Devstream summary, Wrel strikes again.

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  1. Marik

    As I read this again and again, I really need to know now:

    Is it really fun? So in the bio lab and/or other similar farm bases?

    Excuse me, but all the people I play games with avoid these bases and if you ask why they fight there, they only farm.
    I have never heard of fun. Who knows maybe I play with completely different people than you. I play well on the PS4 anyway, there shouldn't be too many of those around here.
    Unfortunately, this forum is not really representative for the whole player community. Is it possible to create polls or something like that? i always read about the same couple of guys always "it takes the fun out of the whole community". First of all, even as veterans, I don't think you are representative enough for the whole community. Your ideas about changes in the game are really interesting to read in part. But I don't think what you say is that easy to say.

    Hey, I'm there sometimes too. When I want to farm kills, like the last 100 kills of a weapon. But I don't really have fun there.

    That they made the map a little bit smaller I find interesting at first sight and (even if it will take some time as a PS4 player) I am surprised. And maybe I will play on Indar again, because I just avoid this continent.
    Yes this storm... Weather effects sound interesting, but since it's always the biggest battle... yes, I'm a bit critical of that too, but maybe it will bring in a new feeling. When you fight your way from one building to the next.

    Surely there are other things you should work on.
    For me personally, it's more about lowering the resistance of the Libs in order to weaken the flying fortresses a bit. or removing the standard Magburn of the Magrider. Maybe weaken the C4, or remove it from the light ones.

    Maybe we should just let ourselves be surprised? Just as a suggestion before you get upset about something that is not yet out there.
    I'm not saying that you have to approve of everything, but rather see what happens.

    As always: Below it is in my mother tongue because I don't have a plan if the translator translates it correctly.


    Da ich das hier immer wieder lese muss ich das jetzt mal wirklich wissen:

    Ist es wirklich Spaßig? Also im Biolabor und/oder anderen ähnlichen Farmbasen?

    Entschuldigt, aber alle mit denen ich Spiele meiden diese Basen und wenn mal fragt warum die da Kämpfen kommt nur farmen.
    Von Spaß habe ich nie was gehört. Wer weiß vielleicht spiele ich auch mit komplett anderen Menschen als ihr. Gut spiele eh auf der PS4, davon dürfte es hier wohl nicht all zu viele geben.
    Leider ist dieses Forum nicht wirklich repräsentativ für die gesamte Spielerschaft. Kann man hier Umfragen oder so erstellen? ich lese immer von den selben paar Typen immer "es nimmt den spaß der gesamten Spielerschaft". Zum einen halte ich euch, selbst als Veteranen, nicht repräsentativ genug für die gesamte Spielerschaft zu reden. Eure Ideen zu Änderungen in dem Spiel lesen wirklich teilweise interessant. Aber ich glaube nicht das man was ihr sagt so einfach zu sagen ist.

    Hey, ich bin da auch manchmal. Wenn ich Kills farmen will, z.B. die letzten 100 Kills einer Waffe. Aber spaß habe ich da nicht wirklich.

    Das sie die Karte etwas kleiner gemacht haben finde ich auf den ersten Blick mal ganz interessant und (auch wenn es als PS4 Spieler etwas dauern wird) lasse mich überraschen. Und vielleicht spiele ich auch wieder auf Indar, da ich diesen Kontinent nur noch meide.
    Ja dieser Sturm... Wettereffekte hören sich interessant an, aber da es immer nur zum größten Kampf geht... ja das sehe ich auch etwas kritisch, aber vielleicht bringt es ja ein neues Gefühl rein. Wenn man quasi sich von einem Gebäude zum nächsten durchkämpft.

    Klar es gibt sicher andere Dinge die man eher bearbeiten sollte.
    Für mich persönlich betrifft es eher Resistenzen der Libs zu senken um die fliegenden Festungen etwas abzuschwächen. oder den standartmäßigen Magburner der Magrider entfernen. Vielleicht das C4 abschwächen, oder von den leichten zu entfernen.

    Vielleicht sollten wir uns einfach überraschen lassen? Nur so als Vorschlag bevor man sich über etwas aufregt was noch gar nicht draußen ist.
    Ich sag nicht das man alles gutheißen muss, aber lieber mal sehen was passiert.
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  2. Demigan

    Yes it's fun. It's especially fun because it avoids many of the game's flaws, like Redeployside, balance between infantry versus everything else, spawnrooms being death traps (at least until the last moments), the fun and fights stalling whenever a base it about to be taken (because Biolabs are hard to take) etc. Like much of the playerbase I prefer other large bases though, I'm a sucker for AMP stations for example. Those are the best overall with their layout and setup assuming players don't get to cheese it with a GSD Sunderer.

    Just imagine it: Everyone avoids Biolabs and only goes there "occasionally" to farm, but at the same time Biolabs are filled with tons of players continuously? So this "occasionally farm" would already be a lie or stone hard confirmation bias. Like the reporter who claimed that a vote had to have been fraudulent because she had asked her friends and a far smaller percentage was for the winner of the election. Her mistake was to assume that her friends, who came from the same social and economic circles, were representative of the population as a whole. You do that now too. You don't play Biolabs, and loo and behold the friends you play with and probably met outside Biolabs are the one's who think like you! It's as if the friends you choose usually have similar idea's as you do, strange isn't it?

    There's dozens of reasons to like Biolabs, I've covered them all a bunch of times in this thread and others already so if you are still at a loss then you didn't really read any of it.
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  3. Demigan

    I think you two used the wrong analogy.

    Mc Donalds has a menu, and let's say it has several items of Burgers and fries available on that menu. Liewec pays for the best-selling Burgers that have been best-selling since the beginning while Notzimad pays for the newer (but not that new) Burgers.

    Mc Donalds suddenly thinks "we put a lot of care and new ingredients into the newer Burgers and we think that if more people actually bought it they would come to our store for longer and more often, increasing our revenue". However people keep buying the best-selling old Burgers, and Mc Donalds gets an idea: If they remove a large part of the old best-selling Burgers then their customers are more likely to buy the newer Burgers.

    Now for Liewec the choice for buying the older Burgers wasn't just habit, he tried the newer Burgers and simply enjoyed the older Burgers more. He didn't like much of the ingredients in the newer Burgers, especially the Pineapple put into one Burger was badly received by many others as well.
    Liewec has zero rights when it comes to deciding the menu. But in the end Mc Donalds is a business, and as such they want to earn money and to earn money they need to please their customers. So if Liewec says to everyone at Mc Donalds "do not buy at Mc Donalds until they put back the old Burgers on the menu!" then that is a perfect way to get the message across: This is what we want, and we'll show us with our wallet by witholding exactly what you are trying to get from us with these changes. If Liewec is right and lots of people help him with this type of protest he has the highest chance of achieving his goals, and in turn even achieve the main goal of Mc Donalds.

