem to find a medic if our continent foothold depended on it... or an engineer that drops ammo boxes either.

    So it varies from server to server (and even faction to faction). I'll gladly take the slight ammo box/medic overcrowding we have on VS over the alternative though, haha.

    As for the actual thread topic. It would be cool if you could "assist" with revives and get partial exp (relevant to how much you sped it up by) while the first medic gets full exp, just like when someone is killed. Kicking a lower level medic off in favor of a higher one would just irritate too many people for it to be worth it.
  11. Evilnox

    NO just NO. This isn't real life. It wouldn't be fair for the new medics to have some guy walk in with max med tool and leapfrog you out of revive points. The whole suggestion that a higher ranked med gun should cancel out the lower ranked med gun is totally selfish. If another medic beats you to the dead guy, he beats you, he got there first he gets it, move on.

    As a medic I find that not healing the people that you revive is totally backwards in that about 80% of the time when I revive someone they just sprint away and don't even let you heal them. I chase them down for 20 seconds as they run right back into gunfire just to heal them.

    On a side note because my med tool is only third of forth rank in, do you get more XP per revive since they come back to life with more health?

    EDIT: I would be in favor for XP assist on revive though that was mentioned. Full xp to the medic who started the revive...a lower percentage for the helper and have it just speed up the revive time.
  12. Trysaeder

    Fair point, but top level medics this far after release are more likely to be above average at killing people and pushing a lane so they're more likely to congregate at places with high kills and deaths. It's much less productive to be at an area with fewer kills and deaths, no matter what level your tool.

    This is also a good one, without knowing how much health you'll revive with, most people will dive for cover as soon as they stand up. Better medics will often kill the enemy first to ensure that it's safe, as whatever killed the original person could also kill the reviving medic. Safety is my first priority when deciding to go for a revive; there's no benefit in adding yourself to the list of the dead while attempting a revive.

    Then, you have people who spam V2 and keep running around when a green beam is lighting up their screen. I don't bother chasing them.
  13. Sienihemmo

    Well yeah, and the possibility to actually tank damage with the special ability doesn't help it. Not sure if that's an intended feature, but that's usually why some people go for the medic instead of LA for example, because activating the self heal instantly when seeing an enemy can easily let you tank about 20% more damage than normally. Personally I'd like damage to deactivate the self heal for 5 seconds or something, so that people wouldn't use the medic as an assault class instead of a supporting one. Then we'd have a lot more dedicated medics instead of people that focus on killing and just revive people on the side.

    Yes, but if the killer was a sniper for example then I doubt the medic can kill him before reviving. If I see the killer was an infiltrator or a tank, I instantly run to cover after being revived. But seeing the medic shooting near my body in the seconds when you have the top-down view lets me assume he killed the threat.

    Exactly the ADD monkeys I mentioned, who seem to think it's possible to heal and sprint at the same time. Just like the scouts in Team Fortress 2, whose movement speed is higher than the medics. I don't bother with them either. Though it is annoying to try and keep up with one, thinking "stop and give me my heal points, you dimwit"
  14. vrcarnage

    Even though my medic is maxed out on everything but the suits. I don't agree w/ this first come first serve. They need exp as well.

    How ever I do belive that someone being able to take your revive by reviving the person you already did needs to be fixed. I consistantly see people doing this. Once they are revived that applicator should not even be able to target them.
  15. Trysaeder

    You're often close to the front line as a medic. Add to that an accurate assault rifle and you've got a great class for being in combat; it's in the name after all. I'm definitely one of the assault players you outlined, killing first, reviving second, and healing last. I actually think it's one of the better ways of playing the medic, as 'dedicated' medics with their tools out all the time will need to be in a similar area to have access to the highest number of corpses. Being able to kill enemies and securing the position before reviving allies gives them a much greater chance of survival, and strengthens the cause overall.

    Having said that, self heal in combat ranks about third to last in my 'reasons to play medic'. The self heal really will only extend your life by one bullet, unless your enemy has trouble aiming. It only becomes effective when your shields have popped, so I don't think it's a big deal.

    Yeah, revives are definitely situational. When people know what killed them, they're probably able to guess quite well if it's safe or not.
    One time, an outfitmate in my squad revived me after I was blown to pieces by a tank. I trusted him and assumed it was safe, knowing that his tool was maxed out, but I was instantly killed by the same tank.

    I feel the same way. If it's a safe area, I'll only turn and walk about 2 metres before I give up. The experience is really not an incentive for me, so I just do it out of kindness. Having the heal gun out should give you a little more walking speed. Not as much as running, but it would make things a bit nicer.
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  16. Marinealver

    Well when it comes to hacking back in the first game if you had a granny hack you could start your own hack even though he was hacking it and if you were a higher lvl you could complete you hack before they did theres unless there were at the very end of theri hack.
  17. Marinealver

    Next we talk about Officers and Enlisted.
  18. Apollyn

    Lets face it if its that much of an issue with newby medics getting in the way just have a little 'friendly fire accident', clear up the bodies and res the medic last. All is good :D. Works in real life as well...I mean...oh crap...
  19. Hagestol

    1) Assist xp + best applicator bonus to health
    2) Quickest finish gets xp
    3) Best applicator wins the res
  20. PS2 MEDIC

    clap clap clap...good one

    It is a Bachelor of Science degree with sometimes up to 50% drop/fail rate of students. My class started with 30 and only 17 made it through; and these were all people that had to compete to get into the program in the first place.

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