C4 NEEDS changes

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Sogui, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Sogui

    1) Cert costs are a tad too high

    2) Resources costs are WAY too high for a consumable - 200 infantry resource to blow up a tank, REALLY?

    3) In chaotic situations it's almost impossible to tell when you've thrown the C4 or where it's landed

    4) The blast radius is a tad too small. Making it much bigger might create problems too, but 1-2 feet wider radius feels perfectly appropriate. Nothing like throwing a brick into a tightly packed enemy squad and getting 1 kill for it somehow.

    5) Make the throw a little stronger. It's absurd standing 2 feet behind a tank and watching your C4 fall onto the ground right before he drives off.

    6) C4 and friendly explosions NEED a revamp. I've ragequit a few times when I finally manage to sneak up to an enemy sundy, drop 2 bricks of C4 onto countless enemies, only to have a friendly grenade/rocket set off the C4.

    The result? The "friendly" gets ALL the kills that your C4 created (it even uses the C4 kill icon but doesn't give you credit at all) AND it kills you! You get 1 death and absolutely no reward for your efforts. This is probably the least controversial change. It's incredibly ****** for C4 users.
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  2. Abrotherinarm

    1. i completetly agree. without c4 LA doesn't have an endgame. "oh so you flanked and got to there sunderer, well lets just stare at it"

    2. Don't agree, you can stack up on C4's aswell. resources are so easily gained.

    3. true, but perhaps we all need abit more practice?

    4.Can't agree, even if you only got a few kills, wait till' you see all the critical assists pop up.

    5. a bigger throw could be nice, perhaps a new cert?

    6. haven't encountered it. not a high priority i guess, but could be annoying
  3. FieserMoep

    1. Yep they are, 500 is kinda to much for such an essential Upgrade. And the HA has its RL for free...
    2. Again, yes. 100 IR per C4 is kinda dull. Also take into account that while placing it you are mostly at high risk. They kill you? Wasted 100 resources. Also the LA is very dependant on grenades. He is a high risk Class everyone benefits from. Just give him the tools he needs to do his job.
    3. Well, I have no problem with that. Mostly I am throwing the C4 while I am flying.
    4. The blast Radius is okay, I would not say no to an improvement but it is not realy needed.
    5. Could be improved, yes. But hell... dont make it cost any certs... I dont believe they have to give you an implant to throw a tiny stachel charge more than 2 metres...
    6. Happend to me some times but at least this game is about killing the tank. Not crediting that one who did the most on doing so.
  4. MilkMan

    I'll second this. I had no problems getting up to 40 c4 after picking up the first cert on Saturday.
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  5. Trenyt

    Without any other unique abilities outside of the jet pack, C4 needs drastically reducing cost wise for LA. Until they bring in some proper tools for the light assault we are practically a very situational class. 1 weapon and thats it, no variety, little to no utility. Jet pack is even starting to cost a bomb so in combat flanking against superior infantry troops is very limited as well.

    We just lack tools in general.
  6. RyanRMC

    I was sort of hoping the C4 packs were sticky - I.E. when I tossed them onto a vehicle, they would stick to said vehicle. Too often I spend my time getting into range of a tank, drop the C4, then have the tank just drive off before I can get out of range.
  7. FluffyM

    They're meant to be sticky (they were in beta, anyway).
  8. SixVoltSamurai

    700 Certs are too high why? It doesn't take that long, it's cheaper than premier guns for any class and can do what any 1000 cert gun can't do. Blow up armor and MAX units instantly. It was suggested in one of the other threads on this very same subject (search is your friend, or at least.. you know.. looking) that cert costs should be 10 and 50, so every nitwit LA has C4 like it was supposed to be the LA's thing even though every class but Inf's can now get it. It's 700 for any class, and it should stay that way. There is no logical reason to reduce cert cost for it, at all.

    200 infantry resources to blow up a 250 vehicle resource tank, REALLY? Yes, really. Why is this so hard to understand? IMO C4 should be 200 resources PER BRICK. Disposable class with no timer vs vehicle with timer, I understand that everyone seems to think LA's are only good for suiciding in with C4 on tanks, but it's not. Resources are a joke, they come back entirely too fast even when you only own small portions of a continent. Making C4 cheap would just increase the spam of it to the point where that's all people would use LA's for, no longer for getting in and causing havoc in the back lines, nope.. let's just derp around and drop c4 on peoples head's hurr durr hurr.

    If you want to up the blast radius on C4, then we'll need to up the radius on every explosion, every rofflepod, HE shot, HEAT would get a better radius, yep.. then we have ExplosionSide2.