    Unfortunately Notzimad is pretty mad about the old Burgers and would rather see them all removed from the menu, because he doesn't like that people can make a choice that isn't in line with his own idea's of what should be on Burgers. Everyone should be getting Pineapple on every single Burger is his message, and if Liewec doesn't succeed we might actually be getting that menu, wether you like Pineapple or not...
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  4. NotziMad

    Notzimad : "hey guys, 1 + 1 = 2!" simple, right? super ******* simple! No need to write home about it, it's that simple, just a 1 and a 1 added together and it makes 2, that's it, simple, SUPER SIMPLE!"

    xxxxxx replies :

    this game is not a mathematical equation

    yyyy replies

    at least maths doesn't take my food from me

    zzzzzz replies

    wall of text analysing why 1 and 1 makes 2


    In a nutshell, these forums..
  5. Marik

    I used a translator because my English is bad. It could be that one or the other gets lost.
    But their reasons seem more subjective than objective to me. Some of them I don't understand e.g. no air defense, because nobody else cares about air defense or it doesn't work.
    Other things I have read here e.g. an excess of snipers in the open I have never experienced.

    But I can only speak for myself. Play on the PS4, on the EU server.
    I don't know how it looks like on other servers, but on our servers the TR likes to have 40% of the population (+- 5%) and on our servers NC and VS almost never fight each other. And I mean that seriously. They only fight each other when the TR is really underpopulated.

    Who knows, maybe this is a completely different world.

    My experience is the following if I ask someone who fights Bio Laboratory/AMP/etc:
    TR -> farms
    NC -> farming
    VS -> farm

    Long-term veterans (usually light and/or heavy)
    TR -> pushes K/D
    NC -> pushes K/D
    VS -> pushes K/D (and I honestly admit that they have fun there)

    What do I see from this:
    The normal player only farms certs or kills. And the (same few) veterans only raise their K/D. Only Vanu players seem to really like to do that (in my experience). So the farming. But these are usually veterans who have been playing the game regularly for more than 3 years and who seem to me to be overbearing.

    But when we do a bio lab, nobody says "Hey you destroyed our funny fight! No more like "Why did you destroy the farm?"

    I often run around in open groups and when someone puts a waypoint on a bio or something, I always ask what the goal is. The most common answer is "farm".

    Although I noticed a change when you used to call for help and the bio was cut off, you couldn't expect support. Because, admit it: it is simply easier to collect certs there.
    But since the escalation update, they seem to play more "strategic". Since a winning continent deal yields more money.
    And even if I see the storm split in two, if the storm now breaks up the zerg fronts and spreads the fighting over a wider area, I see that as a good sign.

    But as already mentioned, there are other things (e.g. better balance) that should be taken care of.

    For me it even looks more like this in some cases:

    They destroyed our farm!
    Now we can't farm Certs anymore and push our K/D!
    They have ruined our game!

    This is how it looks to me. And I would like to point out that this is a "Free to play" game, which fortunately is not "pay to win" but "pay to move faster".
    So it is clear that they want to make it more difficult to get certs to sell better boosters. They also have to finance themselves.
    You partly remind me of GTA players who cry because some money glitch has been removed. Yes, the example may not be good, but that is the most appropriate comparison I can think of.


    Ich benutzte einen Übersetzer da mein englisch schlecht ist. Kann sein das das ein oder andere verloren geht.
    Aber ihre Gründe wirken für mich eher subjektiv als objektiv. Ein paar versteh ich auch z.B. kein abfarmen durch Luftfahrzeuge, da sich niemand sonst um die Luftabwehr kümmert bzw. die nichts bringt.
    Andere Dinge die ich hier gelesen habe z.B. einen Übermaß an Scharfschützen im freien habe ich z.B. nie erlebt.

    Aber ich kann halt nur für mich sprechen. Spiele auf der PS4, auf dem EU Server.
    Ich weiß nicht wie es auf anderen Servern genau aussieht, aber bei uns hat die TR gerne mal um 40% der Population (+- 5%) und bei uns kämpfen NC und VS fast nie gegen einander. Und das mein ich ernst. Die Kämpfen nur gegeneinander wenn die TR mal wirklich unterbevölkert ist.

    Wer weiß, vielleicht ist das hier eine komplett andere Welt.

    Meine Erfahrung ist folgende wenn ich jemanden frage der Bio Labor/AMP/usw. kämpft:
    TR -> farmt
    NC -> farmt
    VS -> farmt

    Langjährige Veteranen (in der Regel leichte und/oder Schwere)
    TR -> pusht K/D
    NC -> pusht K/D
    VS -> pusht K/D (und geb ich ehrlich zu die sagen die haben da Spaß)

    Was sehe ich daraus:
    Der normale Spieler farmt da nur Certs oder Kills. Und die (selben paar) Veteranen erhöhen nur ihre K/D. Nur Vanu Spieler scheinen das wirklich gern zu machen (meiner Erfahrung nach). Also das farmen. Das sind aber in der Regel Veteranen die schon Teilweise mehr als 3 Jahre das Spiel regelmäßig spielen und auf mich einen überheblichen Eindruck machen.

    Aber wenn wir mal ein Biolabor abschneiden, sagt niemand "Hey ihr habt unseren lustigen Kampf zerstört!" Nein eher sowas wie "Warum habt ihr den farm kaputt gemacht?"

    Ich renne oft in offenen Trupps rum und wenn da jemand nen Wegpunkt auf ein Bio oder so legt, dann frag ich immer was das Ziel ist. Die meiste Antwort lautet "farm".

    Obwohl mir schon eine Änderung aufgefallen ist, wenn man früher um Hilfe gerufen hatte und das Bio abgeschnitten war, konnte man keine Unterstützung erwarten. Weil, das geb auch zu: es ist einfach einfacher da Certs zu sammeln.
    Aber seit dem Eskalation Update, scheinen sie schon "strategischer" zu spielen. Da ein Siegreicher Kontinentabschluss, mehr Geld abwirft.
    Und auch wenn ich den Sturm zwiegespalten sehe, wenn der Sturm jetzt die Zerg Fronten auflöst und so die Kämpfe auf eine breitere Fläche verteilt, sehe ich das als gutes Zeichen.

