Camo and teamkilling.

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  1. CoffeeBreak

    I was thinking the same thing yesterday. Haven't actually gunned any friendlies down, but I was playing a rooftop crabmax in a Biolab and a few aggressive friendly LA jetpacking up behind me almost caught a few rounds.

    But as a VS my issue is the full camo plus the NS-11 guns. Expecting the pew pew lasers and hearing a NC sounding gun makes them appear as a target.
  2. MFP_TK_01

    Just consider yourself lucky that's only a recent difference for you. I get shot all the time by players. The last one that I won't forget any time soon was a day a squad of us were taking a point. The point was already blue squared and me and another guy were standing in a doorway. I had my aspen forest camo and he was stock. A Flash shows up with a driver and a HA on the back. The HA jumps off the buggy and immediately hoses both of us from a few feet away. I guess he just couldn't see blue or the NC helmet or something.
  3. meucha

    These people trade off the risk of being TK'd for the ability to perform insane kill streaks in the middle of an enemy force while going unnoticed. So being TK'd from time to time is fair game.
  4. Dramonicous

    When I read title on the thread I thought it would be about several NC outfits on Miller that have a rule in their outfit charter.
    Namely to kill all Giraffe Camos on sight regardless of side.
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  5. MrEclectic

    My personal opinion on why giraffe camo is so successful is that it works on the same principle as dazzle camouflage: the spot colour may seem a bit NC-like, although it is much darker, but it is mainly the dark brown outlines that disrupt the shape of the model, so it is much harder to determine at first glance the shape and details.

    Of course, just my personal opinion...
  6. Fire Works

    I dont have trouble with Vanus looking like NC basic soldiers.

    I have trouble with NC, TR and VS wearing the same camo which is pretty much the same for all of them. Yesterday I had 2 guys in, lets call it, sandy orange tones in my squad. During a towerfight I saw a couple of enemies with the same camo (at least 2 different players). I never noticed it before like that but there were multiple players at the same time active with the same color scheme.

    You can still tell the difference by small features and ofc the model but it just takes a few milliseconds longer to process who you are shooting and who not. When we talk reaction time and reflexes, it feels like ages. Nothing major in this game but definitly an issue for competition.
  7. MrEclectic

    As a VS and an RPS member on Miller, that is a good rule of thumb :)
  8. LibertyRevolution

    When in doubt, shoot first, apologize later.
    TTK is <1sec.. you don't have the time to think, if you do, your dead.
  9. MrEclectic

    I've found that after using mainly NV scopes (main benefit being that they restrict line of sight within the effective range of infantry engagements) I mostly rely on model shape: NC are rectangular, TR rounded, VS slim legs and triangular torsos. And shoot at everything with a non-elongated helmet.

    In fact the only thing I find confusing nowadays, but I'm adapting, are NC with welding mask helmets. Especially with camo on, and after the recent model updates for the VS, they kind of look Vanu-ish.
  10. MrEclectic

    Pew pew first and let Vanu sort them out.
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  11. SouperFly

    Agreed -- people who wear crazy camo ought to know they're going to get shot. I've killed my fair share of friendlies wearing different colors, but have yet to get yelled at for it.

    If you wear crazy colors, expect to get shot.
  12. MajiinBuu

    If you kill ally players because you think they're enemies, that's your fault. Not the giraffe people.
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  13. Kargion

    This happens to me too. I just shoot out a sorry over the mic and move on. The people who take the game to seriously will get really mad though, which is usually funny any way.
  14. halfuring

    While I realize my statement is harsh the only person whos fault for the teamkill is you. You can claim its self defense but then its just self defense you shouldn't feel the need to come on the forums and state that its SOEs fault you shoot a friendly every so often. Its no big deal, most people forget it even happens and move on, water under the bridge. Lets all be grown ups here and accept that mistakes are made.
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  15. Loegi

    I never killed TR in giraffe camo or something. I find the shape enough to discern enemies actually.
  16. Rohxer

    Apologies would be nice!

    I spend most of my time playing infiltrator in CQC around enemies with very few allies around, so I frequently run with camo meant to confuse the enemy. This can also confuse my allies when they encounter me. I accept (most) of the TK's I get as a result (though with some there's not excuse but stupidity). But when I am TK'd I do expect an apology in a tell or over the mic. In my experience these apologies are very rare, and when there's none forthcoming, and it was an exceptionally annoying TK, I find satisfaction in hunting them down and putting their name right after mine on my killboard. :p

    Mistakes can certainly happen, and I've TK'd a camo'd person myself on occasion if they were in the wrong place at the wrong time right where I'd expect an enemy. But each and every time I've done it I've been mad at myself for not realizing it was an ally until too late. I blamed myself, not the camo'd person. And I always apologize, especially because it usually happens when the camo'd person was in the middle of a killstreak or some other great play that I just ruined (flanking, etc).

    The exception to all this, of course, is giraffe.
  17. Fire Works

    One thing id like to point out though, is that I dont TK the people. I just cant tell by color scheme what team they are and have to fall back on a different way of recognition like you mentioned.

    Generally there is no excuse for almost every TK beside lacking of situational awareness. Even a cloaked infiltrator has his friendly triangle over him which works like a wallhack. If you shoot that guy, its your fault.
  18. NoctD

    When they actually render. So many green sticks without doritos turn out to be friendlys that have tasted my rocket pods! At least the pods don't do that much damage so it doesn't result in their deaths, but still.
  19. smokemaker

    And this is why I TK back.
    TK me, know I am going to TK you.
    Don't take it personally, its just policy.

    Now after we have evened the score, if you wish to pursue a TK war I am all for it.
  20. Calisai

    If you wear giraffe camo to specifically confuse NC players into thinking you are one of them... then don't be surprised when EVERYONE thinks you are one of them... including VS players.... it means your camo is having the correct effect. Otherwise, why bother wearing it? (unless you really want to look like a giraffe... which I would find just plain odd)

    Both sides should just face the fact that there will be more tk's, accept that it happens, and move on. If you don't want to be tk'd much... wear the alpha squad or digital camo... that stuff is obnoxiously faction specific.
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