Devstream summary, Wrel strikes again.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Liewec123, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Pelojian

    they didn't even need to remove those bases, also the destoryed warpgate could have made an interesting base to capture and fight in, could have some nice environmental effects as a result of the damaged warpgate malfunctioning because it wasn't completely destoryed and disabled.

    imagine you are fighting in the destoryed warpgate and randomly swarms of nanobots spawn and travel down hallways doing chip damage to anything that passes through them (can be explained as the warpgate's auto repair function scavenging materials for rebuild)

    also randomly generated distorted light effects that mess with rangefinder function of EOD and special optics like night vision and thermal scopes while having an effect that makes infiltrators more noticable by eating up part of their light bending effect (light distorting could be explained by the warpgate partially functioning and randomly transporting light from the warpgate to other functional warpgates and vice versa)
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  2. TombsClawtooth

    As someone who has been with planetside since 2003, I have to say some of my most enjoyable and memorable fights happen in biolabs. It's one of the few places where HE spamming vehicles are taken out of the mix and you can enjoy some solid infantry combat. The only change I'd make is to bring them back to how they used to be, where you couldn't just directly spawn in. When it was only accessible via lift pads I feel like they worked much better.

    I just wish we could make room in the meta for more infantry combat out in the field. I spent a good 2 hours fighting up the hill to Ti alloys last night, and it was one of the more enjoyable times I've had in a long time. All 3 factions colliding in infantry combat with not a vehicle in sight to stop the action.

    So much potential in planetside 2 for combat at ranges no other game provides, and it's very under utilized.
  3. Liewec123

    Not only is it underutilised, but Wrel is purposefully destroying those parts of the game.
    The best fights on 2 continents won't exist next patch.
    And Wrel is doing it on purpose.

    If you or anyone you know is spending money on this game, please get them to stop,
    Every penny spent is paying for the purposeful destruction of our game.
    Less money, less patches.
  4. Taybridge

    What kind of statement is that? 'There taking away the stuff that I like, so lets burn it all down!'. So three out of the TWELVE biolabs won't be here next patch the stonebridge removed. update ain't even out yet and you have no idea how the fight will play out and your raging about defunding the.... ( whoops where have i seen that before) game. At least wait till after the update so you then can brag whether you was right or wrong.
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  5. Demigan

    Hold on there buddy, defunding the police has the purpose of redirecting who is responsible for certain actions. For example when a man is in in distress and confused about where he is a person trained to deal with such eventualities should be send. Rather than two police men who have gotten "predator training" and end up shooting the guys dog and one of the officers themselves while neither the man nor the dog posed a threat to either the police or themselves. The point is: The American police isn't trained to deal with most of the situations they can be called in for, and those situations that they are trained for their training is rather poorly chosen. Rather than learning to de-escalate situations they are basically trained to shoot first and ask questions later. Where in Europe and most other countries police is trained to shoot to stop that person by going for legs, arms or similar the American police trains with military targets. They are trained to shoot for the chest and head, and liberally so. People who fear things will arm themselves, which is easy in America, and with a police getting "predator" training and even being encouraged to shoot at the merest hint of potential danger the people who are subject to the police will be quicker to use violence in return, the same violence that the police say "see? We should have shot sooner". We haven't even touched on the Civil-War hate and discrimination basically still being a factor for much of America's population and doubly it's police force.
    And keep in mind that once more: Many of the things the police deals with there is no bigger danger than a punch to the face that can be avoided with proper de-escalation techniques as seen in just about any other country.
    Defund the police, restructure where that money goes to: Police needs to have a minimal knowledge of law, care and their roles. This is no less than a medical practicioner like a Nurse has to for their job. Other money has to go to other services, so that it is not a trigger-happy policeman showing up at your doorstep if you are in distress or having a mental disorder but someone trained and employed for helping you until more specialized services can arrive. Keep in mind that getting a mental disorder is easy with the biggest depression America has seen winding up.

