Definitive Proof that TR is "overpowered"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by zverofaust, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Enlai

    OP, based on how much time you spend trolling on the forums, I get the impression that you only ever actually log in the PS2 to take screenshots and come crying back here.

    You're not even a good troll, you're just...boring.

    There are absolutely balance issues that need to be addressed. Maybe rather than posting threads like this that offer 0 suggestions and are composed of entirely of you crying, perhaps you could try to model your posts after some of the more constructive ones that speak to specific problems and offer genuine solutions.

    Or better yet, stop posting and go join a more productive discussion.
  2. Ennkay

    A lot of people I talk to tend to think TR is perpetually involved in 2v1s. While that may be not entirely accurate, I think the way the map is laid out for the TR on every continent tends to get them involved in such fights more frequently. In all three continents the TR warpgate is laid in such a place that our 'home bases' stretch across a lot more of the physical game world. This means that when TR extend their fronts its a lot easier to spread out their forces and start attacking both the NC and VS. While attacking two empires simultaneously is not unique to TR, the way in which our map forces us to spread our forces makes it so when NC and VS decide they've had enough of the TR's ******** they can turn the fight on us easier.

    Basically **** square maps.
  3. Jourmand1r

    IDK if TR is overpowered but I can definitively say 2 things.

    1. The TR pistol is overpowered.

    2. I avoid fighting the TR whenever possible because they suck to fight against. IDK if its a balance issue, player skill on my server, outfit based or what, but I can kill me some vanu, but the TR punch me in the mouth.
  4. Vortok

    Over on Connery it's not uncommon for the TR to be holding over 50% of the map on at least two continents while simultaneously still having a presence (aka, not warpgated) on the third. Indar has been taking from then a couple times (usually a wee hours warpgate or a Devil Dogs large scale operation), but they usually take the infantry bonus back pretty quickly. Amerish bounces between them and the NC while VS camps Esamir and struggles to do squat elsewhere. The best science is done in remote, frigid regions after all. Nobody knows why. Science!

    It's almost like the playerbase of a faction for each server (and pop) is a much bigger factor than the minor differences in guns/vehicles/etc. The TR here are basically a little ahead of the game compared to the other two. On other servers other factions are ahead.

    But joke thread is joke. Posting a screencap while TR was still the last to own the continent (aka, hadn't even been warpgated to lose ownership) was kinda shooting yourself in the foot, though.
  5. Lethal_Sting

    Sum up the whole thing. Also doesn't help that blue & purple outfits help each other out at those times as well.

    They are the same way on the MW:O forum...
  6. Jourmand1r

    They are the same way on the MW:O forum...[/quote]

    After 8pm EST no one is on waterson. Whole continents of nothing.

    We need a server merge (matherson and maybe soltech/jaeger are fine). But Waterson is like dead at this point.
  7. dhexo

    I can say that #2 probably has to do with the "flinch" effect when you get shot.(when shot your reticule moves up suddenly) Said flinch favors High ROF/Automatic weapons which happen to be TR's specialty. There's some thread on the forums about it, but i cbf to find it right now.

    edit: found it anyway.
  8. Zeke342

    Dang you're right.. TR do suck.
    Clearly the VS and NC are WAY OP and should be nerfed to the ground.

    You said Matterson right?
    Here is Matterson right now.

    Honestly Zverofaust needs to be banned from posting. Look at this kids post history.. it is NOTHING but whining that he sucks at this game and blames the game creators for these issues.

    The balance in this game is not NEARLY as bad as this kid makes it out to be.. it has it's issues.. but map control is NOT definitive proof at all. The map flips like this DAILY. It is because the VS major outfit run ops late at night while the TR (the enclave) run their ops during the day.

    If you take 200 NC, 200 VS, and 200 TR guess who the winner will be.

    OBVIOUSLY the group with the organized outfit is going to be taking the map.. find a different server that works with your timezone better and stop cluttering the forums with your constant whining kid.
  9. Spoonkill

    The only reason TR is loosing the continent in that screen grab is the whole faction is camping inside Tawich Tech plant, as they do most of the time.
  10. Liquid23

    anecdotes coupled with random screenshots taken out of context = definitive proof on the internet

    tho since the OP didn't include any cat pictures I don't think he actual made his point beyond a reasonable doubt
  11. Vikarius

    The reasoning is easy to explain if there is even one needed (on Sol Tek almost every faction dominates 1 cont).

    You see TR have the most overpowered dev love weapons in the game hands down, no argument, that is on paper AND in practice. So... since a lot of NC think their weapons are underpowered they rerolled to vanu because of the mutual hate for the dev loved TR. Then you have all the posts from NC claiming they are UP... which turns any new players away and if they still wanted an actual challenge they went to Vanu or just because of the "Flashy" weapons and skins. Now you know why Vanu has a larger pop, at least on 2 of the servers I play on
  12. xtoph

    Thats the point, if TR were as OP as everyone says we would see them dominate every server all the time.
  13. Paulus

    Meh, sorry OP, you're going to have to live with it. I've seen TR on Lithcorp have 60% pop and still not be able to cont lock indar (you can forget about having more than 2 bases on any of the others). Forget being on equal terms, its not going to happen. I could make a bunch of wide and unsubstantiated gusses based on my experience, but i won't, because they'll just be an opinion, so i'll stick to the above facts. Just log in, get as many kills as you can and log out.
  14. Deladin

    TR are matherson are bad, but they have the largest zerg outfit in the game and will dominate continent after continent when that outfit logs on.

    Problem is they suck, and are just XP ****** and will cap a ton of bases, but give them up so they can try and cap them again for the XP.

    I am talking about The Enclave(TE) and the cult of buzzcutsphyco. They have no real skill, even him, who is number one on the server. But of course he abuses the **** out of his outfit to pad his KDR (forces a padre of outfit members to pull liberators and have them on standby so he can jump from one to the other as they die off) and will never roll without at least 5 medics or engies FOCUSED SOLELY ON HIM. Of course get him in a one vs one and he is easy mode kill. Just have to counter his bunny hopping CARV wielding shenanigans and you have him dead to rights.

    THIS is why the TR on Mattherson suck. They prefer to farm XP and have no idea how to defend. They are a disgrace to Planetside as a whole. Can't begin to count the number of times they zerged with 7-8 gully loaded galaxies and took almost 10 bases at once, but rather then hold the battle line, they just up and disappear and let you take all those bases back, only to come back and do it again for the capture XP.

    a disgrace.
  15. Brutus

  16. Antivide

    That's actually a pretty good strategy for farming certs.

    Which is unfortunate because the gameplay kind of encourages this kind of thing. Certs and XP are King.
  17. Autrayu

    I'm TR on matherson does have it's faults but I wouldnt go so far as saying they are a disgrace. We put up a good fight as often as the other factions do. Seems to me though that whenever we're fighting VS, NC shows up. Not bashing or anything, would just like to know why.
  18. Diamond Sword

    We can not count Mattherson in these arguments. Their player population is majorly skewed by VS because Reddit's based on that server as Vanu.

    Connery is good; the total population (not just continental) is almost always a perfect 33% split between all three factions. Indar is also pretty much always owned by TR, with Amerish flipping between the 3 factions a lot, and Esamir hardly changes hands at all because it's always like 80% vanu and nothing else.
  19. Cute-CandyPants

    TR are the strongest faction

    they have the best stated weapons and the best designed *they are overpowerd*
  20. Stride

    They have the lowest population on the continent in that picture... What did you take a pic at 4am in the morning or something?

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