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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Elky, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. Elky

    With this build you can still snipe effectively at long range (6x), and win most close combat fights without much trouble.

    Gun - Nyx
    Attachments - 6x Scope, Compensator, Laser Sight
    Suit - Nanoweave
    Misc - Proximity Mines
    Ability - Cloak Regen Speed

    The Nyx has one of, if not the highest damage output in the game of all the infantry weapons. From long range it takes 2 headshots to kill a heavy, and most of the time both shots can be fired before the person has time to move. With the compensator, laser sight, and initiating the fight, 1v1s with anything but a MAX become very easy. The exception being medium range combat, where blindfiring isn't very effective and a 6x scope zooms too far. Those situations are easily avoided though, unless spotted while moving in camo. The gun has a lot of vertical recoil, so it takes a bit of getting use to, and is a must to have a compensator and laser sight. The most effective use of this build is hunting people. Following 1 or 2 people while in camo, then exiting stealth when very close behind them. If you're close enough that every one of your bullets hit, they won't even have time to return fire. If going up against a Heavy head to head, you still shouldn't have many problems, as long as you're not missing your shots. The Nyx's damage output is so much higher than anything the Heavy can use, that it compensates for the fact your armor is much less than theirs.
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  2. VoidWalker

    I bought the Nyx but am not impressed with the damage so far. Why does it take two head shots to kill even normal troopers at a medium distance? I can just take the 98 and one shot everything but the heavy at medium to long thus far. I shot an engi in the head with Nyx it at medium range but it took 2 just to kill him. Are you sure the damage is right? I mean the 98 is much lower but I can at least kill people in one shot with it which to me is much more efficient since most stand still anyway.
  3. Apina

    I love my Ghost (vanu) most ppl drop with headshot and with 4x scope I can even take very long shot with shift. Then using starter rifle (12x) scope for some incidents, most people drop with 2 headshot. Also about 6-9 for maxes.
  4. Nehemia

    Nyx with 6x scope? Why don't you just use a semi-auto sniper, which is far superior to it.

    The only use of Nyx is less than 3.4x scope, where the weapon actually stays accurate in comparison. Also due its firing speed. semi-autos unfortunately are just that much better. And if those HAs can aim at all, they have killed you with automatic weapons headshots before your gun allows you to fire your second shot.
  5. TheMadCatter

    The nyx is semi-auto.....
  6. m44v

    I disagree about using nanoweave, since the infiltrator doesn't get to survive one extra shot at close range until you get nanoweave rank 5.
  7. Rigsta

    Just curious. Have you actually been using this gun in CQ? I wasn't impressed when I did the 30-minute trial. HAs and medics would out-gun me every time.
  8. Nehemia

    And of it? Nyx is an semi-auto scout rifle. I said to use a sniper rifle.

    I have, and I'm telling you, unless your opponent decides to give you 2-3 free seconds of free shooting, you won't get **** done. The COF is just horrible.
  9. Elky

    Using a semi-sniper doesn't work. The semi-snipers aren't able to get a compensator or a laser sight, can use a 4x max scope, and have double the recoil of the scout rifles.
  10. Elky

    You need a compensator and a laser-dot to fight people at close/medium range with the Nyx.
  11. Elky

    You need 2 shots to the head with a semi-auto rifle that fires at a rate of 260 rpm. If you have a free .25 seconds of free shooting, they will die.
  12. Benton!

    You need to hit them twice in the head with recoil, lag, them moving, RECOIL, LAG...

  13. Balindrum

    I've been rolling with the Nyx as a CQC weapon today, and it's superb. If they see you first, it's not going to save you, and you're going to die. However, you are an Infiltrator, and if they see you first it doesn't really matter what weapon you have. Use your cloak — it is better than nothing, and works rather well a surprising amount of the time — and use terrain and cover. Get the drop on your enemy, you're an Infiltrator.

    I do, however, disagree with the attatchments. The laser sight is really personal preference; I seldom shoot from the hip, and highly dislike the hit you take to your detect ability for it. Others swear by the laser sight. The scope, though? No, a x6 is just wrong for this gun. It's far too high a magnification. Don't try and do everything with one loadout; you have two at BR5, set one for sniping and one for CQC. The Nyx is a monster in the latter with a x1 reflex sight.

    I don't understand why you'd take the compensator, either. You're not using this gun for long range engagements, the suppressor is just better for CQC. You don't show up on the map, and your gunshots are quiet. I cannot express enough how much of an advantage that is, it lets you just melt away after picking people off. The downsides of the suppressor are irrelevant at short range, and the reduced bullet velocity is actually more of a good thing as it helps curb the Nyx's monstrous recoil.

    If you want to play an infiltrating Infiltrator, I don't see why you'd take anything other than the Nyx as your weapon if you're playing VS. Run around, pick people off, hack terminals, blow up generators and generally be an enormous thorn in the enemy's side.
  14. Benton!

    Bolt Action + Handgun = most versatile, jack of all trades, master of none play style. For CQC, it's OK. The sniper semi-auto gun with the ironsights is statistically better.
  15. TheMadCatter

    I've played vs the OP before, only infiltrator I've ever seen that could kill me in close range combat [as a heavy]. If you can fight heavies in close range, and still snipe from far away, then this is the most versatile build an inf can go.
  16. Skythor

    ive died to him as well, but it does make me feel a bit better that i wasnt the only one, as its quite embarrassing to die to an infiltrator in a short distance fight.

    to the one guy talking about the 6x scope being too far, ive only ever seen him fire from the hip up close. he comes out of stealth and instantly crouches and bursts for my head. most of the time im not even able to use my shield. after he comes out of stealth it all happens so fast that i couldnt even hit the button. the compensator helps with the vertical recoil and the laser dot helps with aiming. after dying to it a few times i decided to try it out myself and without the compensator and laser dot it was horrendous. once i got both of them i could see how it works, but it was still ridiculously hard and i wasnt doing that well, i dont think this build should be recommended to an infiltrator unless he has amazing accuracy and super fast reflexes.
  17. BillNye The Vanu Guy

    Trust me, it might sound good on paper that the gun doesnt work in close combat, but when he comes out sometimes you cant even turn around before your dead. There have only been a few times that I can remember where Ive actually got shots off at him. Most of the time I run into him he opens up on me from behind, crouched. I dont have any nanoarmor, and im a combat medic, so unless i catch him in stealth or went face to face with him, there is honestly no chance. Im dead in 2-3 shots everytime, and that gun fires over 4 shots a second.
  18. Elky

    The 6x scope is just for sniping when the situation arises, I never zoom while fighting short or medium range. The compensator is the only reason this build works, to be honest. I could care less if people can see me on their minimap, it drastically reduces the vertical recoil of the weapon, which is the only downside it has. The laser sight is just so I don't have to zoom-- the time it takes to zoom will cost you your life most of the time. The reason why I kill so many people with this build is I open up on them, and then they zoom in and start firing at me. By the time they're zoomed in and start firing, they're too far behind to win the fight. That half a second it takes to zoom in on someone will get you killed vs a good HA or Medic.
  19. Benton!

    What...? If you are looking to fight at close range, you only need 4x at the most, laser sights are only for hip firing, and they have the same recoil.
  20. VKhaun

    What does this bring to the table over a light assault with slugs and C4?

    Hacking consoles and shooting a dart that gives old intel people don't use doesn't seem to justify the stats loss and poor CQC performance. If there's a turret or something worth hacking, go infiltrator and get the turret. If not, then back to my question. What would this bring to the table that's better than LA with slugs?
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