    As for the Biolabs and Rock Bridge. The Biolabs in question are the most often used Biolab fights that are often available throughout the continent's being open. The Rock Bridge is also not the cause for the Crown's popularity or the bad parts of the gameplay flow around that area.

    The problem as described is basically "I could hold my peace now and wait for the fun I'm having to be destroyed for a possibility that my fun can still be found in the new status quo. Or I could speak up now, because after the first change where does it end?". In fact we are already too late: The current dev team has already been removing things and targeting specifically these fun battle area's. These Biolabs are another change in the wrong direction, and these people have already said that their biggest motivations are the income for the game. So speaking with your wallet against Biolab reforms would be the best way to get the message across.
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  6. AlcyoneSerene

    Agreed, though snipers tend to ruin open field fights so that unless you also go invisible planetmans shooting or stalking other invisible planetmans fewer good fights can be had there too. This is why I like biolabs, finally a place without vehicles and fewer bolters given the flow of infantry, cover, and flank routes.
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  7. Liewec123

    I'm paying them to work on the game, and what do they do?
    Finish NSO? Add new vehicles/weapons?
    Nah, they DELETE CONTENT from the game, a 60 base map becomes a 43 base map...
    deleting a third of the bases on the map, including the best ones,
    and ruining the rest by moving capture points into stupid positions outside.
    And as if that wasn't bad enough they add an annoying fight ruining storm that targets the biggest fight.
    But ruining one continent isn't enough!
    Let's ruin the best part of indar too...

    We don't need to wait to see how it plays out,
    those fights are the most fun in the game (hence why we all go there)
    And they're getting removed.
    (Also i went to PTS to access just how bad the damage is.)

    This is what my subscription was paying for.
    We pay them and they ruin esamir and central-indar, why the f**k should anyone keep paying?
    Wrel is a clueless youtuber masquerading as a game dev, and EVERY patch makes the game worse,
    At this point i'd rather not have any more patches

    Wrel's philosophy is to delete the stuff we enjoy in order to force us to fight elsewhere.
    If they want us to fight elsewhere then they should look at the bases that we enjoy and MAKE MORE.
    But nope "everyone is fighting at these bases! Better delete them."
    That is what we're paying for right? To have the best content deleted.
    And you have the nerve to ask why they need defunding.
    I refuse to pay an idiot to delete the content I enjoy.
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  8. Oroboro

    Planetside2 is an "old" game. But there are people working on new updates and content. It’s a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe it’s better to do nothing and let the game slowly die... Complaining is just a point of view.
  9. NotziMad


    You're not.

    I ******* hate that kind of entitled attitude : "I got money so I'm special". "I spend my money in the game so I'm even more special".

    You don't PAY them to WORK.

    Do you pay a ******* McDonald's cashier for anything but the hamburger he or she will give you?

    Reality check.

    PS. Money doesn't make you cool.
  10. Liewec123

    ok Notz we've agreed on pleny and disagreed on plenty.
    but do you really consider DELETING CONTENT to be a good use of resources?
    (and not just a little bit of content...A THIRD OF THE BASES on a continent.)
    and ruining the rest.

    do you think someone who pays to support this game should feel happy about A THIRD OF A MAP getting deleted?
    money well spent? a 60 base map becoming 43, SoEs hard work deleted.
    worth every penny is it?

    there is no defence for this.

    we pay their bills, they delete our content.
  11. NotziMad

    maybe it's more a matter of form; I wasn't disagreeing with you that they were doing a bad job, on the contrary, I agree on that.

    Call it semantics, but I was disagreeing that that was what you pay them for.

    People think DBG / Rogue Games is a charity, like feed the homeless, or some kind of kick starter campaign, where you "support" the work of the devs beacause you believe in it. They aren't, and even if when you spend money on DB cash or memberships or whatever, they say "thanks for your support", there's no difference between you giving them money or you buying a hamburger in McDonalds.