    Aber wie auch schon erwähnt gibt es auch andere Dinge (z.B. eine bessere Balance) um die man sich eher kümmern sollte.

    Für mich sieht es sogar teilweise vielmehr so aus:

    Die haben unseren Farm zerstört! jetzt können wir nicht mehr Certs farmen und unsere K/D pushen! Die haben unser Spiel kaputt gemacht!

    So sieht das für mich aus. Und ich möchte hinweisen das es ein "Free to play" Spiel ist, das zum glück nicht "pay to win" ist sondern "Zahle um schneller voran zu kommen".
    Da ist es doch klar das sie es erschweren wollen Certs zu bekommen um besser Booster verkaufen zu können. Die müssen sich auch Finanzieren.

    Ihr erinnert mich teilweise an GTA Spieler die rumweinen weil irgendein Geld Glitch entfernt wurde. Ja das Beispiel ist vielleicht nicht gut, aber das ist der passendste Vergleich der mir einfällt.
  6. ConManu23

    I'm excited for new. :)
  7. Demigan

    In the end it's a game and you put a subjective feeling to everything. However:
    Objectively the infantry versus tanks/aircraft gameplay is very badly balanced. Subjectively you can like this or dislike this. Since most of the time for most players will be spend as infantry they'll prefer a fight where they aren't faced with these imbalances. Yes that is an objective statement about subjective things.

    Why wouldn't you understand that air defense is a badly designed mess and that most people prefer to avoid it? Biolabs give them the opportunity to do that. It's that simple.

    Confirmation bias at it's finest from those players. There aren't that many snipers out in the open, the problem is how they make people feel. If you feel like you had no chance to really protect yourself against something then being killed by it makes you feel bad. Players only need to be killed by a sniper they couldn't predict would be sniping them a few times before they'll think that every single open space is a sniper-infested hellhole.

    But I can only speak for myself. Play on the PS4, on the EU server.
    I don't know how it looks like on other servers, but on our servers the TR likes to have 40% of the population (+- 5%) and on our servers NC and VS almost never fight each other. And I mean that seriously. They only fight each other when the TR is really underpopulated.[/quote]

    I like to use proof for things, like this:

    The PS4 EU population at the moment I'm watching this hasn't reached more than 20 players per faction, and the TR isn't the top either.
    You can see a nice triangle on that page, this gives you an estimate about how many people are killed by each faction. As I'm watching it the TR and VS are almost exclusively killing the NC. In other words the VS is most definitely killing the NC in this picture. I can also see that at this moment the NC is killing slightly more VS players than it does TR, even though the VS and TR have the exact same number of players active.

    I'll try to check it again in the evening when the weekend starts and the highest number of players should be online. But my guess is that your prediction of "TR has 40% and NC never fights VS and vice-versa" is just confirmation bias. Since the VS is already double-teaming the NC right now I'm not going to hold my breath on that.

    So you say that most of what I said is basically subjective, then you go on about your subjective idea's of what each faction does and why?

    Even if these players are just farming or pushing KD you still have to ask yourself: Why are they doing that in these bases specifically? What motivates them to farm exactly here, and not somewhere else? We see that the Crown is a popular place to fight for most players. Yet on Esamir you have the important Techplant fulfilling the role of The Crown and yet for most of the time Esamir is open the Techplant doesn't see much action aside from the opening battles. Why aren't people farming there? Why don't they stay to farm there?
    The answer is simple: Because there are more reasons at play than "farming" and "pushing KD".

    As for when Biolabs fall the most common complaint that I see pop up is "why did you destroy my fight".
    Also if everyone wants this... Why should we change it?
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  8. Marik

    The rush hours here in Europe are between... four to ten p.m. The high point is usually around 18-19 o'clock. And on weekends.
    And even if it's purely subjective, I always refer to the % figures that are displayed during login.
    For a more detailed overview I would like to recommend this link:

    I also referred to the general situation. Because I notice when something happens or not at the border between NC and VS. And if the map does not show me a large accumulation of enemies we have 2 fronts with larger accumulations of enemies.
    So for me the situation is clear. And even if I played with other factions I noticed that they prefer to attack the TR.

    And a glance at the map tells you everything. urgh... Indar... All right, the map is small. With Crown and Ti in the centre, both held by NC. So with there is currently no point of contact between VS and TR.
    Although this concentrated push seems to me to be one of the active NC teams online, already preparing for the opening of the continent to get the resources.

    And... Wow, I haven't been online for a couple of days because I was playing some other games but lately NC has won quite a lot. While before the 8th we (as I remember) we won regularly.

    As a small side note I would like to point out that only one continent is open at a time.

    Die Stoßzeiten liegen bei uns in Europa zwischen... 16 - 22 Uhr. Hochpunkt ist meistens gegen 18-19 Uhr. Und am Wochenende.
    Und auch wenn es rein subjektiv ist beziehe ich mich immer auf die % Zahlen die mir während des Logins angezeigt werden.
    Zur genaueren Übersicht möchte ich diesen Link empfehlen:

    Auch beziehete ich mich auf die allgemeine Situation. Denn ich merke es doch wenn irgendwas am Grenzverlauf zwischen NC und VS was passiert oder nicht. Und wenn mir auf der Karte da keine große Feindansammlung angezeigt wird wir 2 Fronten haben mit größeren Ansammlungen an Feinden.

    Also für mich steht da die Situation fest. Und auch wenn ich mal bei anderen Fraktionen spielte merkte ich das bevorzugt auf die TR losgegangen wird.

    Und ein Blick auf der Karte sagt auch schon alles aus. urgh... Indar... Also gut, die Karte ist Klein. Mit Crown und Ti im Zentrum, die beide vom NC gehalten werden. So mit gibt es zur Zeit keinen Berührungspunkt zwischen VS und TR.
    Obwohl mir dieser konzentrierte Vorstoß so aussieht als währe eines der aktiven NC Teams online, die sich schon auf die Kontinent Öffnung vorbereiten um die Ressourcen zu bekommen.

    Und.. Wow, ich war ein paar Tage nicht online, da ich gerade eher was anderes Spiele aber in letzter Zeit hat NC recht oft gewonnen. Während vor dem 8. wir (so wie ich es Erinnerung habe) wir regelmäßig gewonnen haben.

    Als kleine Randbemerkung möchte ich anmerken das bei uns immer nur ein Kontinent offen ist.

    So if I understand this correctly, you ask me why answer subjectively? Simply because their statement is just as subjective, that all players like these bio/etc. fights.

