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  1. PS2 MEDIC

    When 2 or more players are trying to revive a dead troop at the same time... then the highest rank of Medical Applicator needs to take precedence, while others must yield.

    It should not matter who arrives to the body first. The advanced Applicator speed will make up for some of the loss anyway.

    With this proposal in place, the player can be assured that they are getting the best medical attention possible at all times, while reviving with the best chance for survival.

    Many medics are cheap and just want the quick points and frankly would love to revive you with 25% health in hopes that you will get smacked again and repeat a few times before you opt for the standard re-spawn.

    This proposal works for in-game immersion also. If there is a heavy trauma and newly appointed medic is in over their head, and a veteran medic steps in, the new medic has no right to say "Hey...piss off... I got this"

    No one has to feel sorry for the newb medic. If the skills were only leveled through using them, then one could have a "help a brother out" vibe... but it is not, it is simply a matter of Cert points.

    With my proposal, if three medics were all trying to revive, then the one with the highest medical applicator gets the save. Works best for the patient and works best for the player who cares enough about the class.
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  2. deathTouch

    You're lucky you don't work in the medical field, as I know plenty of nurses who would make your life a living hell for that thread title.

    Remember, they're the ones who most often ring you when you're on call...
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  3. PS2 MEDIC

    Well I do... respiratory therapist,
    And yes.. most assuredly Doctors>Nurses

    This is off topic, but I will deal with it.
    If a patient codes in a room, of course a nurse will respond or a resp thearapist... but if the MD steps in and wants to take over, they of course will. In real life, obviously, if the MD is watching and his happy with the compressions and other treatments they will just supervise... but the moment anything gets squirly, they cut in.

    The thread title does not mean Nurses suck... it means what mathematical symbol denotes, that is doctors are a higher value over a nurse.
  4. Trysaeder

    **** yes. A maxed out medtool can revive 3 people AT FULL HEALTH in the same time it takes for a level 1 to revive one at 20%. More often than not, the newb medic won't even finish healing the guy as it gives a smaller chunk of experience compared to a revive. If they don't top up the person they revive, they're getting a shot to the back of the head.

    Reviving people should be a race to full health, so if your tool is slower, you don't get to revive them. Anyone who doesn't have a Level 5-6 medtool should just be topping up the health of the wounded, as it's barely worth their time to heal someone as they could be getting a full revive instead. Even level 5 is quite slow since level 6 can do it 50% faster and 33% better.
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  5. deathTouch

    My original post was lighthearted, but now I feel the need to educate.

    We have different jobs. To describe hierarchy of value is to regress backwards in the change in attitude that responsible healthcare workers have been trying to institute for the past 20+ years. Yes, an MD's order will supersede the orders of all healthcare workers under them, and they act as the supervisor to the care team, but they aren't more valuable than anyone else. I trust the opinion of a highly competent and experienced NP over an incompetent or shortsighted resident most days of the week. Furthermore, we really don't need indirect promotion of the wall of silence, as such behavior is correlated to higher incidence rates of poor patient outcomes. Thanks in advance.


    An MD
  6. PS2 MEDIC

    Fine... and you reprimanded and I will accept my spanking doc.
    Now back to PS2.
    The troop just had his guts blown out and his intestines are popping out like a jack-n-the-box. Can I please use my level 5 Medical Applicator instead of the level 1 medical technician trying to use his ice pack and gauze?
  7. Zsaryna A

    I don't even know where to start.
    In PS2, if someone's working on the casualty then you leave them to it. Even if it's a lower level medical applicator on the basis that they might possibly need the xp more than you. Your argument also assumes there's a lack of dead people lying around, which is generally not the case.
  8. Vreki

    I vote in favour of the model where you assist them. They get the exp for getting there first, but a team-minded ultra-medic can boost their heal pro bono.
  9. saltin

    If i am not playing a medic I don't like getting revive at less than full health because it usually also means no healing to full health either. I wish there was an option to auto refuse less than full health revives. I even TK'ed a medic once for reviving me at low health and not healing me afterward when there was absolutely nothing else going on.

