Devstream summary, Wrel strikes again.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Liewec123, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Liewec123

    Esamir bases removed:
    a large portion of north eastern esamir destroyed and removed from the lattice.
    RIP Mani Fortress.
    many other bases across esamir simply removed from the lattice and made pointless.

    Crown ruined:
    Indar TI Alloys - Crown landbridge removed
    crown isn't the centre base anymore due to lattice changes making TI Alloys the centre.
    crown A point moved outside of the base and down to the lower bridge.
    RIP crown. 2012 - 2020

    annoying weather:
    annoying weather events added that will deplete infantry shields and disable vehicles,
    this annoying weather will target the biggest fight.

    this is the summary of the latest game ruining patch,
    brought to you by Wrel - Destroyer of Planetside.
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  2. Pelojian

    so lower TTK in biggest fight by half for anything that isn't a max.
    no vehicle gameplay at all during off peak hours for servers that can only maintain one fight during that time.

    weather would have been a better idea for obscuring visibility rather then doing a blanked OP disabling of vehicles and shields, while leaving enough visibility up to a certain range for infantry and ground vehicles so they can fight each other. it would provide the perfect protection for infantry and ground vehicles against air units while still letting infantry and ground armor fight each other at close-mid range.
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  3. Pikachu

    What would you people actually want in an update? o_O
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  4. Liewec123

    first thing i'd like is NSO to be finished,
    new appearance for Defector (get doku back in to make it look badass),
    new defector weapons and access to bursters/gorgons
    Javelin finished, given scout radar default, new weapons, nest launcher buff,
    NSO ESF (plenty of awesome ideas for that.

    then when they're finished doing what they started over a year ago they can do long needed balance passes,
    nc max buffs, ZOE rework, max c4 resistance made baseline
    make construction worth a damn, remove the ridiculous OS spam etc.

    then when all that is done they can create new faction weapons/vehicles,
    (like the sundy topguns)
    they can also make lots of new cosmetics to bring in some cash.


    or would you rather they just ruin the best parts of 2 continents and call it a major update...
    seriously, are you happy with this?
    the best fight on indar, ruined, esamir is a complete s%%tshow, they've removed so many bases.
    and that f%%king lightning storm is gonna be such a pain in the a$$.
    is this a good update in your honest opinion?

    the best update for the health of this game would be
    "we've fired Wrel, please welcome our new Lead Developer, Matt Higby."
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  5. UberNoob1337101

    1) Fix the bugs! Some exploits are game-breaking.

    2) Buff weak gear : Phoenix, Lancer, AA, few NC/VS pistols, Numbnutz, Enforcer ROCK HURLER (bring back old reload pls), Mjolnir BOOMBOX, AI top guns, Fury, Bulldog, Hornets, ASC. Some other weapons I probably forgot. Lots of stuff needs some fine-tuning so it can finally be good and fun to use.

    3) Rolling back CAI : Old armor values and old DPS for faster combat and more important angling. Old armor slot options, bring me reinforced [insert side here] armor back!

    4) Rework Esamir : add more bases to the north, rebalance the southern warpgate so it doesn't almost always win. More iceberg, less wall.

    5) Releasing Sunderer AV top guns

    6) Make TI Alloys fun, and Ceres Hydroponics actually possible to defend. Some of the memey bases need slight tweaks.

    7) More fun Bastions, lemme board them a la BF2142 or Battlefront 2 (the good one). Bastion customization, do I want it to be a fleet carrier spawning Galaxies and Liberators, or being a super battleship. More powerful bastions, but many more fun ways to counter them and fight around them. Alerts for Last Bastion Standing or fighting over a neutral-controlled bastion and holding it for 30 minutes.

    8) Turn the death cam into a killcam, or remove it from the game. Seeing how I got rekked from my opponent's perspective would really help noobs understand why and how they died, and also help find cheaters much easier. At the moment, death cam only reveals where the enemy is.

    9) Option to switch between DX9 and DX11, better performance stability, working anti-cheat. No more script kiddies pls.

    10) Better alert system. They spawn too frequently at the moment, make a continent have to go under at least 2 smaller alerts to trigger one to lock a continent. Alerts that last longer = fights that last longer.

    11) Complete NSO and add better membership benefits to keep the cash flowing.

    I know "Wrel worst dev lmao" and the wrelpic fail updates are nice memes, but to be honest DBG really doesn't need Wrel to ruin the game. IDK if anyone here has played H1Z1, but game got killed by bad updates, even tho it was among the first battle royales ever.
  6. NotziMad

    I stopped keeping up with those a long long time ago.

    But I will say this though, from experience, whether you think it's good or bad, it very often doesn't play out as expected.

    I mean thing some things sound great on paper but once they are live, they are horrible (and vice versa).