    To make a really objective statement we would need exact location data and the players' statements why they are there.

    Since we don't have such information (at least I didn't find anything), we can only use subjective statements in this regard.

    You say people love the fights there because they like them, I say it is only used for farming because all I asked (and were willing to answer) are only here for farming.

    We could very well agree that we are both right, because in all probability both "types of players" will be represented.


    Also wenn ich das richtig versteh, fragst du mich warum subjektiv antworte? Ganz einfach weil ihre Aussage genauso subjektiv ist, also das alle Spieler diese Bio/usw.-Kämpfe mögen.

    Um eine wirklich objektive Aussage zu treffen bräuchten wir genaue Standortdaten und die dazugehörigen Aussagen der Spieler warum sie da sind.

    Da uns so etwas nicht zur Verfügung steht (zumindest habe ich nichts gefunden), können wir hier uns nur mit subjektiven Aussagen diesbezüglich bewerfen.

    Sie sagen die Leute lieben die Kämpfe da, weil sie sie selbst mögen, ich sag das wird nur zum farmen genutzt weil alle die ich fragte (und willens waren zu antworten) nur zum Farmen hier sind.

    Wir könnten uns höchsten darauf einigen das wir beide recht haben, da es aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach beide "Spielerarten" vertreten sein werden.
  9. Liewec123

    I'm just using the analogy that was given.
    And this patch is pretty much Wrel saying "everyone is buying big macs, they're our most popular item,
    let's remove them from the menu, and let's remove a bunch of other stuff too."
    How is it a good business strategy to delete the things that people enjoy?
    If Wrel thinks deleting big macs will make everyone buy fillet o fish he's in for a well deserved awakening,
    When everyone says "f**k mc donalds" and goes to BK instead.

    I've complained in the past about stupid additions to the game like pocket orbitals and bastions,
    But hell, Atleast they were additions.
    Wrel is now deleting content from the game, and not just a little bit, a third of the bases on esamir...
    Its completely indefensible.

    The only thing that needs deleting is the delusion that this idiot youtuber is a game developer.
    He's been a f**king scourge on this game for long enough.

    They're deleting a third of the content on a map,
    and you compare my objection to cheaters complaining that an exploit gets fixed?!
  10. Demigan

    And that link shows the TR being superior 3 times leading up to the peak hours, then not anymore after that. And it's not even superior by much. So once again: Your idea of the % figures during login are bias. You see it at 40% once or twice, suddenly it's 40% all the time according to you.

    Again, confirmation bias. Your page only shows more population over time, but not recent activity and kill statistics. And that more population doesn't even support your argument! As shown right now there was an extremely high anti-NC movement going on. Currently the TR are mostly up in the VS, The VS kill mostly the NC and the NC mostly kill the VS. So your "everyone attacks the TR all the time" has already not been true twice in a short time I checked by a large margin. This becomes especially apparent when you consider that right now the TR does have more players (a whopping 12 players! Whoop dee doo!). So if they have more players to fight with, why are they getting less kills against them?

    The map when I'm looking now isn't small anymore, and the VS and NC have captured territory from each other until there's just 2 lanes left to fight each other on. Makes you wonder how the VS and NC still kill each other more despite having more lanes open right?

    Right now the numbers are so terrible though that you can't really make many accurate predictions. there's exactly as many lanes available for the NC and VS as they have players. However what we can tell: There's no bias against the TR. People aren't actively seeking the TR out, quite the contrary is shown right now. And for your blanket statement of "TR gets beaten up by two factions" to be true then this should actually be happening.

    You are suffering heavily from bias. Just go to a 3-way fight on PC for once and use /yell chat to say "We are getting double-teamed as usual!" and see what responses you'll get. There's almost always someone from both other teams who will use /yell to proclaim they are being double-teamed instead.

    The NC has every single one of those wins except for one in the dead of night, where there's 0 to 3 players maximum per faction online. Looking at last night there were a few times only NC players on the entire server. I wouldn't put much stake in that. Although normally I would discount any information during a server load of less than 100 per faction as it skews the data so much, but the playerbase per faction never rises above 70 on Ceres...
  11. Marik

    I said that it is a bad example, because for me it only includes the deletion of the farms, which I do not consider to be game promoting.
    and it is an easy way to get a better card balance when the number of players is decreasing. So the fights can be concentrated again. Because if the card were now completely open, in Andvari's case, in the Bio, the two sides would meet and close each other off, while the right side could do what it wanted. Because the long way south through Ymir and north through Mani would lead to hardly anything.


    Ich sagte das es ein schlechtes Bsp ist, da es für mich nur die Löschung der Farmen beinhaltet, die als nicht spiel fördernd ansehe.
    und es ist eine einfache Möglichkeit für eine bessere Karten Balance bei sinkenden Spielerzahlen. So können die kämpfe wieder konzentriert werden. Denn wenn die Karte jetzt komplett offen währe, wurde bei Andvari beim Bio aufeinander treffen und sich gegenseitig verschließen, während die rechte Seite machen könnte was sie wollte. Da der lange weg über Süden durch Ymir und Norden durch Mani lang und letzendes zu kaum was führend würde.

    If I understand this correctly, my opinion is worth nothing because I come from a server with a low number of players?

    Sorry that I do not belong to the PC master race or live in the USA where there are more players.

    So my opinion and soon 3 years of experience is worth nothing.
    Then I don't really need to talk further if I don't meet the requirements of the gentleman.

    I am not sorry that I presume to know how it looks like on my server.
    I know that I can't say what it looks like on other servers, maybe US, but the connection is too bad for that.
    But to say that just because we are not enough players, that you don't know anything about the state of the game is pretty ******.

    We probably have stronger faction highs and lows over several days than other servers. I can remember 2 weeks when NC was the majority throughout. But hey, we all just imagined that. How NC pushed us (TR) and VS back to Warpgate.

    But I don't know anything about that, because there are too few players and I probably don't know how to read statistics and stuff.

    In any case, I'm still curious about the update.
    and see what new features it brings.

    Unfortunately I give the game on the consoles only max. 2 years, or the EU server. There I must remain realistic. Like the PC, we are also affected by dwindling player numbers. The EU is stronger than the US, because of cultural backgrounds as well as stronger protection of minors. Because it can partly not be advertised as F2P and you have to pay a small contribution.
    In addition, the console change is pending, also with downward compatibility, it will lose without greater attention/advertising the even more players. Maybe a more powerful PS5 version.
    But also good updates are needed. That's why I don't grumble about it like you do but watch the updates and judge. I think they should have reset the teams on the PS4 servers. We have dozens of dead teams, and players keep asking why they can't use the war elements.
    In any case, in the end there will only be one hard core left. Like in every game.

