Change ESF missiles vs. liberators

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by GaBeRock, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. GaBeRock

    In a dogfighting scenario, the only teamwork the crew uses is the pilot pointing the lib belly in the general direction of the aircraft. In anything but a shredder lib, that requires considerable skill, to be sure, but teamwork? Not really. If you bring up the 2 person lib thing, then pulling 2 ESFs takes just as much coordination.

    I'm not saying that ESFs should be insta-win buttons against liberators, but properly loaded out ESFs (aire nosegun, AB or air secondary) should have a fighting chance to take down the ESFs when they have surprise if there are 2 of them, even if the pilots have relatively little skill* and a skilled solo pilot should be able to take down or drive off anything but an exceptionally skilled or lucky lib crew unless they make a mistake.

    *and remember, skill is relative in the ESF game, a noob pilot still probably has hours of practice under their belt, and someone with a decently certed out plane: days. With the high barrier to entry for ESFs, even those noob pilots you feel justified schredding into tiny chunks have probably devoted a fair bit of time to flying.
  2. DeadliestMoon

    They wouldn't have to dedicate so much time if the controls weren't stupid.
  3. GaBeRock

    If it was something easy to do, or something soe thought would lower the skill floor, they likely would have already done it (in the esf update). Since it's most likely something hard, then I'd rather have soe focusing on hossin/cont lock/vehicle zoning/vehicle loadout switching/resource revamp as a way to balance libs and ESFs.

    I wonder how much lib would be used if they cost 750 air.
  4. DeadliestMoon

    All im saying is people have been asking for a long time, you cant expect everyone to conform to one control scheme.
  5. GaBeRock

    I wouldn't be adverse to the option to rebind yaw to mouse, I just don't feel it's important enough for soe to focus on it to the detriment of other parts of the game.