By the way, Smedley made a big post on Reddit

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Copasetic, May 7, 2015.

  1. Liewec123

    thanks for reposting that on the official forums (where it should have been posted by the devs anyway) ;)
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  2. MikeyGeeMan

    I will give smeds a chance. Because I really like this game.

    1 chance. September is do or die.

    He did three things that male me hopeful.

    1. Addressed our issues
    2. Set his teams priorities
    3. Committed a promise with a target date

    Now lets see the results.
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  3. SteelMantis

    Thanks for sharing the post.

    Looking forward to another eight or so years.
  4. HadesR

    Just hope

    New Game mode .. Doesn't = Water down the already small Main player base.

    And " complicated capture mechanics " ? o_O What next ? Hack a point and the base instantly changes hands ?
  5. toast2250

    Yea, thx reedit lurking peasant! I cant stand posting on reedit, even tho I tried.

    And now for the glorious and the magnificent!

    The thoughts of the great overlord in that given moment when he posted were almost the same as when I am drunk and excited during the day and have one of those self satisfactional thoughts, right up until the next day when I wake up totally wasted, firmly bolted back to earth again.
  6. Devrailis

    I had hoped to see this news on Forumside first, but regardless, this is good news.

    It is EXACTLY what I have been asking for repeatedly over the past two years. Just a simple, clear declaration of intent for the strategic design of this game.

    Even if they don't deliver on every change they promise, at the very least Smed has laid out the high level direction he wants to take this game in.
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  7. FocusLight

    This. The fact that DBG keeps up the tried and true SOE tradition of NEVER SPEAKING ON THEIR OWN OFFICIAL FORUMS is infuriating as hell.

    What is the problem with letting people who can't be bothered to trawl through reddit all day long see your own game-related news and posts on your own game-related official forums? This whole thing is counter-intuitive at all hell.
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  8. Corezer

    Addressing the Reddit VS Official Forum issue, it will always be like that. There are rules about what you can say at work, reddit is like gossiping with your wife when you get home. Get over it.

    Smed gave dates instead of saying Soon™ which scares me a little.

    A new game mode of instanced PvP can actually help the game if done right, in the same way that the excitement of server smashes can draw in new players and motivate/excite current players who may have otherwise left. Conversely, it can detract if not controlled properly. I propose adding some skirmish terminals to VR training, x number of pairs, that are locked on all but 1 day per week. When unlocked they have features accessible by outfit leaders and then they can arrange a skirmish with the outfit leader on the corresponding terminal, inviting online outfit members to form a team from 16-48 people, depending on game type and map, which one of a few can be agreed upon by the leaders, and then selecting map, then they ready up and pull their team from what they're doing much like dungeon finder in WoW or something.

    I am thinking game types like NTU drain, which is like a farmers-esque battle in a sense that everything has an assigned value, including spawns (sundy spawns are free, but the sundy is not, that makes it an investment item much like any other vehicle) and the first team to drain the opposition's NTU wins, there can be generators in the enemy's base which effect NTU replenishment and other such stuff to be hashed out later. prolly could be implemented live too.

    LLU capture which is like capture the flag, but you've gotta capture a control point to make the LLU appear, really fun PS1 capture mechanic that can be implemented live.

    Standard which is like current live

    Last man standing which is like a TDM with no respawns, there can be a point value assigned to different classes/vehicles so that it isn't just an air battle between the 2 teams, as eliminating half a platoon of MBTs could be worth more than they can hope to get from you because your entire team is playing infantry, so it's risk vs reward in a sense.

    This benefits because not all outfits are going to be able to claim a terminal every time, so there will still be many competitive outfits playing continentally, plus the only time they aren't playing live is when they are actually in the skirmish, only the leaders need to go to VR outside of the actual skirmish. This also gives a place to look for high end gameplay for use in advertising instead of having to spend oh so long poking around live to get footage, now you have a much greater chance of getting something good and only have to watch the limited number of battles among the 2 teams, so that helps with advertising. You can also see some same faction warfare instead of a coin flip deciding who has to play weapons they may not be used to. Since the terminals are locked for 6 days a week, practice and other training has to be done by playing the live game, you can't be totally dedicated to skirmish only as to detract from the main game. It also structures the game a little better because right now there are many dead outfits or outfits of very few people who simply freelance to other outfits, this bogs the game down and detracts from efforts to bring the empires together IMO you're just a pub with a couple letters in front of your name. Likewise it encourages competitive players to seek membership in outfits more their style which encourages outfits to compete for players, right now outfit selection is based almost solely on which acronym you like better...
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  9. Alan Kalane

