C4 NEEDS changes

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Sogui, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Nehlis

    It can 1 shot a lightning if placed directly on the back. That's where the armor is weakest. It still should take 2 to take down a heavy tank, since it would be more equal in resource cost.
  2. omnic

    I dont understand how the devs came upon the idea that c4 resource wise shouldnt be cost effective against anything except empire specific tanks (and even then they are not that effective.

    I mean for 100 resources you can kill an enemy max meanwhile said max costed its user 100 resources and it can kill multiple infantry/aircraft/other maxes

    for 200 resources you can kill a lightning (which costs 200 resources but can kill multiple aircraft or multiple infantry/enemy lightnings/faction specific tanks.) or a faction tank ((assuming you get them both on the tanks rear end.) which costs 300 resources but can kill many infantry/enemy tanks. I mean a good tank player can literally go 50-0 (i've even seen certain magrider drivers post screen shots of 90-0.) and a one time use fairly small aoe blast that can only kill the enemy vehicles if you sneak up on them and they stay motionless.

    and lets not even talk about all those times where you place 1 C4 on the back of a tank only to have it drive away and you just wasted 100 resources because even if you set it off they'll just turn around and kill you before repairing the damage.

    and then there's sunderer killing which seems to be the main reason why LA gets C4. Except for the fact that even with 700 certs you still can't kill an enemy sunderer alone. Now I understand why people would think that a single player shouldnt be able to kill a sunderer. But really if a LA user is able to both get right next to an enemy sunderer and spend the 3-5 seconds it takes to place the C4 on the back of it with swarms of enemies around them they deserve that kill. Especially because of the high probability that they will be killed after they drop the first brick which they are completely defense.

    I mean the cost of C4 relative to other things for what it allows you to do seems terrible.
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  3. PeanutMF

    Personally I think the C4 does enough damage to vehicles as it is.

    It could be a bit cheaper, but if SOE would decrease the armour damage along with resource cost I would prefer them the way they are right now.

    The biggest annoyance I have is that you cannot pick up C4 again after dropping them if you misplaced them; bam, you just wasted 100 IR. Picking up a brick of C4 should just put it back in your inventory, or if you've already been to a terminal and restocked and you are at your limit, then it should just put it in your C4 pool for restocking again.

    It's really bad when you misplace a first piece of C4 and then get a good spot for the second one, and then a huge bunch of friendlies start crowding near the first brick, you can't detonate without killing 5~ of your own teammates.
  4. romped

    The resource cost needs to be lowered other than that sir, I say to you. Learn 2 Play.
  5. omnic

    Especially because of the high probability that they will be killed after they drop the first brick while they are completely defenseless.*******
  6. Copasetic

    I think the damage is fine as is, resource cost is a little too high (50-75 would be more reasonable) and I'd like to see certs for throwing them further. It's really lame to see it flop down in front of you and realize you just wasted 100 resources because the tank you were going for moved forward a few inches while you were throwing it. The resource cost isn't comparable to a vehicle because a vehicle can be driven for a long time, getting you many kills before you lose it. A brick of C4 can only be used once.

    Also like I point out in every thread about C4, because there's always people who still believe otherwise, it doesn't matter where you put the C4 on the tank it will always do the same damage. Front, back, top or side, it makes no difference. Feel free to pull a Lightning and try it yourself.
  7. Aktarus

    i agree with the op C4 need some changes , Remove it from the LA who dont need it at all but stil QQ about it while its a huge boost, and give it to teh infiltrator so we would be finally able to infiltrate something and set people a little bit more paranoïd and not safe in their over protected base. :D
  8. Copasetic

    You guys already get AP mines. LA doesn't get those.
  9. Cosmir

  10. GOLANX

    i always have to repeat myself C4 should be placed not thrown, if you want to throw get a grenade, i would welcome an expansion of grenade options, i don't think sticky grenades should be limited to engineers and anti-tank grenades limited to heavy assault, i don't think these grenades need to be exclusive either, i would welcome and anti-tank sticky grenade.

    C4 and mines for that matter should be placed with an animation which can take a little time, and becomes mostly beneficial to use on stationary targets, C4 can be used to create an trap without a mine. can blow up stationary vehicles (with much more damage than now lower AOE as it can be more of a shaped charge) taking even a Sunderer down to at least 90% health, blow up a turret easily. we also need an expansion of blow up-able content in bases, like doors, walls, Anti-tank barriers, trees, something that can create a nice dust cloud when blown up.
  11. Krona

    100 resources per is too expensive. 75 would be acceptable. The cert cost is pricey, but alright.

    A placing animation? Hell no. It would destroy C4 for LA and seriously wound LA in the process.

    C4 is pretty much the only thing LA has going for it.
  12. Wolfwood82

    C4 needs more unique uses other then killing tanks and infantry.

    I think it should only take 1 block to destroy a static base defense turret. 2 blocks to flat out destroy a generator (bypassing the destabilization bit). 1 charge to drop non-spawn room base shields temporarily (about 2 minutes maybe?). 2 charges to drop vehicle sized base shields. Possibly, and I really wish this was possible, 1 or 2 charges to destroy barricades and closed doors on base buildings.

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