    (that's what I meant)
  12. Liewec123

    Except when I pay McDonald's I get something.
    This is more like I pay them and they come to my house and take my food away.
    I pay McDonald's to GIVE food, not remove it
    Imagine if I paid me Donald's and they came to my house and removed a third of my food,
    And ofcourse they asked what my favourite food was and removed that first.
    Noone should buy McDonald's if that is what their money leads to.

    I love McDonald's and am so glad Wrel isn't in charge of that too.
    Watching one thing that i love get ruined by an idiot is enough.
  13. NotziMad

    When you pay McDonald's, you get whatever you ordered and when you buy DBG, you get :

    Premium in-game benefits in participating DGC games

    500 DAYBREAK CASH reward to claim each month

    10% OFF unlimited marketplace purchases

    Exclusive promotions and offers

    • 10% off marketplace purchases
    • Free monthly 500 Daybreak Cash claim
    • Exclusive promotions and offers
    • +50% experience
    • +3% experience for every member in your squad
    • +48 passive certification points per day
    • +50% resources
    • Monthly double XP weekend
    • Log-in queue priority
    • Access to members-only daily sale
    • Three additional character slots
    • Three additional custom loadouts
    • Nanite Systems Operative access

    I don't even understand why either you or I are bothering spending any time arguing about this lol.
    Yeah, you go to McDonalds, you buy a happy meal, you get a happy meal, you don't say to the man or woman at the cashier : I AM PAYING YOU TO WORK AND YOU ARE NOT WORKING ENOUGH.
    At the end of the day, they got their own boss who pays them to do what they do, it's not you, it's not any of us, we are customers, that's it.
    So until you actually fork out some REAL CASH and buy some shares? You aren't entitled that what a boss is entitled.
  14. Pelojian

    a fast food outlet is not comparable to a game.

    everything you listed is side perks that are optional.
    if nobody paid a subscription or bought items from the store there would be no game.

    when people put money into the game they expect the developers to design and maintain the game to please the largest segment of players to keep them playing and spending money.

    it's reasonable when the developers do a 180 and start destroying things to make other stuff look better that people get upset about the direction of the game.

    people do not play games they do not enjoy, people who remain silent when the developers destory things just enable the developers to continue to make bad decisions in an attempt to make crappy features look less like crap while destroying people's fun.
  15. Liewec123

    exactly, i pay them money, i get something.
    hell even if it is a fillet o' fish, i still got something for my money.
    they don't come to my house and take my food away.

    esamir is currently 60 bases, it is becoming 43, that is not content, that is DELETING content.
    we're giving them money and they're deleting the game.

    this is indefensible behaviour.
    why are you on their side?
    they're deleting content and you're trying to defend them.
  16. NotziMad

    hey, guys

    I thought about this idea, it's really simple, you can't not understand, but it's relevant and on topic :

    you ready?

    1 + 1 = 2


    xxx replies :

    this game is not a mathematical equation

    yyyy replies

    at least maths doesn't take my food from me

    etc tec etc

    In a nutshell, these forums..
  17. Liewec123

    60 - 17 = 43
  18. PvtChungle

    Wrel is just turning this into CODside2 which isn't in the spirit of planetside at all.
  19. Brok9000

    Odd defending of this by some.

    Yes, sometimes content needs to be removed or modified. But in this case it seems like some heavy handed, and lazy, bullsh1t.

    I'll still enjoy Planetside 2 but this particular choice by the devs seems to be a very poor one. In fact everyone who posted against it made some simple yet effective suggestions that would be much better than 'lets just remove it all'.

    Plus they should work more on attracting new players. All games get tiresome after awhile, only thing that keeps a game going is a steady inflow of new players. And after coming back, I know that a new new player will not find it overly welcoming. BioLabs is one of the few places where every death makes sense (to a new player) and new players can practice infantry combat. Granted it is a mash up but so what?
  20. Twin Suns

    Just imagine if DBG would've started making a whole new PS3, instead of wasting $$$ and time on that trash PS/A.

    Now it's just turning into PS2.90 with the same dog $ hit graphics and latency. Bwahahahaha!!! And the same bugs! Bwahahahaha!!!

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