    That said, I didn't read so this could all be off topic :p

    PS. most incompetent dev I have ever seen.
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  7. Liewec123

    no chance of that now, TI Alloys is gonna be borderline impossible to take.
    the faction with ceres have always been screwed, trying to push up the hill.
    but now with the landbridge gone, the crown guys are screwed too.

    it'll be fun for the faction who owns TI, but the other 2 are both just cannonfodder now.
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  8. gunnner10

    isn't TTK already too short?
    No vehicles at night? that only subtracts from the game, not add to it

    This is a great idea and good use of weather effects. I completely agree with your idea
  9. Sumguy420

    Funny, when he said they had removed the landbridge at the crown my response was shouting "THANK GOD!"
    In fact all the centre map changes are welcome. I ******* hate fighting there on live its a bloody boring meatgrind.
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  10. Twin Suns

    Maybe they'll implement player made bridges. :)
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  11. Sumguy420

    that would be sick. or let engineers place jump pads and lifts :D
  12. Marik

    So with us on the PS4, Ti is the center of the fights all the time.

    I might be one of the few, but I'm excited about the update, some things look really interesting. Especially the weather. Maybe this will finally get rid of the annoying Vanu Flyers and (solo) Libs.


    Also bei uns auf der PS4 ist Ti die ganze Zeit das Zentrum der Kämpfe.

    Ich bin vielleicht einer der wenigen, aber ich gespannt auf das Update, einige sachen sehen wirklich interessant aus. Besonders das Wetter. Vielleicht wird man so endlich die lästigen Vanu Flieger und (Solo) Libs los.
  13. Peebuddy

    Personally after 7 years I'm sick and tired of spending 80% of my time at the Ti-Alloys/ Crown hell hole. I actually believe they needed to do MORE to neuter these nigh impossible to take facilities, there are other bases we can fight at. I feel like I did in BF3 when every *** hole kept voting for 'Metro' game after game after game!

    Esamir could be fun, they changed the lattice and removed some bases. It can be a whole new ball game. The places they removed were honestly never the location for fights (except Mani Fortress)I don't see a reason for complaint, it's not like they removed the center of the map.

    Getting to the topic of what I'd wished they'd be doing, I really want them to make player made bases relevant and to redesign bases that cause stagnation. IMO every base should be capturable in a 50/50 fight, if you have to outnumber the defender 2-3 times then somethings wrong with the facility.
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  14. Tyroki

    If Wrel is such a problem, why hasn't he been fired yet?
    It's not like he's the head honcho as Smedley was (y'know, the guy who singlehandedly ruined every SOE game, generally some time after release.)
  15. Demigan

    To start, an update to the gameplay flow. The current "intended" gameplay flow just isn't that interesting. We see people "vote" for this by joining the Biolab fights and eternal Crown scrums rather than try and play the intended gameplay. Escalation once again showed us how broken the intended gameplay is, where outfits found that the most effective method to win the intended gameplay was to avoid fights and make fighting them the least enjoyable experience imagineable so that they are free to cap anything they want because no one wants to oppose them.

    Then they can work on balance. Aircraft have been a crapshow for years, as has the A2G vs G2A balance. Additions like the Engagement Radar that was intended for newbies but in the end just became the best tool to find and hunt those same newbies are also glaring issue's that have to be fixed, and as long as they don't we know that the devs leading it aren't doing their job properly. Then they should look at vehicles balance, how newbies are once again penalized for not having a fully upgraded tank. All those upgrades should be for side-grades, not upgrades. Items that barely see any use need to be buffed and even merged with each other so they become valuable to use etc.

    So basically Wrel said "hold on, all these people are enjoying these fights instead of the intended gameplay. So I'll force them to play the intended gameplay by taking away their enjoyment"? Good call man! That won't backfire with a vengeance!

    How about they actually make the intended gameplay enjoyable? Make it so that the intended gameplay encourages equal, hard-fought battles that both sides can enjoy and penalizes players for playing in ways that discourage combat? Make sure the gameplay flow actually flows, rather than halts when a base is taken? Make sure that there is an actual vehicle battle between bases, like between Mani Fortress and Northpoint Station... Oh wait, they just removed Mani and maybe Northpoint Station. Good job!

    As for the weather. I'm sure that aircraft will magically be immune to this disabling effect, right? Also it's so great to say to all vehicle players "hey you know what? If you are at the largest fight then at random you could have no vehicle anymore. Also if the Sunderer gets destroyed, what's going to happen? The Defenders can't pull one and bring it to the enemy, the attackers cant drive a new one into the defender area... Basically it's a "randomly screw any big fight that this game is supposed to be about and force players to play the "intended" gameplay" middlefinger to everyone who still enjoys the game.

    Funny thing: You don't have to follow the crowd. Whenever I'm tired of the bloody meatgrind but still want to keep fighting a large fight, I'll take a vehicle and circle around, or place a Stealth Sundy out of the way near an enemy flank or rear and attack them that way. You don't have to follow the crowd to have fun. There's also often fights in other parts, Indar almost always has a good battle going on between Indar Excavation and Quartz Ridge for example.
    Also just because you don't like it, why should you get to cheer if the fun battle that rages there for most people is removed? "Yey! Everyone will be pissed off now and leave the game faster! Hurrah!". That's basically what you (and Wrel) are doing.