    I love this game and I see tons of further potential in it so I will trust Smedley.
    I wasn't going to quit anytime soon anyway.
    HOWEVER it also means that my expectations have just gone up and you had better realised them because I hate it when someone lies to me. I just won't tolerate that.
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  10. Xebov

    This post doesnt convince me. if i look at the current developement it looks realy like the consoles matter more currently, simply because they want to get alot of money ou of the release. In the long tearm most developement will be benefitial for both PC and PS4.

    I dont see how this was an issue from merging. The Patch notes with the changes where clear in stating that they changed it by purpose to make it easier useable with Gamepads and that tehy wanted to maintain only one system, thus removing the original version. This part of the post sounds more like Smedley fears that some ppl might actually be realy pissed of.

    Reminds me of the old Roadmap where stuff was posted and the negative feedback was simply ignored. Im looking at stuff like the Sunderer Shield or the Implants.

    I heard this allready 2 times, every time it started out as posting everything and ended a few months later.
  11. Booface

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  12. Cinnamon

    Smed thinks that if you post on these forums then you are probably nutter and would be rude to him or try to hold him to account.
  13. omfgweeee

    I still have prepaid 10 month subscribtion and this is my deadline for that game. My hopes are up for this game as always and i realy believe this time DBG will deliver but i doubt all this can happend till september.

    Anyway if they manage to deliver this stuff untill my sub is over i will prepay another year.

    I am pretty sure new mode will be squad vs squad on a hex with 1 capture point infantry only. Copy paste farmer league (google ps2 farmer league and watch some youtube video if you dont know what it is)

    I think this will be very good for the game because it will keep cod / bf dudes in PS and in same time we will play the normal game without beeing affected by them.
  14. HadesR

    Yet he uses Twitter ... The breeding ground for all the Worlds rude nutters :p
  15. Cinnamon

    Those nutters are networked to a wider community so they can promote his games.
  16. OldMaster80

    Mmm instanced pvp and planetside sound like a bad idea. I hope they're working on a llu-like idea or new alert types. Or battle islands with special rules like in ps1.
  17. Klypto

    Because if it was posted here, it would be an official promise from the company and not just words from him.
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  18. CipherNine

    Why? Large battles don't require the game to be open-world.
  19. Skiptrace

    It should be CTN (Capture the Nanites)
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  20. Littleman

    His post gives me hope for PS2. Is one of the only two FPS' I can really enjoy playing online. The other was MAG for the PS3 (anywhere from 32vs32 on the smallest maps to 128vs128 on the biggest maps,) but it's shut down. Back in the day, MAG was the spiritual successor to Planetside. Now,PS2 is the spiritual successor to MAG, but like MAG, it gets many little and big things right, but gets many little and big things wrong too.

    I'm also looking forward to this new instanced game mode. As much as I like the open world aspect of PS2, it has huge issues with numbers balance, and that alone can drive people from the game. No one likes getting steam rolled, much less by superior numbers, wherever they go. No one likes feeling like they're racing 100 guys for even the chance to shoot at the only 10 hostiles willing to put up a fight (but hey, at least they'll get certs on the steamrolling side.)

    And then sometimes I think each continent simply has too many territories to take and too much dead land between them. What made tank on tank/field battles a thing in PS1 was that typically fights happened between bases (and over bridges), not a base that could pump out tanks and some horribly designed, nearly indefensible outpost that could only produce sunderers and flashes.

    Of course the instanced mode could bring us what some will absolutely dread:


    But I'll personally welcome the opportunity to shoot VS, NC, TR (depends on whom I'm fighting for for the day) AND NPC alien hordes while attempting to capture the artifact module first.

    Either way, without more new blood (or even old blood) I don't think the open world end of the game has another year in it. Connery seems practically dead at all times anymore, and Emerald barely justifies a third open continent around prime time. I would rather PS2 be converted into an instanced match game involving 128vs128v128 and 256vs256 players than have it shut down as long as it lasts those 10 promised years.