Camo and teamkilling.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Konfuzfanten, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Konfuzfanten

    After the changes to vanu camo i have gotten a new problem:
    Accidental team killing.

    Before the camo change i rarely TK'ed ppl, but now i kill 1-2 guys pr night simply because they run with some idiotic camo scheme. Like going with a red/blue camo while we are fighting TR/NC - or going with a camo with no purple in it. Its mostly guys that are already half-dead.

    In a tight situation i dont have time to check the minimap, if it isnt purple i shot first and let god sort them out.

    I am the only one experiencing more accidental TKing as vanu?
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  2. Ixidron

    I shoot at people with stupid camo schemes, but I usually stop shooting after knowing they are allies.
  3. RoMoronik666

    Friendlies have doritos over their heads....
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  4. Konfuzfanten

    Ohh ofc, my problem is that the guy in the stupid camo scheme always seems to be on low health and i therefore kill him :(
  5. nonefoyourbussiness

    i do this myself i look at it like this you have less then fraction of second to react to enemy comeing don't always have time to see that tiny little dorito on there head so i fire just to be safe.

    its better to shoot and appoligize then not shoot and die yourself
  6. MangoPunch

    Eventually you'll get used to identifying players by their actual model, not their colour. Also doritos.
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  7. Chiss

    In the heat of battle, with a crowd of players, and players are running through you - you simply cannot see doritos.

    Also, doritos sometimes dont display at all, more often at range.

    In short, camos are hurting the game - but theres nothing we can do about it.
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  8. Ganelon

    I don't pay attention to colour, I pay attention to models.
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  9. RoMoronik666

    Yeah me too. If it doesnt have a friendly dorito over it, I shoot at it. I usually dont even register their camo unless they have killed me. (in which case i get a good look lol)

    Saying that, I do look at the mini-map constantly, so I usually know where friendlies are anyway.
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  10. halfuring

    how is there a problem when there are colored Doritos over everyone's head?

    before anybody claims they are so superior that their reaction times are so good that they don't have time to see it... well then your reaction times to the contrary, suck.
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  11. KariH

    Most confusing situation is when enemy soldiers just jumps in the midle of friendly soldiers and he "strangely" has near friendly looking colors.

    This is the true batle. Batle means that we always shoot also frendlies.
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  12. Konfuzfanten

    A guy in red/blue/non-purple camo runs around a corner 10 meters from you, 5 sec ago you just wasted a random NC/TR guy.

    If you dont shot first, and the guy has a shotgun - if its NC/TR and you just neeeed to check the tag you are dead.
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  13. Kronic

    If colour isn't a reliable way to pick out an enemy... don't use it! Use the shape of character models to tell them apart instead. Much more reliable.
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  14. Zotamedu

    Welcome to the rest of the factions.
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  15. spoono

    not the guy or the camo is stupid... ;)
  16. Zaik

    lol i saw they finally managed to apply it to helmets, now i just shoot all giraffes.
  17. Teegeeack

    I never kill people because I look for the purple dorito. The only time I hit someone is when they get in my line of fire. If you are teamkilling with any regularity, it is YOUR fault, not the fault of the player using a camo.
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  18. LibertyRevolution

    I expect to get TK'ed when I am trying to look like a TR medic...
    I would not blame anyone for shooting me.. Just wait till I get that NS riffle.. then I will even sound like them.
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  19. Teegeeack

    There is no red or blue camo for the VS. They are all either variants of purple or typical camouflage colours. You are blaming other people for your inability to think before you shoot.
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  20. hostilechild

    Doritoes don't always show. If they haven't shot, or someone hasn't Q'd them they are likely to not have a doritoe

    Tk'd a few squad mates recently. For some reason one of the NC camos appears to have red in it and when fighting TR and you round a corner and one is coming at you, well better safe than sorry. VS can't see them, so no problem there ;)

    i use to wear the blue/grey zebra camo as NC still blue right but got shot a bit. Switched to the newer black/grey and now get shot a lot. Hell some NC are so bad on Connery they even shoot my MAX wearing it!! Like you can't tell the difference on a MAX!

    Some of the camos definitely need switched up. Either faction specific camo or it has to keep true to some of the faction color scheme. A Friend or Foe implant would be awesome, toss in a stealth implant to negate it.