C4 NEEDS changes

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Sogui, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Tripest

    I would not have been disappointed if this useless rubbish had cost me 20 Certpoints. But "200", in words: two-hundred cert points for a brick of Play-Dooh crap that lights up like a new years eve cracker. One satchel carefully placed on the back of an lightning does like 70% damage to it. A hefty blow indeed you might say now, but no. Not at all. Considered the risk that you have to take to approach a tank. And if you were lucky and not been driven over by the vehicle you'll notice that your efforts and the 200 Cert Points you just dumped into this so called "Utility Slot" was not a good decission, unless you are really optimistic and dump another 500 (!) Certs into C-4 to get a second satchel at your disposal. For another nifty 100 infantry resource points to stack up and eventually blow up a Lightningtank [which costs 250 Vehicle Ressources and no Cert Points to aquire at all] with the 2nd Charge. If you're lucky enough to place the 2nd Charge as well. I personally doubt that that this is either a handy nor acost efficient solution to blow up a lightning. Not to speak of a MBT or Sunderer. At least you could probably use them to blow up terminals, if that wasn't such a stupid idea in the first place. Without mentioning the hampered placement animation and the nimble reach I can tell you that these squandered 200 Certpoints were my most disappointing Unlock by far for now.
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  2. ThundaHawkPS

    Two c4s to back or roof kills heavy tanks and lightnings instantly and puts a sunderer at 10%. It's very very good against armor. Just needs slight buff to radius vs infantry.
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  3. FluffyM

    Sorry, but I couldn't disagree more.
    You spend 700 certs and 200 res to blow up 1 tank under massive risk to your life (increase that risk tenfold if it's a sunderer, and it won't even kill it), that somehow seems "very very good" to you? It's sad, actually.

    I know I'll be unlocking flash nades before I ever grab C4.
  4. Ghoest

    C$ is rather expensive considering it is the most important weapon the class has access to.
  5. Achmed20

    well i wouldnt say its the most important one.
    After all it just has max 2 uses and i wouldnt waste them on blowing up a tank which just isnt my job,
    or setting traps, which is fun but a grenade can do the same (sometimes).

    If C4 could blow up Generators then it would become our most important tool (they cant can they?).
    btw, can you blow up terminals with them?
  6. Maeludir

    No. 2 C4 is a massive Cert investment and a massive resource cost. The only vehicles that should survive 2 c4 are those with anti-explosive plating and a Galaxy. Being able to take a Sundy down to 10% for it to be repaired instantly is nonsense.
  7. Trysaeder

    The only things wrong with it is that it's too expensive in both certs and resources, and the hit mechanisms need to be fixed. A less wimpy toss distance would be nice too.
  8. Duke-H-

    As a guy who throws C4 alot, i think its pretty ok in the damage department. If it took out sunderers instantly it would probably be too good, AMS are very important after all (and they cost 150 more resources compared to a MBT).
    Also, if you plan your approach sunderers are easy to get to since they don't move around when deployed so you can take your time to get there.

    The resource cost might be a bit too high, but not by much. I think maybe a reduction by 10-25 points would do it.
    Regarding cert cost, 500 for the second brick is also high, maybe a slight reduction to 200/400.
  9. Scurge

    What I hate the most is people hitting my C4's for their kills and the system gives me no credit. Honestly I think about 40% of the vehicles I riged with duel C4 was trigered by someone who spotted me or some idgit who thinks they will kill a sunder with a AR. If the enemy spotted me and set off the C4's that blew his faction vehicle he should have got a ton of grief which honestly isnt fair to that player and still screws me out of the vehicle kill.
  10. Scurge

    Ahh so im not the only one who's seeing this!
  11. PrvtParts

    C4 stays when you die as soon as I got it I threw one down and got killed when I spawned I hit the button to see what happened figuring either nothing or the enemy would be near my body.... Instead I tked the medic trying to revive me. C4 is awesome b/c you can put it outside spawn/teleporter rooms and kill the ppl camping behind the door. Or it can go on overloading generators for the repair crew or its a second bigger grenade for derka derka runs into packs of enemies.
  12. pochacco

    i feel like i wasted 200 certs on c4 1. i feel like it'd just be more effective if you purchased grenade bandolier for an extra grenade slot, kept your frag grenades, and then filled in the c4 slot with a restoration kit.
  13. Motown

    They are sticky...
  14. Motown

    C4 is the best cert for light assault even now. I've ramped up my kill count on MAX's and light armor... especially lightnings because of it. It's silly to think anyone has a problem with the way it works now, because of how effective it is. Honestly, the best 200 certs I've spent so far.
  15. Xaielao

    Totally agree. I've got ~350 certs saved up, working towards that second C4 which I feel is essential. There are so many other things I want to spend certs on though so really debating on whether to spend or save. I mean I could get an underslung shotty or grenade launcher for my Solstice SF, an HR scope for when I'm perching and cant easily see enemies because of smoke or foliage, etc. There are a dozen things I could get certs on instead of saving up a crazy 500 certs just for a second C4 block, as essential as I feel it is.
  16. Conq

    C4 is a must have, I was a skeptic myself for the longest time. I used resto kits all throughout beta but I've got my two bricks now and it's a game changer. A single Sunderer kill can decide the outcome of an entire battle.

    Only complaint I have is it taking two bricks to kill a turret, they aren't worth 200 resources.
  17. Thelionheart

    It needs two simple changes, no more, no less.
    1. increase its damage so that it can 1 shot a lightning without armor.
    2. add in directional damage so that C4 can one shot heavy armor (without armor upgrade) if, and only if, the c4 is placed on the back of the tank.
  18. Eyeklops

  19. Eyeklops

    1 & 2 Catch on fire yes. Explode, no.
  20. Purple

    i disagree about the radios buff you suggest. as it is now it already have the same range as a standard grenade. they are very good ageins infantry if you manage to plant them in a group.

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