    So on the one hand i wouldn't mind a system where the senior medic get the revive but on the other hand it's a bit unfair to newer players.I don't mind noobs reviving me at low health but i mind noobs not healing me afterwards if they clearly have the chance and the time to do so.
  10. FredFogarty

    I mainly play as a Combat Medic. I'm only at level 4 Applicator right now, but I agree with this post 100%.

    And I'd like to add a note here: Please don't run away as soon as you're revived, I'm trying to top you off!
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  11. LordEddi

    Logged in, just so i could like your post!
  12. Ertwin

    That right there is a big problem. Heck I've even seen people scream for a medic, and do a full 180 and sprint away when I start heading towards them.
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  13. RedNoak

    idk... it wouldnt work. if it were so, new medics couldnt gain any exp with reviving and/or healing... cause every time u try, some expert comes along the way and steals your exp...

    oh and by the way... what if i am a nurse got that poor dead bastard patched up to 99% then a doctor comes along starts his beam of wisdom and by doing that he'S actually restarting the rivive time (to 0%)... wouldnt that prolong the reviving process instead of accelerating it?
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  14. Vreki

    In other games it has on occasion been considered time-efficient to shoot that kind of people so you could res them with full health.
    Wouldn't work here of course, and could also upset the patient.
  15. Herr Dreeks

    You are a dedicated medic, but who are you to tell people what to do? Would you like it if i told newbs not to grab a magrider because they are blocking the path and are crap at it? Just deal with it dude, 3 medics at one guy makes a target for me. When i play as a medic and i see another medic "covering" an area, i go somewhere else on the frontline. There's plenty to do.
  16. andeh

    TL;DR a lot of thread, too many replies 'off topic'

    Good suggestion in theory, but it would:
    1. Discriminate against new players. For new players wanting to become good medics, it wouldn't be fair depriving them of exp, with them not being able to use their gun in areas where there's a ton of medics with higher ranks then them. Pretty high barrier to entry imho, especially as a medic's main role is to rez/heal.
    2. Your suggestion doesn't take into account time. Ok a fully upgraded med gun takes v little time at all to rez someone, so there's not a huge window for overlap. But what happens when a rank 1 medic has been casting rez for ~3 seconds and a higher rank medic comes along and starts to rez? The lower medics rez gets aborted and they just waste the last 3 seconds? Imagine that happening every few rez's... again, high barrier to entry and arguably elitist IMHO.
    And yes, I have invested the certs for the max rank med gun upgrade
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  17. Mindark

    I have medical applicator 6. I don't mind when new players revive people. I don't like it when they run from person to person reviving people without healing them.
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  18. PS2 MEDIC

    This had me laughing hard... cheers!
  19. NIL0S

    It's the doctor-nurse game: Make the doctor believe he is the one who did figure it all out *grins*
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  20. Trysaeder

    1. It also deprives the corpses of a revive, allowing them to stand up on 100% health and dive for cover. Enemies seeing the green beam can shoot at the corpse while its on the ground, and anything below level 5 will have the person stand up with too little health to survive a few shots.

    2. If the race mechanism is implemented, then lower level medics who've had a head start can still win the race. What lower ranked medics CAN do is heal. It is not worth a good medic's time to heal someone as they only do it 50% faster and have the same weapon switch delay. The two dedicated medics in my outfit both have 4+ KDs and are in the top 30 of the server, and they didn't get there by wasting time healing scrubs.

    Medics in the current state of the game are such that I deny all scrub revives unless I absolutely need to hold my position. I know my entire outfit as well as many other people do the same, because the number of 20-50% revives is so high that there's a tiny chance of receiving a proper revive. If it showed the person's battle rank on the revive screen, 'John Doe BR27 wants to revive you Y/N', I would be much more accepting of revives.

    Perhaps it is elitist to refuse anything but the best medical care, even when it's voluntary, but I expect results.

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