Coqmposite Armor for libs need serious buff.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Nitish Sharma, May 14, 2014.

  1. Nitish Sharma

    I know they've buffed recently,a lot,but the buff didn't add any resistance to rocket launcher,non lock ons or maybe even for lock ons(do believe it's counted in flak as it's indirect DMG)
    So even if I put it on or not,it's still 3 hit kill from decimator and phoenix,1 hit of phoenix takes around 36-40% HP,standard launcher do quite less indeed but composite should provide resistance against them.
    30% resistance like heavy tank rounds would be fair for me.
    I usually solo with bulldog in back,sometimes I park my lib at towers when pop is low there and kill some infantry.
    Give liberators more love!

    And never use your phone for posting here,fkin auto correct.
  2. D3GGEY

    I'm sorry, what?

    ...hoping it's a troll, hoping it's a troll...
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  3. Nitish Sharma

    It's not,I laughed myself reading it now,just saying composite should add resistance to rocket launchers.
  4. Halkesh

    Since lolberator update, SOE have increased stock lib resistance against non-guided RL. Before, liberator could be killed in 2 shot with decimator and set on fire with 2 stock RL. Now 2 deci hit set lib on fire and you still need 3 stock RL hit to kill a lib.

    If the liberator resistance has been improved against tank shell, it's because to the high velocity of them (far more easier to hit a lib with AP than with a decimator).
    Composite armor is enough powerful, it don't need to increase resistance against non-guided RL.

    No personal offense, but I think solo-lib and camping lib (like you do with bulldog) shouldn't exist.
  5. HellasVagabond

    Don't know if serious or not....
  6. Stormsinger

    The only love the current lib needs is a bit of duster reworking.
    As for composite armor and AP shell resistance, this needs some feline disrespect from behind. Those of you who know about the gif I am referring to will know what I mean.

    Those who do not, exercise caution when googling.
  7. JorgeSarcos

    If you got 3 decimator hits.. and FFS 3 shots... you should already be dead because you dont know how to fly a Lib mate.
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  8. Nitish Sharma

    No,I've never died with any rocket launchers,never,what I want is that composite should resist some of that,I can clearly remember it was around 60% HP per deck shot before,As when I hit them once and them activating fire sup didn't make them survive the second shot.
    The composite on harasser prevents all DMG by 8%,not every other weapon except RLs
    What I'm supposed to hunt when it's 6 am in AU(not my time),when there is no air at all,so I change load out,Viktor,duster,bulldog and composite and go to every NC vs TR(It's actually rare for me fighting my own fight ) and takeout some land groupies and troll with duster,lately I realised that composite doesn't resist RL shots, hence I stopped using it since it's not worth it anyway,not like I get daltoned by anyone else easily.
  9. Wobulator

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! NO!.
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  10. LibertyRevolution

    The only thing liberators need more resistance to is forumside...
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  11. Nitish Sharma

    But,but,I spent certs on it
    Ahh,nvm not like It's hard to make few certs
  12. Alarox

    I agree. Liberators should be immune to bad piloting.
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  13. Flag

    Not a troll you say?
    Ok, you're mad.

    If you insist on solo-libing, this is one of the "perks" you get.
    Don't like it? Play with other people.
    Don't have other people? ... well, then you have a problem that shouldn't be fixed with buffing or nerfing something.
  14. Alarox

    I guess certain Liberator users have forgotten the fact that even they are meant to be destroyed. If they want to be invulnerable to everything they they should cost 750 resources. Seriously, ground vehicles are destroyed constantly and have plenty of devastating counters. ESFs are extremely fragile. Even MAXes are fragile when faced with their counters. Liberators? Why should they fear ANYTHING except other Liberators?
  15. Nitish Sharma

    If composite on harasser or blockable on sundies can resist every weapons' damage,why can't composite on libs.
    And I've never had a problem doing solo,it's almost never that I die in my lib with Dalton or AP(without composite),but just when I equip it(not doing now,as RL was the only problem),then only I get hit by Deck or phoenix,I've to first kill the guy who shot then repair(as no auto rep),while If I didn't have composite I would just kill him then look for other targets.
  16. Frozen-K

    Because if liberators feared anything else, we might have a more balanced game where we don't need multiple AA units to kill one liberator?
  17. Govedo13

    Libs need to loose the resistance for tank shells and dumbfires and get esf nosegun/ AtA wing mount resistance and Dalton Shredder resistance with the composite armour. Also the full level compostlite should offer only 5 % flak bonus not 17%.
    This comes from Max rank composite user.
  18. Flag

    While nowhere near what the enthusiasts have, I do have a fair amount of time spent in the lib, and besides AP-AP back when it was even more absurd most of the problems could have been "solved" by having a higher flight ceiling. Granted, this has some implications in server performance, but at least you'd avoid these stupid buffs that cause more problems than they solve.

    The thing is that there's more to the balance than this.
    You have to make sure that AA don't scale too hard while also making them worth using in small numbers.
    But at the same time you shouldn't leave situations like how it's for MBTs (especially the mag) right now where the fight is favouring the Lib to the extend that it does.
    Sure, let it keep an advantage, but not the crazy one it has today.

    The flak protection is what it should get. The real problem comes from the protection against the tank shells/dumbfire rockets.
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  19. JorgeSarcos

    Because Fire Supression on an ESF heals for much more than any other vehicle, it doesnt necessarily has to be the same ability across vehicles, so far you are the only one requesting a buff to libs while 99.9999% of forumside wants it nerfed, maybe you are the one with the wrong point of view dont you think?
  20. Nitish Sharma

    You clearly need to spend more time in libs,rather than talking about libs in forums.