    Well, I would like to know which time calculation fisu uses. It goes 2 hours after hours to Central European Time...

    Wenn ich das richtig verstehe ist meine Meinung nichts wert weil ich von einem Server komme mit niedriger Spielerzahl?

    Tut mir leid das ich nicht PC Herrenrasse gehöre oder in den USA lebe wo es mehr Spieler gibt.

    Also ist meine Meinung und bald 3 Jährige Erfahrung nichts wert.
    Dann brauch ich ja eigentlich nicht weiterreden wenn nicht die Anforderungen des werten Herren entspreche.
    Tut mir nicht leid das ich es mir durch aus anmaße zu behaupten zu wissen wie es auf meinem Server aussieht.
    Ich weiß das nicht aussagen kann wie es auf anderen Servern aussieht, vielleicht US, aber die Verbindung ist zu schlecht dafür.
    Aber zu sagen, das nur weil wir zu wenig Spieler sind, das man nichts über den Zustand des Spiels wüsste ist schon ziemlich scheiße.

    Bei uns gibt es wahrscheinlich stärke Fraktionshöhen und tiefen über mehrere Tage hinweg als bei anderen Servern. ich kann mich 2 Wochen erinnern als durchgehend NC die Mehrheit inne hatte. Aber hey, das haben wir uns alle nur eingebildet. Wie NC uns (TR) und VS an Warpgate zurück drängte.

    Aber davon kann ich ja nichts wissen, da es zu wenig Spieler gibt und ich wahrscheinlich auch gar nicht weiß wie man eine Statistik und so ließt.

    Ich auf jeden Fall bleibe gespannt auf das Update.
    und schau was es für Neuerungen bringt.

    Leider gebe ich dem Spiel auf den Konsolen nur noch max. 2 Jahre, bzw. dem EU Server. Da muss ich realistisch bleiben. Wie auch der PC sind wir von Schwindenden Spielerzahlen betroffen. Die EU stärker als US, wegen Kultureller Hintergründe wie auch stärkerem Jugendschutz. Da es teilweise nicht als F2P beworben werden kann und man nen kleinen Obolus zahlen muss.
    Dazu steht auch der Konsolenwechsel an, auch mit Abwärtskompatibilität, wird es ohne größere Aufmerksamkeit/Werbung die noch mehr Spieler verlieren. Vielleicht ne leistungsfähigerer PS5 Version.
    Aber auch gute Updates müssen her. Deswegen motze ich wie ihr nicht rum ihr sondern sehe mir da Update an urteile dann. ich z.B. finde sie hätten die Teams auf den PS4 Servern reseten solln. Wir haben dutzende tote Teams, und immer wieder fragen Spieler warum sie die Kriegselemente nicht benutzten können.
    Auf jeden Fall wird am Ende nur noch ein Harter Kern übrig bleiben. Wie in jedem Spiel.

    Naja wüsste gern welche Zeitrechnung fisu nutzt. Es geht 2 Stunden nach Stunden zu Mitteleuropäischen Zeit...
  12. Demigan

    No your opinion isn't worth anything because you think the TR always has 40% pop and is being double-teamed all the time while there's no evidence for that. Even right now only the NC is killing the TR a bit more than they do the VS, but both VS and TR are killing way more NC than they do each other.
    Also I'm not sure what your point is about 40% population. 33% for each faction would be evenly matched, so if the TR is always overpopping it would be no surprise that they also get more kills against them, if only out of necessity.

    Ofcourse the answer is right in your face.
    1: use facts to back up your claims. I for example point out the fact that infantry is so weak against other things that infantry prefers to avoid vehicles and aircraft like the plague where they can. The devs were even forced to wall off every single base on every single continent just so that infantry wouldn't be constantly pulverized.
    2: Use the numbers from other servers as well. Who cares about 1 single server if you can collect information about all servers and put them together? For example:

    This is the PS4 US server. Pretty much the same deal as with the PS4 EU server although they do have a higher playerbase at peak times.

    But we can go to other servers as well! At the top left you can see an icon, click on it and you can change it to PC master race, example:

    Now funny thing I just checked all servers, and there was only one (Emerald) where the TR was being double teamed. On the other hand on Connery for example the VS is getting double teamed! Oh boy! But as you may have noticed if you read my reports of the goings on, who gets double-teamed changes across the day. It's not as if TR has an exclusive membership card to being double teamed!

    What does that mean though? Well it means that all whining about "TR just gets double-teamed!" is just bias and we should not give it too much weight.

    I just checked on Fisu for the last 24 hours, aside from the PS4 the difference between EU and US servers doesn't seem that massive. Also I'm in the EU, so don't go trying to make me seem a bad guy who only counts you if you are on the US. I prefer to take in all the information, not just about your server or my server.

    Well if your opinion can be proven to be bias then yes, your experience isn't worth much. At best you can use your experience to track down potential pitfalls in the game, like the fact that no one likes the feeling of being double-teamed and that every single faction has people thinking they are the only one's ever getting double-teamed.

    Next you'll be telling me how the NC shotguns are way more powerful than the TR one's, am I right?

    You don't meet my requirements because you fail to have any requirements outside of "but that's like my opinion, man". Even when you do get proof you don't even know what it is or means! You provide the proof that you are wrong and the TR isn't having 40% populations! You say "oh look at all the NC wins over there" when those wins are when no more than 15 people are online at a time total across all 3 factions. You don't look for facts or try to discover what's going on, you are looking for something that seems to align with your view and then ignore any implications or actual details.

    It's not pretty ******, it's just fact: If there's fewer players the skill variety can skyrocket and the fights can be horribly baalnced. If two newbs who can barely find the controlpoint have to fight against 1 old veteran then yeah the continent can be lost. We actually see this type of thing with weapon statistics all the time. If there's a few hundred or more players using the same weapon you can assume there's an even distribution of skills and fights it's being used in and the stats are more or less correct. But if a weapon is absolute crap and only a handful of people are using it the stats can go from the worst to sky-high when a highly skilled player manages to farm with it in a certain location. A single good or bad player can radically change the statistics because there's too few players to take statistics from.

    And your point with this is...? That faction population on a low pop server is unreliable and that your idea of who gets double-teamed or their faction population is wrong?

    Since you didn't see that the link you gave me proved me right, yeah I don't think you do know how to read statistics and stuff.