    Stop removing the things that are obviously more enjoyable to push your agenda. Start making your agenda fun enough that people want to participate.
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  16. Marik

    Is it really "funny" when most players farm there?

    If you get thrown there as a beginner and you don't know anything about the game yet, it doesn't mean that he has fun. It's more like he gets farmed. I've seen enough newbies get thrown in there and then put the game away frustrated.

    And I know from my own experience how easy it is to defend Ti, but I also know how many use it to farm kills.

    I think that removing the farm bases might result in a better experience for new players.
    If you want to play for hours on the same map/base there are plenty of other first person shooters to play.


    Ist es wirklich "lustig" wenn die meisten Spieler da farmen?

    Wenn man als Anfänger da hin geschmissen wird und noch keine Ahnung von dem Spiel hat, bedeutet das nicht das er spaß hat. Eher ist das so das er abgefarmt wird. Ich hab genug Neulinge erlebt die da hin geschmissen wurden und dann das Spiel gefrustet weggelegt haben.

    Und ich weiß aus eigener Erfahrung wie einfach sich Ti verteidigen lässt, aber ich weiß auch wie viele das nutzen um einfach Kills zu farmen.

    Ich bin der Meinung das wenn man die Farm Basen entfernt, das es dann vielleicht zu einer besseren Erfahrung für neue Spieler kommt.
    Wenn man Stundenlang auf der selben Karte/Basis spielen will gibt es genug andere Ego Shooter die man spielen kann.
  17. Liewec123

    you don't like the middle?...then how about NOT GOING THERE.
    noone is forcing you to participate in our fun.

    but no.
    instead you're happy that something is getting removed that many of us enjoy,
    something that noone is forcing you to participate in.
    you're pretty much saying "look there are people over there having fun, hope someone stops them,
    you're only allowed to do what i want!"


    i hope whatever you enjoy doing in PS2 gets wrelled too.
    (don't worry, he'll get around to it.)

    because he's the uncrushable cockroach, the turd that won't flush.
    believe it or not i used to white-knight for Wrel in the early days,
    when he became lead dev i even used to say "in Wrel we trust" when bad mistakes happened,
    i had faith they'd be fixed, but ofcourse they weren't...
    i mean just look at all that praise...
    and now its been bad mistake after bad mistake
    and i'm so f%%king done with his s%%ty ideas ruining this game.
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  18. Demigan

    Most players farm each other there, its far easier to learn about the game in these fights than using the "intended" fights, where one moment a newbie can be happy he's found the pointroom and the next he's zerged to death and cant exit the spawnroom after repeated deaths without him having any clue what's going on.

    So between an endless farm and the intended gameplay, the endless farm is a far superior way to meet PS2 than the intended gameplay.

    Also because this point cant be made often enough: most players obviously like these battles. Why else would people be attracted to them this easily? And compare that to the intended gameplay, which is a barren wasteland with the occasional ghostcapper or zergfit.

    Yes, but none of those with the scope and scale of PS2.
    Also that goes the other way around, if you want to capture bases over and over again, there's plenty of FPS's out there that can scratch that itch. The difference is that you willfully want to punish players into playing your system and anyone that doesnt agree with that has to leave for another game according to the words you quite literally just said.
    In the meantime I'm advocating solving the god damned problem. Make the intended gameplay fun.

    Also again: it would not make it more fun for newbies to learn about the game in the intended gameplay, especially not if you've just forced them into it while its this giant mess of counter-productive rules. Capturing bases is easiest if you zerg, avoid big fights and make it as horrible as possible to play against you. But the game is promoted by large-scale tactical combat, which you arent trying to achieve if you try to play the objective.

    In short:
    You try to force everyone to play your way.
    I try to make sure the core gameplay becomes as fun as the farms players are attracted too since the intended gameplay sucks balls.
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  19. Liewec123

    he was laughing and joking about "no more biolabs" on the stream yesterday,
    didn't actually think the motherf%%ker actually did it...
    but i've just seen the ruined esamir map and wow, just wow...
    what a f%%king idiot.
    this is Wrelside2, 2020, removing the content you enjoy, adding c%%p you hate.

    i've enjoyed playing NSO recently, which is a shame,
    because i'm not spending another penny on this s%%t.
    my money is getting spent to ruin the game i'm paying for, how is that for a sick joke.
    not another f%%king penny.
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  20. Demigan

    Look we have to give credit where credit is due. They have removed the wrong bases for all the wrong reasons, but it does look like the "northwest warpgate always loses" problem is largely adressed.
    If only they had the balls to say "this is version 2. There is a 50/50 chance of either version happening upon continent unlock". That would be a small part of my "alternate continent frontlines upon unlock" idea that would freshen up continents without the need of building an entirely new one.

    But again: wrong bases, wrong reasons.

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