    Throw C4? THROW? LOL it's not a grenade. It's C4, it should have to be PLANTED instead of just pooped out while you float in the air. As it is you can just drop it, pop it, and fly away unscathed. All too easy, but apparently you want it to be even easier.

    So you've made it to the sundy in question, which is under attack from said friendlies, you put yourself in the line of fire from friendlies and you're mad at them? I don't understand, much as you don't seem to understand what a team oriented game is. You're just whining because you got TK'ed for going near a live target being shelled and didn't get to drop your c4 and blow it in time to snake all the kills for yourself.
  9. SixVoltSamurai

    What other unique ability do you need? You can go where no other infantry can go without the use of a drop pod, why is it never enough to be able to take advantage of surprise on the enemy? Now every LA needs to be able to cheaply blow up armor columns too? I mean really, what else do you want? C4, let's give you a rocket launcher, heals and a portable ammo station so you're the all in one class that needs no other. Sounds balanced to me.~
  10. CommandoCheez

    How about a self placement option, I would make a cool last stand
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  11. Hael

    I would agree with SixVoltSamurai on many of his points, but ONLY if they made it so c4 did location-based damage. Currently c4 does the same damage to all sides of a vehicle, even if you plant it on the rear. If you want to make me "plant" the c4, it better damn well matter WHERE I plant it.
  12. Trenyt

    How about lets exaggerate to the point of stupidity?

    Let's also note that other plays can get to other high locations by drop pods, ejection systems in aircraft, dropping from galaxies, spawn beacons and sometimes even from timed jumping. Jump jets offer the same uniqueness as cloaking, shields, team heals and all the other F abilities. That is all Light Assault have, their F ability and a main gun. Nothing else. As it stands right now the only other tool at their disposal is C4 charges, now whether or not that was the intended other tool of Light Assault is neither here nor there, it is the only other tool Light Assault have, and being a huge cost at the moment is crippling Light Assault utility and support towards a squad.

    PS. anyone can surprise an enemy, light assault or not. vertical evasion can be done on the ground by using cover and tactical retreating round corners and through windows/rooves. Jump jets are not that special as to give Light Assault nothing else in the arsenal or charge us extreme cost for it.
  13. Krawdad

    So does two c4 kill a sundy or what? I must have tried 5 different times to place them on the thing and every ******* time it gets the sundy to within a sliver of health, then its repaired instantly by nearby engineers. The things fall through the vehicle and land on the ground, so do I have to place them directly on the back of the vehicle or some other sweet spot? Incredibly frustrating to blow 200 resources in one shot like that.
  14. TerroDragon23

    1. nope

    2. It is okay, so you have to play something else too. But i would like if the C4 would 1 hit a Tank if you lay it on the back armor.

    3. press right click. wait 1 sec. press left click. simple as that.

    4. if i trow it in a squad i make arround 10 kills. i even have a video about it.

    5. Do you want to trow your c4 on a tank from 10 miles? The Range is fine so you have to kinda search a standing target.

    6. you are right at this point
  15. GOLANX

    I don't like the fact that C4 was used like grenades in Beta, players should not be able to throw them, they should need to place them, which placing is animated so you know it was put on a tank/sundy/wall and C4 in the end of beta for LA was about 20 certs
  16. TerroDragon23

    It destroys a MBT with 2, i think the sundy lives with that so a single light assault cant stop a sundy spawn if someone is at it to repair it. (burning damage)
  17. Caracal

    1) First Cert is fine at 200, but second at 500 seems a little much. Perhaps 200 each (total 400 for both).

    2) I find that the resource cost is fine on a continent which provides a lot of infantry resources. But, it is prohibitive on other continents. I am bad with names, but the center continent, I cannot keep up with how often i use them. But, on the left continent, i have no issue.

    3) i have run into this. At times it is hard to tell if i actually threw the C4 or not. Especially when flying over a tank.

    4) It seems that the blast radius is similar to HA rockets, so I am fine with it.

    5) I treat it as if i drop the c4 at my feet. Hasnt failed me yet that way.

    6) i have not run into this yet. But, i did lay a few down after taking a capture point, then run off with the attempt to blow it up when the point begins to blink (someone is there trying to take the point back) only to click the detonator and find that no explosion occurs. I am not sure why.
  18. ghnurbles

    Cert costs are fine for something as powerful as C4. I got them early, one of my first certs, in about 2-3 days of play. The resource cost is also fine, when you compare it to the cost of a tank or Sunderer. I wouldn't mind a little extra on the throw, but that's about it.
  19. Pantokrator

  20. Raez

    C4 needs a placing animation badly, I never know if ive thrown it or not. Otherwise... despite earlier complaints about it, its pretty hilarious.

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