Change ESF missiles vs. liberators

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  1. biterwylie

    Using the current A2A missiles against a Lib will get you killed very fast. ESF using A2A missiles are easy shots. They have to keep front on towards you with very little movement.
  2. FaLI3N

    Wish I could counter all of my threats with just one platform but us "ground tankers" need to constantly live in fear of instagib c4, AT mines and incredibly low TTK without any way of reliably fighting back air that can approach from any direction whilst also trying to fight off other tanks. Oh and Libs cost less resources and don't require a facility in order to spawn them.

    Ya know, it's almost as if Libs are no where near like an MBT..
  3. Ronin Oni

    lol wat? You can't move while keeping nose roughly pointed at lib?

    Not to mention you can switch to nosegun to increase damage output while maintaining lock.

    Trust me, A2Am's are easily the best anti-lib option in the game (besides tank-buster of course :p )
  4. Ronin Oni

    You can move a lot... You have to keep nose on lib to use the nosegun too for cryin out loud

    Hell, nose gun requires more accuracy than A2Am.

    Your argument makes zero sense.
  5. Ronin Oni

    They're only worse for dogfighting... Against Libs they're pretty much the same.

    Lock-on, fire, swap to nose gun, dump nose clip while reloading A2Am, rinse, repeat.

    Keep at 250-300m and dodge Dalton shots even if they have pinpoint accuracy because you have a full 1.5 seconds to move out of the way

    It doesn't get much more hard-counter than that short of insta-gibbing which would obviously be dumb (though 3 A2Am ESF's will annihilate a lib in a few short seconds)
  6. Brewery

    Must be nice to just jump into an MBT solo and be 3/4 effective in a 2 seat vehicle.
  7. biterwylie

    If you cannot figure out the sense of it then a discussion is pointless.
  8. iller

    You just cited several advanced or overly complicated coping techniques (seeing/tracking and then reacting to Dalton shells mid-air, especially -- and even that you got the split second timing completely wrong on.) that no new pilots could hope to have access to. You can make up all the excuses you want here, but you still ignored the Accessibility factor which was the main point. If you can't address that then you're not qualified to lecture anyone on the advanced elements as the arguments on Liberator "exceptionalism" within the confines of the framework of all other vehicles in the game has gone far beyond your terrible L2P deflecting here.

    Anyone looking at your stats already knows you're in no position to be L2P'ing in the first place
  9. Ronin Oni

    You act like hitting an ESF at 250m is accessible as well.

    Skill counters skill

    If everything can be countered with no skill BS (and A2Am is honestly pretty darned close) then the game would be crap
  10. FaLI3N

    Yer, bet a lot of magrider tankers agree with you as well. The only tank that is 3/4 effective when solo'd is the prowler. The others can be driven well against bad players solo but you are still screwing yourself over as soon as you come up against someone decent. A bit like when people decide to go solo liberating eh?
  11. Brewery

    Interesting, because I have no issues solo MBT with magriders, I think their extremely fun to use as well. I believe the main AP cannon is quite powerful when compared to Halberd of Saron HRB(Really fun to use). Weird how people have different opinions on how strong different tanks are, eh?
  12. FaLI3N

    I can use the magrider solo as well, against bad tankers. Any dedicated AV tank crew with a secondary gunner that is competent will have the advantage of DPS and be able to repair whilst firing. Without a secondary AV gunner you won't be able to put down a decent tanker by sheer DPS alone so if you aren't getting the kill I would say you are less than 3/4 effective.
  13. reboxman

    ... The liberator is a 3 man gunship. The ESFs as it stands are 1 manned Strike Fighters (Not Air Superiority Fighters). Lib has armor, firepower and Crew ESF has speed and maneuverability (Not weapon payload). Use your advantages to combat a lib and if that's above your skill level bring friends. A 2/3 or 3/3 Lib should not have to fear 1 ESF (unless the pilot is notoriously good) it is not an air superiority fighter nor is it supposed to be.
  14. TorigomaSET

    >_> and why should a 1 man vehicle be able to easliy outclass a 3 man vehicle?
  15. Spadar

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  16. Yasa

    1 dalton lib can kill 2 esfs without even dropping below 1/2 health.
  17. Kriegson

    The issue is (As ever) the lack of AA options. Look how many options you have for taking out a tank, the skill ceiling and floor for said vehicles and the costs of the counters.
    You have free counters and paid counters ranging from the HA dumbfire rocket which is perfectly effective at least for deterrence to instagib (or near it) with C4 with a wide range of skill, certs and patience required.

    Consider Libs and ESFs. The skill floor is high enough that some people literally cannot use them effectively at all in combat, and the ceiling so high that even moderately effective players will have no chance against an ACE. Especially when you consider most AA specialization costs certs, usually 1000.

    Sure, if you can manage to get 3 ESF's for taking out one lib you can do it handily. But the skill floor is much lower and crewing much easier for getting a lib in the air with some mediocre gunners who have the HP to resist far more flak and lockons than your paper ESF can.

    The best counter to liberators are liberators. Imo one of the largest issues is simply AB on the lib. They can escape lockons, get out of range or behind cover from flak, run to help from ESF's and dodge shells from tanks (more realstically, be difficult to hit) with a moderate amount of maneuverability that, when combined with the guns and armor on this thing, is pretty unnecessary.
    This would at least make existing AA a bit more effective against libs as they can't scoot off quite as quickly, while leaving ESF's untouched in regards to AA balance.
  18. DeadliestMoon

    3 manned vehicle can take down 2 one manned vehicles. Makes sense.
  19. GaBeRock

    A 350 resource vehicle can take out 500 resources worth of vehicles, that are direct counters to it... doesn't make sense. Even if those ESFs are flown by noobish players, with barely certed ESFs, they should stand a chance, and at least have a way to drive that lib off, if not kill it.
  20. DeadliestMoon

    Teamwork beats how much resources you spent. That's the way it is.