Camo and teamkilling.

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  1. Ganelon

    The only thing that still confuses me are female TR medics/engineers.
  2. AxisO7

    To be honest, if you are struggling to tell if somebody is friendly or enemy, it means the camo is working.
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  3. Teegeeack

    Doritos ALWAYS show on teammates unless they are very far away. They don't show on enemies and that is how you tell the difference.
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  4. MrEclectic

    I have to point this out... Those guys "in the stupid camo" are always low health because they probably just did a run through enemy lines and retreated back to cover. So, the moment they think they reached safety, you kill them. I wonder how many awesome kill streaks you've stopped cold.
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  5. powerz

    my kill streaks are always ended by a teammate, never fails......giraffe cammo curse....I'm teamkilled almost as much as i am taken out by the enemy lately.
  6. halfuring

    Congrats you found the flaw in my statement, therefore some teamkilling is inevitable.
  7. Zan_Aus

    People are going all out to look like the other faction and the non-HA/infi infantry can be easily mixed up, after all, this is the effect they are trying to achieve. They change helmets, armour, camo up everything, including their gun.

    Then they run in that door that the last 10 enemies ran in.

    Getting TK'd is an occupational hazard for covert ops. :cool:
  8. NightmareP69

    Ever since the camo change i get teamkilled all the time now, i'm using Indar Dry Brush camo and occasionaly rocky thundra if i'm on Esamir
  9. Tormentos

    I shoot at people standing in front of my sniperscope blocking my sight. Sometimes they do that, sometimes I do this then...
  10. Schwarzpferd

    So, one of the main things behind keeping the game f2p is hurting it?

    That aside I can see the argument solution would be to take the approach the game global agenda did. There you could look however you wanted, but you had an option to disable visual camo and the like on allies and enemies during battle.

    Though it is a very narrow line to cross because, again, camo is part of what makes the game free, and many people would not play were it not free. I hate to say it, but you are just going to have to learn to target id and look for triangle above them. Though if you do kill a friendly and they complain, just let them know it is because of their camo. I use camo all the time but don't think I have ever been killed via friendly fire for it. But I am either in a vehicle or squad and when you work with squad mates there is an extra indicator showing that you are friendly. Though a big part of it might be that I refuse to wear camo with red against TR or blue and white against NC. Just seems like asking for trouble.

    One day though it worked in my favor I was hacking an air term and someone comes up right beside me to use the term...I figured that if it were enemy I would have been shot so I finish hack believing it was a friendly wanting to use the term once I got done. I then look up only to see it is a NC. I then made sure the NC died for the freedom he didn't deserve. :)
  11. WookLordz

    Just curious, what camo does vanu have access to that is red or blue?
  12. MrEclectic

  13. Millsy

    I found myself running along in the middle of a squad of TR the other day. We ran for about 100 meters into a building and started to take the point.
    Shortly after they noticed, there was a second when I thought they were going to send an invite, but they shot me instead :(
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  14. WookLordz

    That's exactly, right, so I was confused by the original post....
  15. TheBillOf3D

    Some cammo is annoying and more annoying when they want to run around a group of friendlies and cry about everyone shooting them while we are already dealing with hordes of enemies and on a hair trigger. And no, the dorito doesn't always show up, gets blended in with background colors, or your gun isn't pointed high enough as to are dealing with enemies below you. I haven't shot many because of that (2-3), but I can see why they get shot. Accept the risk of your choice of dress.
  16. Badname0192

    I get shot at as either my NC or TR characters wearing TEAM COLOR cammo such as Zebra or Urban Camo (red).



    All I can say is watch out for the derps.
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  17. Nyscha

    Noticed I've been dying a lot to friendliest as well lately just figured brain dead people or people who hate people wearing camo due to being unable to afford it and being jealous killing me.
  18. Calisai

    Some of the arm patches are red, put that on a white camo scheme and use a NS weapon and you can cause a moments hesitation. (not to mention the giraffe camo) I have a hard time with all the LA's running around in giraffe. Usually it's more in the CQC and fast reaction situations... longer ranges I can usually take a bit more time to target verify.

    Same with the Lightning, Fury and Sundies... when you can put a vehicle logo that has the color of another faction in it, that is almost if not the same size as the faction logo, it can cause confusion. (the goal of camo)

    Obviously if you have time to look closer, you can tell the difference, but it's that 1 split second difference that can cause a twitch friendly kill, or a death if you don't react.
  19. St0mpy

    Since I play TR its easy, weve got so much red dolloped over us if I dont instantly see it on someone close by, im shooting :)
  20. MajiinBuu

    I have no problem with teamkilling(unless spys are TKing me). I've learned to distinguish between all the different faction's voices, I know if an enemy spots me or an ally spots an enemy. If you're a VS don't kill the PEWPEWPEW people and kill the BANGBANGBANGS(except NS weapon people). Try to spot them(even though spotting doesn't always work for some reason).