    They are removing Biolabs, removing a large portion of the bases on Esamir, removing the Rock Bridge on Indar and oh yeah as a side-note that they try to focus on is missions. It's going to be so interesting finding people to ferry to and from bases when no one has a reason to be looking for a transport to and from bases! Imagine trying to offer facial masks with fruit on them at a Metal Concert. It's not why those people are there or what they are looking for.

    I don't understand why they are still keeping the PS4 EU server up at all. half of those 70 players at peak time must be Whale customers to keep that server lucrative. Either that or the costs for servers is drastically different than I was led to believe.

    I grumble because I want good updates. I grumble to let them know if an update contains elements that are outright bad and aimed at destroying the game. I grumble before an update, I grumble after an update. And funny thing how often my grumbling is correct. I try to look at the full picture, not just my opinion.
    And the simple fact is: The devs are trying to promote the "capture the continent" gameplay. However instead of actually promoting it they are now actively removing the big fights that attract everyone. Before that they added the Outfit update which was basically a giant carrot for players to join the Outfits, but immediately also an even bigger stick saying "if you don't join an Outfit you'll get annihilated by these things and your fun will be gone".

    I'll keep saying it and I'll say it again to you:
    Make the gameplay you are trying to promote actually fun. Don't remove the fun from other area's, don't screw over players that are fighting in a way you don't think is worth it. They are having fun, let them. And if that gets in the way of your fun well... Why don't you add mechanics that make it just as fun for the people who are in Biolabs? So that those players want to join you?

    Now you immediately say again "but they are there because of the farm!".
    Then again you have to wonder: What makes Biolabs the go-to farm place? It's not as if other bases are that much tougher to navigate, most of them aren't even tougher at all! What elements make Biolabs, AMP stations and most Techplants so much more fun that players want to farm there, and not anywhere else?
    If you know that and can apply that to the gameplay you want to promote, there's no problem anymore.

    If you read it you can see that above the graph it says "Population history (UTC)". Then from there a quick google search reveals a lot of information: time

    And if you do that you don't have to question if the site is wrong because the time displayed is "off". If you are wondering that actually look into it.
  13. Marik

    This is a regular picture at rush hour on Ceres. But I'm just imagining things like this.

    Small side note on my part:
    The screenshots were taken at the end of the peak phases of our main game time.

    Dies ist ein reguläres Bild zur Stoßzeit auf Ceres. Aber ich bilde mir sowas nur ein.

    Kleine Randbemerkung meinerseits:

    Die Screenshots entstanden zum Ende der Stoßphasen unserer Hauptspielzeit.

    I don't think I came over here to talk to Ceres. I told you that I don't control the situation on other servers. It served to make it clear what the game looks like in my eyes.
    I don't know that this speaks for the situation on the other servers. But it looks like they are trying to tell me that I am referring to all servers. Which I do not.

    But I have played with players and also asked them about the situation. Some of them played on PC (but had to stop for various reasons) and/or played on the US server. But they still want to let me know that everyone in the bio lab and co. is having fun and not for farming.


    ich glaube hier kam nicht rüber das ich Ceres rede. Ich sag doch das ich die Situation auf anderen Servern nicht kontrolliere. Es diente dazu klar zu machen wie das Spiel in meinen Augen aussieht.
    Ich weiß das nicht für die Situation der anderen Server spricht. Aber wie es aussieht wollen sie mir unterstellen, das ich das auf Alle Server beziehe. Was ich nicht tue.

    Aber ich habe mit Spielern gespielt und auch zur Situation befragt die auch teilweise auf PC spielten (aber aus verschiedensten Gründen aufhören mussten) und/oder auch auf dem US Server spielen. Aber sie wollen trotzdem mir weiß machen das alle im Biolabor und co. spaß haben und nicht zum farmen da sind.

    And they are not prejudiced? The one that seems to be so vehemently based on the fact that the players are in the bio lab and co. just for fun. And the opinion is that farmers seem to be the absolute minority. As I said before I don't deny that some of them have fun, but the majority of those who answered me say that they do. And it seems to me that they always want to be disenfranchised by saying they are here for fun.


    Und sie sind nicht voreingenommen? Der der so vehement darauf zu beruhen scheint das die Spieler nur zum Spaß im Biolabor und co. sind. Und der Meinung ist das Farmer die absolute Minderheit zu sein scheint. Wie schon gesagt streite ich nicht ab das da welche Spaß haben, aber der Großteil der mir geantwortet hat sagt das er farmt. Und mir kommt es so vor als wollen sie es immer wieder Entkräftigung in dem sie sagen die sind nur zum spaß hier.

    Why should I say that? I am not a shotgunner.
    The only thing I would say is that the Lasher from VS is a nastiest Noob weapon because the projectiles are so big that it is no art to hit someone.


    Warum sollte ich das sagen? Ich bin kein Schrotflintenspieler.
    Das einzige was ich sagen würde das die Lasher von VS ne übelste Noobwaffe ist weil die Projektile so groß sin das es keine Kunst ist jemanden zu treffen.

    Either something is translated wrong or they are trying to sell their argument as mine?
    You said yourself that as a player of servers with lower pop count my statements are not meaningful.


    Entweder wird was falsch übersetzt oder versuchen sie gerade ihr Argument als meins zu verkaufen?
    Sie sagten doch selbst das ich als Spieler von Server mit niedrigeren Pop zahlen meine Aussagen nicht aussagekräftig sind.

    I'll be honest, I don't quite understand your analogy. What do flower masks have to do with these Metal listeners?
    If you have forgotten your mask and you need one then take one.


    Ich will ehrlich sein, ich versteh ihre Analogie nicht ganz. Was haben Blumenmasken mit mit diesen Metal Hörern zu tun?
    Wenn man seine Maske vergessen hat und und kurzerhand eine braucht dann nimmt auch solche.

    Didn't I have the discussion with them once?

    That a console support is useless and should concentrate only on the PC? Especially it should be noted that if I understood that in a stream correctly, there is only one person in the team who is specially hired for this. Which is why you can say that they are contrasting on the PC version.
    I will look for the link tomorrow or the next days. Today no more there is no end for me.
    I once mentioned (to my memory) that an F2P is about catching "whales". As long as there are whales, the game will also run on servers with low traffic.
    Well, now that DBG is only the host of the servers and nobody knows how it will affect RPG with the costs, one can only speculate.

    But I gladly admit that I put several hundred Euro into the game. Not since the end of last year, because there is nothing attractive left for anything.


    Hatte ich nicht mit ihnen mal die Diskussion?

    Das eine Konsolen Unterstützung sinnlos ist und sich nur auf den PC konzentrieren soll? Besonders ist anzumerken, das sich ja wenn ich das in einem Stream richtig verstanden habe sich nur eine einzige Person im Team darum kümmert die speziell dafür anheuert wurde. Weswegen man schon sagen kann das sie sich auf die PC Version kontrieren.
    Ich werde morgen oder die Tage mal den Link raussuchen. Heute nicht mehr da gleich für mich Schluss ist.
    Da erwähnte ich es mal (meiner Erinnerung nach) das in einem F2P darum geht "Wale" zu fangen. So lang es diese gibt, wird das Spiel auch eher Schwach besuchte Server laufen.
    Gut jetzt da DBG nur noch der Host der Server ist und niemand weiß wie es nun mit den Kosten dieser auf RPG auswirkt, kann man darüber nur spekulieren.

    Aber ich gebe gern zu das mehrere Hundert Euro in das Spiel gesteckt habe. Seit Ende letzten Jahres nicht mehr, da für nichts ansprechendes mehr da ist.

    As already mentioned, part of their argumentation seems subjective. The statements alone that players are only in the bio lab and co for fun. Is purely subjective.
    To support her statement, a clearer tracking function would need, as already mentioned, a detailed statement about the player's behaviour.


    Wie schon erwähnt wirkt ein teil ihrer Argumentation Subjektiv. Allein schon die Aussagen das Spieler nur zum Spaß im Biolabor und co ist. Ist rein Subjektiv.

    Um ihre Aussage zu unterstützen bräuchte es, wie schon erwähnt eine klarere Verfolgungsfunktion eine detaillierte Aussage über der Spieler über ihr verhalten.
    It is either a translation error or they do not realize subjectively their argument is. They removed all the fights that the players wanted. It is rather presumptuous to claim to speak for the entire player community. Especially since only Bios and co seem to be on their way. From what they say.
    For me it looks like saying: here are many players who do the same as I do. So I am in the right, because there are more players here. So it is as subjective as my argument that you are only here to farm.


    Es ist entweder ein Übersetzungsfehler oder sie merken nicht subjektiv ihr Argument ist. Sie entfernten alle Kämpfe die die Spieler wollten. Es ist ziemlich vermessen zu behaupten für die gesamte Spielerschaft zu sprechen. Besonders da sich ja nur Bios und co auf zu halten scheinen. Von dem was sie so von sich geben.
    Für mich sieht es so aus als sagen: hier sind viele Spieler, die das selbe machen wie ich. Also bin ich im recht, weil hier mehr Spieler sind. Damit ist es genauso Subjektiv wie mein Argument das man nur zum farmen da ist.

    Stupid question, but have you already been on the test server and looked at the newly designed Esamir? The update should already be on there.
    How do you know that there will be no more funny fights on Esamir? Yes the storm will be annoying. They are also totally prejudiced and go in from the front, that it won't be fun anymore. Maybe there will be new funny fights.

    They seem very prejudiced to me from the beginning, so I think that they can hardly consider themselves as objective.


    Dumme Frage, aber waren sie schon auf dem Testserver und haben sich das neu gestaltete Esamir angeschaut? Das Update sollte da ja schon drauf sein.
    Woher wissen sie das auf Esamir zu keinen Lustigen Kämpfen mehr kommen wird? Ja der Sturm wird nerven. Sie sind auch total voreingenommen und gehen von vorne rein aus, das es nicht mehr spaß machen wird. Vielleicht wird es zu neuen lustigen kämpfen kommen.

    Sie wirken auf mich von vornerein sehr voreingenommen, weswegen ich der Meinung bin das sie sich auch kaum noch als Objektiv betrachten können.

    They don't even seem to agree that we are two sides of the same coin. In which they always want to invalidate my argument and say we are here for fun.


    Sie scheinen sich ja nicht mal darauf einigen zu können, das wir 2 Seiten einer Medaille sind. In dem sie mein Argument immer entkräften wollen und sagen wir sind zum Spaß hier.

    The reason is simple; the balance problems are not as important as elsewhere and farming is possible here with the most primitive means. For example it is much easier to flank the enemy than to throw C4 into the pack. In short: It is very easy to farm C4 kills, but also grenade kills.

    But I think that they keep the disharmony within limits, except for a few minor details (the libs for example), when you use your head.

    For example, air defence seems to be considered useless by many players. Thus the available means are not used. In short, it creates even greater balance problems because the few who try it are just as frustrated. And the ground-to-air combat seems even worse than it is in part.
    Because the effect of the individual is weaker against the vehicle than when you really work together.
    But I would like to point out that Libs for example are really too heavily armoured. Once a Lib just flew away although it was under fire of 3 AA Max. Because it simply takes too much. But if an experienced pilot sits in it, it can certainly easily take on 3 fighters.


    Der Grund ist Simpel; da fallen die Balance Probleme nicht so sehr ins Gewicht als wie wo anders und es hier mit primitivsten Mitteln möglich ist farmen. Z.B. ist es hier deutlich einfacher den Gegner als Leichte zu flankieren C4 in die Meute schmeißen. Kurz: Es sehr einfach C4 Kills zu farmen, aber auch Granaten Kills.

    Aber ich bin der Meinung das sie die Disharmonie bis auf ein paar leichte Einzelheiten (die Libs z.B.) sich Grenzen hält, wenn man seinen Kopf benutzt.

    Z.B. scheint die Luftabwehr von vielen Spielern als Nutzlos erachtet zu werden. Damit werden die vorhandenen Mittel nicht genutzt. Kurz so entsteh eine noch größeres Balance Probleme weil die wenigen die es probieren dann genauso gefrustet sind. Und der Boden Luft Kampf wirkt noch schlimmer, als er teilweise ist.
    Weil die Wirkung des einzelnen schwächer gegen das Fahrzeug ist, als wenn man wirklich zusammen arbeitet.
    Wobei ich aber anmerken möchte das z.B. Libs wirklich zu stark gepanzerter sind. Einmal ist ne Lib einfach weg geflogen obwohl sie unter Beschuss von 3 AA Max stand. Weil sie einfach zu viel wegsteckt.

    Here I completely agree with them. That's where I made the mistake.
    Because it was a short night and I even nodded away several times in between, I easily needed 2-3 hours to write all this.

    I only looked at the activities where there is nothing on it and under API, where I didn't find anything either. But under "Territory Control" it says so.


    Hier gebe ich ihnen vollkommen recht. Da lag der Fehler bei mir.
    Da es eine kurze Nacht war und ich sogar zwischen drinn mehrmals weg genickt bin, weswegen ich locker 2-3 Stunden brauchte um das hier zu alles schreiben.

    Ich habe mir nur die Aktivitäten angeschaut, wo nichts dran steht und unter API, wo ich auch nichts fand. Aber unter "Territory Control" steht es dann.
  14. Marik


    As promised here is the thread:

    It was not them I wrote with, but they remind me of him in that way.

    If you were to release a PS5 Xbox version, you could really create a version tailored to the hardware of the consoles to get the best performance out of it, because it's unlikely to change for several years. So the technical adaptation would probably be a one-time effort, not having to install new graphics cards and so on all the time.
    I don't know much about computers, but as far as I understand PC gamers, you always have to make sure when you install new parts that they are supported by the game.


    So wie versprochen hier ist der Thread:

    Sie waren es nicht mit dem ich geschrieben habe, sie erinnern mich aber in der Art an ihn.

    Wobei anmerken möchte sollte man eine PS5 Xbox Version rausbringen, könnte man wirklich eine auf Hardware der Konsolen zugeschnittene Version schaffen um ein optimales Leistungsverhältnis zu schaffen, weil da wahrscheinlich mehrere Jahre sich nichts ändern wird. Womit der technische Anpassung wahrscheinlich einmalig wäre, nicht ständig für neue Grafikkarten und so irgendwas neues aufgespielt werden muss.

    Ich versteh nicht viel von Computern, aber so weit ich PC Spieler verstehe muss ja immer darauf geachtet werden wenn man neue teile verbaut ob die von dem Spiel unterstützt werden.
  15. pnkdth

    I think RPG went about this backwards. Instead of removing Bio Labs they should have made all bases large facilities and tie the map together to make it more compact (this making it feel bigger) in order to, 1) make battles more fluid, 2) make zergs less viable to simply steamroll the map, 3) create bigger battlefronts thus bigger battles, 3) battles would last longer AND not be abruptly over.

    Regardless if you believe the primary reason for being at a Bio Lab is for fun or for farm, this would extend both approaches to more bases meaning more opportunities for fun and farm (and maybe even both!).
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  16. Demigan

    Spot on, but I wouldnt make the continents smaller or compact. If all bases become large bases you still want enough space between for vehicle battles to occur. You can add trenches, very small canyons, big boulders and occasional structures for infantry to also take to the field and fight alongside their vehicles. This way the game offers a more diverse playstyle as vehicles are used between bases. Especially if all bases start with an airdome that prevents Galaxy drops directly on points until you lowered it you would get a far larger range of attacks.

    I suggested some time back to remove a lot of small bases, then push the remaining small bases right next to each other to form their own segmented large base (possibly surrounding an actual large base) with some vehicle paths and courtyards to fight through. That way if you capture a base, the defenders are already using the base right next to it to basically attack you right back.

    In the large empty fields you have created you can then set up lattice lines to FOB's. Tiny bases with one capture point, a miniscule spawnroom, a vehicle pad and potentially a tiny bit of extra defenses like trenches, low walls and turrets. These are what the vehicles fight over, and these can be augmented with PMB's.

    For bonus points: make sure that the vehicle spawns are inside the base, protected by infantry. For the attackers to shut down the vehicle spawn they would need both infantry and vehicle control of the base. This gives the defenders the opportunity to build up vehicle forces inside the base and push out, rather than the attackers just shutting down vehicle spawns by simply arriving. One reason why Quartz Ridge for example works is that the vehicle spawn is in a courtyard that can be approached by defender infantry from several angles. If the attacker doesnt have infantry cover he'll lose his foothold and the defenders can push out. The vehicle exit is also located in such a way that its harder to use as a chokepoint against the defenders, and infantry can use the buildings and walkways to push vehicles clear and give their own vehicles the space to exit and clear out enemy vehicles. The simple addition of an infantry courtyard to spawn vehicles in makes this one of the best bases to pull vehicles for defense.
  17. Liewec123

    Yeah, a competent game developer would acknowledge that players flock to certain bases,
    And then try to make other bases offer the same appeal, "now people might want to fight elsewhere!"
    Dev work done right, observe what we enjoy, make more of it.

    Wrel just herp-derp deletes the popular bases, because he isn't a dev,
    he's just a clueless idiot whose been given the reins of our beloved game.

    60 bases on esamir becoming 43, biolabs removed, central indar ruined,
    this is the kind of stuff we can expect for the future of planetside with this idiot calling the shots.
    SoE made a great game, and now a youtuber is deleting their work, deleting our game.

    Even the 43 bases that he didn't delete have been ruined by his stupid decisions to do things like move cap points outside, he learnt nothing from the fact that we all flock to biolab to avoid the annoying vehicles,
    no no no, he's going to move capture points outside, because f**k you, get tank farmed.

    He needs to go, every patch that he remains for is destroying the game,
    like a parasite sapping the life right out of it bit by bit.
    DBG need to get some bugspray and finally oust this scourge.
  18. Lausk

    You got those people that want to grind grind grind in a biolab or TI alloys and that's their version of a great game.

    All I hear from platoon leaders, "We need to cut off that biolab to get our numbers out and onto the field"

    80% of these maps aren't getting any play because there's ****** meatgrinders stalling the flow of battle. I'm REALLY excited about these changes.

    If you don't like what Wrel is doing, stop playing the game. If you play the game, you condone the changes he's making. It's. That. Simple.

    He'll get fired if game pop takes a dive. It's simple math.
  19. Demigan

    And you never wonder why people prefer to ignore 80% of the maps and stick with a meatgrinder?

    If you want players to use 80% of the map you shouldn't cut the 20% they are using, you make the 80% of the map just as fun.

    Just imagine how you would feel if we cut the 80% of the map that you so much enjoy so all you are left with is Biolabs and such. "oh but then you'll get those numbers not in Biolabs already into them! More fun!". Can't you see how that will not work? Forcing players to join the gameplay they've been avoiding is not going to help the game forwards.

    Make everything as fun as the Biolabs, stop forcing people into gameplay they are actively avoiding by removing the parts they are playing.

    Wait what? You do know what happened right? The population took a dive and everyone but Wrel got fired. Then they rehired people. Basically it was a "we think everyone screwed up but we need this guy for some reason".
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  20. Johannes Kaiser

    Good idea in principle, but we all know deep down this would end up in every single base being a frigging useless meat grinder with 0 purpose. And nothing would ever move, because actual base caps would only happen once per day per server or so.

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